Reviews for More Between Us Than A Wall
kogasgal27 chapter 83 . 10/22
Oh man poor Sylar really broke down there. But it was for the best so they could get it all out in the open. And they hugged aww, let's see how things continue on from here. Wonderful as always.
kogasgal27 chapter 81 . 10/18
Glad the duo has started talking to each other again. Let's see how it goes as they continues on. Wonderful as always!
kogasgal27 chapter 78 . 10/13
Oh my goodness the tension was so thick and wonderful in that one. Pretty sure this was my favorite chapter so far! Peter left, let's see if the heart does grow fonder with separation.
kogasgal27 chapter 77 . 10/11
That escalated quickly! Peter definitely needs to get a grip on his grief for Nathan and Sylar isn't making that easy, but not purposely. Wonderful as always.
kogasgal27 chapter 75 . 10/5
The conversation about Noah in the beginning was really interesting, I liked your point of view on it a lot. I always kind of wondered how the circumstances had turned out that way in the show but we never really got an answer. Wonderfully written as always.
kogasgal27 chapter 73 . 10/5
Poor Sylar always so sad when Peter is going to leave, but in the end he always returns! Oh man I need to catch up on this story again, its sooo good!
wotumba1 chapter 118 . 9/22
this talking, even though he wished for it, seems to leave Peter all depressed. and maybe for the first time ever he really realized how very different sylar is and how different he's thinking
wotumba1 chapter 117 . 9/8
finally an Agreement on how to proceed after a fight... will it really only be a massage next time? :p

gotta agree, Peter won't like sylar's reasoning behind the killings. if People could just live with an opened up brain (like Claire) he wouldn't kill them - so killing is just a side-product of getting what he wants? doesn't show much respect towards human life... but on the other Hand he never encountered anyone who thought he himself was worth much of anything, so some part of his attitude certainly comes from 'nurture' not only 'nature'
from everything Peter has experienced so far, he might be able to understand the concept, but i doubt he will ever be able to 'feel' something along those lines
wotumba1 chapter 116 . 9/2
yay, this site is working again!
sylar still has to learn how to move on from a fight, but he seems to be getting better at that...peter definitely has an advantage there.
and they can talk to each other and be in each others company afte their fight! that's something that would have been unthinkable of a couple of weeks ago
wotumba1 chapter 115 . 7/31
and it started out so good... but they seem to be back to physically fighting each other, mixing it with deliberately trying to emotionally hurt one another. but at least that means they are getting somewhere, as they learn what has the most effect, respectively what accusations hurt the most...
if they only could use that knowledge in a more 'peaceful' way from now on... let'sw hope that they at least have enough medical supplies to treat all of their - physical - injuries
wotumba1 chapter 114 . 7/12
the emotional injuries are certainly worse to deal with than the phyiscal. and they still have a long way to go until they can talk the same 'language'...
wotumba1 chapter 113 . 7/12
wow, this has to be the first time that both of them are trying to understand the other. really understand each others thoughts and motivations and feelings...
wotumba1 chapter 112 . 6/10
wow, all the effort Peter put into repairing the storefront sooo glad sylar can appreciate that!

peter's definition of a lie seems to differ a lot from sylar's... is it a lie whey you yourself are convinced it is the truth? does the perspective matter, the "side" from which you look at a statement? is it important to compare your own statements to your own actions (as the one receiving your statement certainly will) to determine if you're lying? what does it say about you when statement and actions don't fit?
sorry, lots of philosophical questions here ;-)
wotumba1 chapter 111 . 6/10
a game of cards...can be quite revealing apparently ;-)
poor Peter, his mind and Body are so at war with each other

hope sylar's painful explanation was enough for Peter to get why he's so upset, so hurt by what they did to him. it seems like he realizes just now exactly how much his actions have hurt sylar

the walk was a good thing for sylar. at least he's figured out how to approach Peter... but i don't think that - if he's not true to himself - it will work in the long run; but it might give them the necessary reprieve to figure out the rest... hopefully
tuila chapter 110 . 5/22
I don't review much, but I recently discovered Heroes fandom, as well as this fic, and I am seriously in awe at the amount of time and effort that's been put into this story. The Wall is one of my favorite episodes, and not nearly long enough, and I'm so happy this is here to fill in all the blanks. If I pointed out everything I liked, I'd probably end up just quoting the whole story back at you, so I'll just say thanks for writing, and I look forward to reading more from you!
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