Reviews for The Wonderful World of Disney: Hetalia Style!
SomeoneKnew chapter 8 . 11/15
I am just picturing England singing like Mother Gothel and laughing.
SomeoneKnew chapter 7 . 11/15
'Be Our Guest'
The end was typical France.
SomeoneKnew chapter 6 . 11/15
I don't know this song. :/
SomeoneKnew chapter 5 . 11/15
I love this song! I have it stuck in my head from the Alice in Wonderland Jr musical.
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay. My, oh my what a wonderful day. Plenty of sunshine heading my way, wonderful feelings, wonderful day!
SomeoneKnew chapter 4 . 11/15
'Cruella DeVil'
Prussia is awesome, but he is annoying. Austria is a great singer.
SomeoneKnew chapter 3 . 11/15
'Colours of the Wind'
I am thinking of Paint's version. There is far more blood. :P
SomeoneKnew chapter 2 . 11/15
'Bells of Notre Dame'
I kinda like this side of France.
SomeoneKnew chapter 1 . 11/15
'When You Wish Upon A Star'
I really liked this chapter. It's so sweet and I just love it!
42 4ever chapter 8 . 11/11
And this was how it all happened. History-the fun version
42 4ever chapter 6 . 11/11
Peter Pan
42 4ever chapter 4 . 11/11
101 Dalmatians. Maybe you could not put the name of one of the characters or songs in the title...just maybe a hint or two? To make it a little harder
42 4ever chapter 3 . 11/11
Pocahontas. I've watched these all. Little're gonna watch some Disney. I don't mind it though
42 4ever chapter 2 . 11/11
why must he be so hot...? Oh well
42 4ever chapter 1 . 11/11
AWWWWWWWWWWW! *dies of cute*
DreamRealm3 chapter 8 . 5/22
Lmao! Ohmygosh! Too funny! Too funny! My brain hurts ahhh xD
rofl! Jesus this is too much! _
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