Reviews for More Between Us Than A Wall
tuila chapter 110 . 5/22
I don't review much, but I recently discovered Heroes fandom, as well as this fic, and I am seriously in awe at the amount of time and effort that's been put into this story. The Wall is one of my favorite episodes, and not nearly long enough, and I'm so happy this is here to fill in all the blanks. If I pointed out everything I liked, I'd probably end up just quoting the whole story back at you, so I'll just say thanks for writing, and I look forward to reading more from you!
wotumba1 chapter 110 . 5/20
talking and not fighting... Baby steps in the right direction. and talking will help them in the end to get to know each other better
wotumba1 chapter 109 . 4/19
Talking and not arguing. Like that a lot better
wotumba1 chapter 108 . 4/19
And again. A dream about the oh so perfect brother Nathan sets them miles back
wotumba1 chapter 107 . 3/26
sylar does have a point: some of the people with abilities do choose not to use them for the greater good. but so do lots of normal people all around the world...

hey, they are startingt to accept each others touch to some extent! that seems to be quite some progress to me!
wotumba1 chapter 106 . 3/9
peter seems to slowly accept that it would be a violation if he forced sylar to 'become' nathan again. i will count that as a huge progress on his side :D

that had to be quite a hard talk for both of them, but one that was very much needed
kogasgal27 chapter 72 . 2/2
All of Sylar and Peter's conversations get more confusing and more interesting as it goes, it's very entertaining haha. Especially Sylar kidnapping Peter's shoe. Well done as always!
wotumba1 chapter 105 . 2/1
Now Peter can feel how Sylar's been those past weeks. Will help him understand better. ..

And sylar seems to learn that it can be a good thing to care for someone else, and it can be rewarding as well
wotumba1 chapter 104 . 2/1
Who would have thought in the beginning that sylar had it in him to take care of Peter?
Liasid chapter 105 . 1/31
good chapters. I'm glad that Sylar is taking care of Peter.
wotumba1 chapter 103 . 1/26
what a bad dream! poor peter!

now i know what you meant with the lull before a storm, and what a storm that was, more like a hurricane!
so far they've come 2 steps forward with at least 1 back, but this... this seems to have done quite the damage
wotumba1 chapter 102 . 1/26
hmm, sounds like peter's choice of book will help him more than he first thought...
and it sure is nice to know they can somewhat enjoy each others company now
kogasgal27 chapter 67 . 1/22
Sylar and Peter playing truth and dare is absolutely hilarious and wonderful. Amazing as always!
wotumba1 chapter 101 . 1/4
LOL peter's feeling lost in the library
Guest chapter 100 . 1/2
100 pages :D one of the best stories I've read so far. The waiting is painful but totally worth it. They obviously got their own points of view on the whole thing, I just hope they'll get to an understanding eventually..
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