Reviews for Duty Calls
Liisiko chapter 1 . 6/6/2011
Nice. Finally a good Ramirez story, can't wait to see where it goes next. Also, loved the take that towards Twilight. My friends have had similar theorys.
random chapter 1 . 5/1/2011
Thank you for finally having a good fanfic on ramirez. please keep writing
Paulathe Cat chapter 1 . 4/24/2011
Ha! Great going, Carlos! I loved it. Great job!
pshaffer chapter 1 . 4/20/2011
By far one of the better Dresden stories I've read.

Dialog, Scene, Character portrayal were all very good. I look forward to reading more. Thanks.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/19/2011
wonderfully written start.
Peter Kim chapter 1 . 4/18/2011
Cool,a Carlos Ramirez fic and Mr Virgin gets his own story.
JRush chapter 1 . 4/18/2011
Great start! Can't wait to read more.