Reviews for Happenstance
ziandra chapter 1 . 5/5/2011
Keep going.
DBack47 chapter 1 . 4/17/2011
No matter how short this piece is, I notice that this piece probably took quite a bit of innovation and imagination to do. Easing into an entirely new fan fiction is difficult, especially if you are new from another. You are getting your mind wrapped around each of their characters aren't you? Good job except you need to loosen them up! Remember their strange food cravings, the relationships, the times when they kick back and enjoy each other's company. That's as much a part of their characters and why they like each other as much as their anxieties and frustrations too! Even Raven has her strange I-am-a-girly girl moments (Goodness forbid, what is the world coming too, Raven laughing, AHHHH!) HOWEVER I do understand you are taking this to answer the question: why did they bond and wax together as a team. So it is perfectly justified.

I would recommend more development and writing in these sort, espeshially since we are dealing with 5 radically different and diverse charecters instead of one halfa, two sidekicks, and the rest of the buffoons and one-dimensional villians. Well, although I am doing this from DP fandom and have no buisness saying so, welcome to Teen Titans Fan fiction! The largest archive of a cartoon anywhere.

PS: Been busy? Likewise! we should talk again. (at your discretion of course)