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Psychochiquita chapter 27 . 6/8
I have to tell you a guilty truth...
I jam packed this entire story in less than three days.


That is NOT healthy for someone to do, but you, this story, all of, this *waves hands in air* it was amazing. You truly had me hooked on the edge of my seat, I was annoyed when I had to drop the story to get back to real life (which is, incomparably flat now) but found myself itching when my finger hovered the "next chapter" button to move along.

And then the worst happened.

There were no more chapters *gasp!*

And I had to slow my reading, to take in how everyone's lives were, for the better, changed after the whole Mayhem Man mishap.

True, it's a little unfair for the other Roxanne to get a taste of what her life would've been like had she married Megamind instead of Bernard, but I felt she handled it logically and with strong will.
Because I think I would not be able to control myself everytime Wayne came along.

But please! Don't stop, what you have going, man.

It's good.

ladyspock7 chapter 27 . 5/19
First off, I love that Megamind gave brainbots to Wayne, and yeah he maybe should find out where they're whisking trespassing journalists away. I liked the line: "What kind of 'perspective' were they giving out in that hospital?" What has happened to Bernard? That made me laugh. Very happy to see that Bernard has become more attentive to Roxanne, and that he and Wayne have become friends. They've all become friends. Thanks so much for giving us this glimpse into the lives of the people from the alternate timeline, it was lovely. They deserve a happy ending, a new beginning. Good luck with your next idea!
BookWormGirl93 chapter 27 . 5/11
i feel so bad for this roxanne. I'd miss Megamind too. idk how she could have married bernard in the first place.
Oliver2016 chapter 27 . 5/8
I can't believe it's all over! But i'm so glad they stayed friends after, though i'm sure the alternate Roxanne will miss Megamind more than she knows... they're meant for eachother in any universe!

And Seven lives!

Tjis was an incredible story and i'm seriously sad it's over, please give us more Megamind!
Elf Kid2.0 chapter 27 . 5/8
This is an excellent epilogue!

I like how you've tied up all the loose ends. Part of me is sad for Roxanne, but I think that she'll be happy in this life. Bernard really is a good man, and it looks like their marriage is improving. :)
Wayne and Janeen make a very cute couple. I'm glad they're happy together, and I'm glad that things in Metro City are looking up. This world is not my preferred timeline, but I'm glad that they can be happy as they are, and I'm glad that things are No Longer Terrible.

This is a good story, and I greatly enjoyed it. The writing is impressive, especially the action scenes. The concept is original, the characters are interesting, and the scenario is well-executed. This is an extremely excellent, well-written story. I am impressed by the OC's, and by the characterizations in general. I am really glad that both timelines got a happy ending. This is good, well-written, satisfying, and interesting.

Thank You for writing this. :)
Alex chapter 26 . 4/4
***** Spoiler Alert, if you haven't read the last chapter yet, don't keep reading my review (you shouldn't be reading any reviews) *****
So I read a theory online... It went something like this:
One of the most important characters in the Back to the Future movies is the Delorean. Each time it fails to start it's preventing a paradox. I personally think it was sentient.
Think about it for a second, it stalls and fails to restart right next to a sign. Convenient for hiding (since it was the 1950's and driving it around downtown would've altered history) and also something that Marty needed to see to realize he was in the 1950's.
Later it fails to start when Marty is waiting for the lightening bolt. Had he started driving any sooner he wouldn't have made it to 88 mph right as the lightening hit.
There are a couple other times too. It blows the mind.

Soooooo, is that the real reason why the Delorean malfunctioned? Hmmmm? C'mon, you can tell us the truth lol You know, it's your fault whenever I see/read/hear anything about Deloreans or even Back to the Future, I think of you and your awesome story.. Congratulations, good job! lol That means your story and writing skills are awesome _
ladyspock7 chapter 26 . 4/2
I loved it when he said that it hurt when he couldn't do this, and then proceeds to kiss the heck out of her. I got a laugh when he was so distracted at the robbery that he ended up dehydrating everyone in the place, including the hostages. Poker night with Wayne! That was great. I think that was a very nice change to the timeline. Perfectly understandable how he felt incredibly weird, sitting across from the man who'd been trying to kill him in the other timeline, and how he wasn't even friends with Metroman previously. And that was really very decent of him NOT to tell Metroman about Mayhem Man. Loved his talk with Roxanne at the end. I admit I hadn't thought before about how Megamind was kissing another woman in that other timeline! He's lucky that *his* Roxanne isn't jealous.

That is such a great closing line! Congratulations on finishing the story, It was a terrific concept and you did a wonderful job writing it. I've really enjoyed it, and I look forward to the prologue.
joanhello chapter 26 . 3/31
Nice ending, with the fluffy reunion echoing the first chapter, the poker game getting emotional, and all the complexity created by the time travel/alternate world paradox. Thank you for an excellent story.
Guest chapter 26 . 3/30
Thanks to you for this wonderful story. I appreciated every chapter.
OceansGratitude chapter 26 . 3/28
Congratulations on finishing a nice long story! That's more than I'll probably ever do.

You had such a great premise, and pulled it off really well. Honestly you had me waiting for each chapter from the beginning. LOL Yes, I've been with you all along! Sorry, I'm not to good about reviewing consistantly, but I think I've left a few for you at some point.

Your writing throughout has been fantastic, though I was a little disappointed with just this last chapter. I felt like Minion and Roxanne were a little OOC. Yes, Roxanne would be really upset about Megamind's disappearance, but I don't think the rest of her life would shut down while she uselessly tries to figure out his math for five days. Ain't no body got the time or attention span for that. And Minion, whose entire purpose in life is to take care of Megamind, would have been totally devastated and irrational. Honestly, their positions should have been reversed.

That's just one of my pet peeves. Then again, it works pretty well as fan fiction. Most of your readers probably liked it better this way; Roxanne's behavior facilitates the intense romance between she and Megamind, which is your main focus, and what everyone was looking forward to. And it keeps Minion out of the way to move everyone else along.

In any case, it was a really satisfying ending, with everything falling exactly into place. I adored your set-up and climax. There was so much tension when Megamind and Wyne were leading Meyhem Man into the black hole, I actually didn't know if they would make it or not. Your AU version of the past was really well thought out, and I loved how each character played an important role, had complex relationships with each other. Especially the animosity between Megamind and Janeen; I don't know if your intention was to avoid the idea of competition between Wyne and Megamind or not, but either way, it was stinking cute.

And when the stakes rose up against them (and great googly moogly did they ever!) they all rose up some way to contribute to the victory. Their actions added value to each character, and made it kinda hard to say goodbye when Megamind had to go back to his reality.

In fact, the real world felt comparatively flat. I think if you were to carry forward with your other stories (anD YOU SHOULD, DEAR GOODNESS, PLEASE DO! ) You should flesh out the characters you have to work with. You have an amazing gift for controlling atmosphere and building plot, and the characters that you made all your own were more interesting to me than the ones from the actual movie.

So take ownership of these guys! Take liberties with Roxanne, Minion, Metroman and whoever else so that Megamind isn't the only one learning, growing, and taking action through the story. If any of them doesn't seem interesting to you, then MAKE them interesting! They should all have personal hurdles to get over, and individual talents or quirks to contribute. I'm thinking of Minion especially, but that's just me. If you were to write those aspects into your next story, hot damn, I'd be all over that shit.

Thank you for this story! Congratulations on wrapping it up and keeping up with it since 2011 XD! I look forward to your other works.
SharKohen chapter 26 . 3/28
Oh, this was a wonderful story. So excellently conceived from start to finish! Honestly, at so many places at the story, I was thinking 'there's no way they can win this! They will all die!' But the way you worked yourself out of those problems was really excellent. This is awesome. Thank you for sharing this.
SatiaShade chapter 26 . 3/28
Well, I started to read this story when it was almost over (which is probably for the best for my sanity, otherwise I would fall into desperation and depression with waiting for updates and next marvelous chapters), but I must say that I loved it from the beggining till the end. It is not easy to come up with a good idea for time travel fanfick (at least in my opinion), but you have managed. The plot is great, I loved how you pictured personalities of your characters, and differences between them in both timelines.
The story is also so full of emotions. Those last chapters made me cry. It's just good-byes are the worst :,( But it was beautiful story and I'm happy with the way it ended. Actually, thinking about how inventive both Megamind and Wayne are, maybe one of them one day will come up with the way to check on the other, or maybe even contact each other between timelines? :) And I can't wait for the epilogue, I'm so happy that you'll be adding it. I would love to see what happened to them all in another timeline. Besides Megamind left the brainbots behind! What about them? I guess Roxanne or Wayne will take care of them. But what about Seven? Will Wayne repair him? I hope so.
Yes, the discrepancies were there (even in this chapter, cause in chapter 21 Megamind mentioned that the weekly routine of poker already existed in his timeline). Little details are easiest to stumble upon. Still I hope you won't remove the story. Please don't do it! I love the story and I would love to come back to it and re read it at some point :)
Anyway. Can't wait for the epilogue, so please update soon. Love it, love it, love it!
senpen banka chapter 26 . 3/28
Awesome story! Good luck with your future writing!
Elf Kid2.0 chapter 26 . 3/28
This is excellent!

The tension of the successful timelines, with the repairs, and the what-ifs and everything... that was truly fantastic. The way you let us see how Minion and Roxanne carried on in Megamind's absence was excellent and absolutely spot-on.

I love how you handled the reunion scene. I especially love the bits with Roxanne! ;)

Poker-nights with Wayne were quite the interesting touch! I really enjoyed the slightly altered timeline. The conversation was extreme well-written and realistic. I really liked that scene. I also like how you go more into Metro Man's character. This is really good.

The bit where Megamind and Roxanne discussed his relationship with her alternate self was just about perfect. The dialogue was well-written, in-character, and satisfying. The bit with the rude college students added just the right touch of humor.

This is an excellent, excellent story, and I am truly impressed with you for writing this. The premise is unique, the story is interesting, all of the characters including oc's came alive on the screen/page,.and the ending was deeply satisfying. Thank You for writing this. I greatly enjoyed it.
Oliver2016 chapter 26 . 3/28
I can't believe it's almost done! It was a wonderful ending and I'm so glad you're letting us know how the other timeline does without 'the original'! I need to know what happens with Wayne, Minion and the others!

Of course something had to go wrong when he could finally go back ;-) but I'm glad it was a quick fix and it was a great way to explain how he got there late when he's in a damn time machine! The reunion needed some drama after all, and you explained that perfectly. I loved how Roxanne 'just knew' it was him when he finally got back, and tackling him out the door!
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