Reviews for Pieces of the Memories
Guest chapter 9 . 5/17
OMG! This chapter was soo funny! Looool
MAL chapter 26 . 4/12
And yet another chapter that brings me to tears. She reminds me so much of me. I love these two.
MAL chapter 17 . 4/12
This hurts. so so so so much. I lost my mom at 19, and at 24 I still miss her so much. her death was my first real encounter with death, and now sadly its so much on my mind. and now that I'm finally in a good stable relationship, I'm scared and worried that I'll lose him too. I'm worried that I'll lose everyone sooner rather than later...

But this chapter was also beautiful and made me cry very much.

Just wanted to thank you for writing this raw wonderful fic.
MAL chapter 9 . 4/12
This made me cry and then laugh. OMG
Taytay123456 chapter 6 . 1/25
I'm so in love with this story already!:)
Guest chapter 31 . 1/14
Wow- this one, god such steady sweetness. I loveee the idea of Mrs. Hughes just so matter of factly shepherding Bella through this one, and teaching her not to be ashamed in the slightest of what she loves and wants and desires.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/14
Oh wow- you managed to punch me in the gut with an image of a desperate charlie, while at the same time showing me so much love and affection and amazingness between this little cluster of friends. And I LOVE IT!
bkhchica chapter 39 . 1/6
OH! So sweet! I have been WAITING for that! :D *sigh* I am so fulfilled right now with this story. I love it. It's perfect!
bkhchica chapter 38 . 1/6
I LOVE this chapter. So many little things, and its just beautiful.
bkhchica chapter 37 . 1/6
Lol! Good luck with that dream, Charlie. ;)
bkhchica chapter 36 . 1/6
Apologies and forgiveness at their simplest. Sometimes I think that's when they are the most sincere. I love it.
bkhchica chapter 35 . 1/6
Embry is my favorite... Embry and Paul. And I am SOO glad he's making appearances in this story. I 3 him.
bkhchica chapter 34 . 1/6
Interesting... Leah feels bad. I was starting to think she didn't have it in her!
bkhchica chapter 33 . 1/6
Oh my... I seem to be saying that a lot with this story. But I can't help it. It's so sad and poignant and the memories and angst. It hurts. And I feel so bad for all of them. Crazy how one split second can change life forever... :(
bkhchica chapter 28 . 1/6
Hmm... I wish Bella would have stayed home with Charlie, and yet I'm glad she was able to have a moment with Renee. Even if it will only every be a moment here and there, at least her mother decided to make an appearance in her life. I just wish it wouldn't have taken her so long.
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