Reviews for Digimon Academy
Rikyo Nonakiyama chapter 1 . 5/8/2015
Name: Parker Wong
Age: 13
Appearance: Parker is a Japanese-Chinese descendent. He has dark purple curly hair with almond shaped dark grey eyes and a slightly tan he was born with. He wears a cobalt green t-shirt with orange and yellow trims and V-marking across the waist underneath a sleeveless indigo blue hoodie with a pair of cargo pants and black converse shoes.
Personality: Unlike his grandfather, Henry Wong, Parker is immature and reckless. He’s always trying to prove himself like standing up for kids getting picked on through getting into fights even though he doesn’t have anything to back it up. It’s proven that he is very intelligent like his ancestor but doesn’t like to use it much and wastes it through strategies on fighting video and computer games. He has a strange interest in an old video game about creatures called digimon.
Digivice: D-Arc, green and white
Partner: Spanielmon – Dalmamon – Landseemon- Newfiemon
Appearance: Spanielmon: Like Terriermon and Lopmon only he has five horns, one large surrounded by four shorter ones and he’s a lavender with pale red markings. Dalmamon: Lavender and red version of Gargomon dressed up like a fire-fighter with water hoses for hands. Landseemon: An eight-foot brawny purple rabbit cyborg with red armour with blue lights upon the shoulder pads and water hoses for hands. Newfiemon: Anyone who watches Transformers, he looks like that if anyone took the form of a fire engine and his robot form looks like a muscular anthropomorphic rabbit.
Personality: Spanielmon is basically the yin, from Parker’s yang. He’s mature and level-headed which tends to help rain in Parker’s recklessness. He tends to be a bit of pacifist and isn’t one to start a fight, however when he is battle he is shown to be a skilled fighter and has powerful attacks whichever form he takes, even though he believes that he hasn’t that much power in him unlike the digimon he’s grown up with over the years.
Bio: Parker grew up with little knowledge about the D-Reaper war and how his “boring” grandfather was part of it. After his grandfather’s passing, his will to Parker’s family is given them is a respectable amount of money from his time working at a computer laboratory but also some random pieces of junk from his youth, including his childhood video games and a an unusual console machine which didn’t seem to work and appeared to have no purpose. Parker considered them boring but was strangely drawn to them at the same time. Eventually temptation gave in and he ventured into the world of the digimon game and kept the device in his room rather than in the attic.
One day he attempted to help out a victim of bullying only to be in way over his head again and was forced to retreat. As he tried to run away from them he made a mental wish to find a way out of this, when suddenly a pixelated golden light appeared before him which he went falling through along with one of the bullies chasing him sending them into the digital world.
Now trapped in the digital world Parker explored this new world in order to find a way home, while befriending some locals in the progress, including a rabbit-like digimon named Spanielmon and even befriended the bully that fell into the world with him who turns out to be soft-hearted bisexual who was currently dating the wrong boyfriend.
As he travelled through the digital world, there were places where the locals dub him as a juggernaut and there were places where he learned of the D-Reaper war but was still in the dark about his grandfather’s involvement, until they meet a digimon named Toamon, who reveals to be the former partner of Rika Nonaka a close friend of his grandfather. It turns out that the D-reaper war and his new nickname are connected; in the final battle against the D-Reaper, Henry, merged with his partner, Terriermon, had activated a program that had been involuntarily downloaded into Terriermon earlier known as the Juggernaut Program that was to be used to open a portal back into the digital world which should devolve the D-Reaper back into a harmless program in the process, and Henry and Terriermon’s merged form was to be used as a form of key. However, during the process of the D-Reaper’s banishment a current program that they were using to protect them from the D-reaper was forcefully shut down causing them to return their separate bodies.
It turns out that with the Juggernaut program still online during the separation from the merged form was split as well, somehow switching from digital to biological and uploading into Henry’s DNA, left dormant unknowing to anyone in the human world that Henry and any of his descendants has the ability to open and close portals between the two worlds.
Since then, Parker has been trying repeat the incident trying to escape the bullies, but with zero success and now searches for his Grandfather’s former partner in hopes that he might have answers to awakening his family gift.
Black Song chapter 1 . 5/7/2015
Name: Aria Thorne
Age: 14
Appearance: Aria is teenage girl of an average height with a slender yet athletic build. She has olive skin with unruly choppy black hair with the front part of her hair it died green and a strange mixed colour for her eyes that most her friends would normally describe as the colour of autumn. Her outfit would either a short-sleeved black or violet hoodie with teal or green trims and black or blue jean and red or green sneakers or a black or white tank top with matching fingerless gloves and blue or tan cargo pants with matching sneakers crimson or yellow suspensors dangling off her waist.
Personality: Sarcastic, strong, sporty, kind, wise, Tomboyish, athletic, reckless, resourceful and carefree
Digivice: White D-Arc
Partner: Karimon (Orange Gabumon) – Dorulumon – JagerDorulumon – KnightDorulumon
Personality: Quiet, serious, cryptic, stoic, unreadable, hardworking, kind, wise, strong and resourceful
Bio: Even at a young age, Aria has had an unlimited love for sports and challenging activities. However due to being young and inexperienced many boys never wanted to play with her because they felt sports were meant for boys not girls, and the girls at her school were always picking on her because they thought she thought of herself as a boy. Having to grow up with a family with no males wasn’t easy, her two sisters were just as bad as the girls who pick on her at school and her mother considered her daughter was wasting her time on a hopeless dream and attempted to encourage her to be more of a girl, giving her dresses and everything and to find a new dream, like fashion designs (A dream she grew up with but failed). The only family member that ever supported Aria was her grandmother who always told her there was always someone out there who will respect and love her for who she truly is.
At the age of nine she came after an incident with a group of boys, she escaped and stumbled across a group of teenagers, which had a mix of boys and girls and after unintentionally impressing them with her potential brought her into the group and introduced her to video gaming, skateboarding and parkour in which she thrived at all three activities and continued on in her teen years, much to her mother’s chagrin. Her favourite video game has always been one-on-one fighting games, such as Mortal Combat, Injustice Gods and Digimon Battles in which she tends to play the most out of all the games she plays and has developed an unknown attachment to one of the digimon avatars, Dorulumon.
One day, her game malfunctions and Dorulumon is attacked which causes to him to turn into a little yellow dinosaur wearing a fur coat almost similar to Dorulumon’s. The opponent continues to attack him despite the fact his life bar is now empty and with an unusual urge to help she picks another avatar to stand in Dorulumon’s place and protect the little dinosaur. However the opponent changes as well into a much bigger and nastier form and over powers her current avatar. Running out of options, unable help the digimon out, her emotions she felt for Dorulumon suddenly spills out and seconds later a card in her hand turns a blue colour. With no other option she uses it help out and all at once her console explodes in a rainbow light and once everything turns to normal she finds the dinosaur digimon lying unconscious on her lap and a white D-Arc where her console once was in her hand. It dawns on her that the video game she has been playing all this time has in fact been some sort of reality somewhere else. She intended her next priorities to get this digimon some medical attention fast. Once he gained consciousness he immediately recognised as Aria. He explained he was Karimon, a pre-evolved form of Dorulumon who Aria has been helping out as he travelled across the realm of his world as his planet has been plunged in the darkness of war and for that he was grateful for Aria’s guidance and inspiration to never give in.
Ever since, Karimon has stayed with Aria and has developed a brotherly/sisterly relationship during their time together while Aria searches for a way to return to his world and original form so she can continue to help him any other digimon out in this world war he mentioned despite his persistence for her to stay in her own world.
Lindsey Cunningh chapter 1 . 4/10/2015
Name Alison Suzuki
Age 13
Personality smart,strong sarcastic shy sporty Tomboyish,kind caring,wise,innocent and reckless
Alison is a young girl with black shoulder length hair and dark brown eyes she wore a dark blue hooded vest a neon blue t-shirt with a white circle on the chest with dark blue boarders and a white 7 on it dark blue fingerless gloves with neon blue stars on them blue denim shorts black leggings a white shirt underneath dark blue &white shoes neon blue goggles with dark blue frame on them and a dark blue squaker on her right wrist
Digivice a red fusion loader
Alison live with her mother,father and her two younger brothers name Seiko& Yuri she has an out-going personality she helps anyone in need her motto is I can't turn my back on you no matter what she participates sports like soccer ,volleyball or archery she loves helping everyone she pretty mostly care about everyone else she save iceDragonmon life and help him to become the king of the digital world they got each other back
Name icedragonmon
Personality smart,carefree,cheery,short-temper and reckless
Icedragonmon is a almost tall Dragon with ice blue skin and dark blue eyes he has sharp dark blue icicles on his tail and his back he also has dark blue claws on his hands& feet ice blue wings and a straight-edge mouth with teeth sticking out
Icedragonmon is the future king of the digital world he needs help to become king he and Alison has a great relationship they fight together against evil like brother and sister he maybe do stupid things but he's always serious when needed he has a carefree attitude and wants his people to be safe from danger
Sarah a Simpson chapter 1 . 4/10/2015
Name Leanna Naomi Cunningham
Age 13
Personality calm,smart,sarcastic,strong,sporty kind ,wise,Tomboyish,athletic,reckless,resourceful and carefree
Appearance Leanna is a young girl with brown hair and grey eyes she wore a red hooded vest a grey t-shirt a red circle with a red 4 on it a red t-shirt underneath blue denim shorts black leggings dark red converse red goggles with blue frame on them and grey fingerless gloves with red music note symbol on them
Leanna is a young girl who always help anyone in need no matter what she lives with her horrible step mother name Julie and two mean step sisters name Kendra who is 19 and Tina who is 15 these three women push her around and forced her to wear dresses which she doesn't like ever since her father died in a car crash when she was 9 and her mom died of brain tumor when she was 5 her life became miserable but that all change when her uncle Giovanni her aunt Sherry and her older cousin Carter who is 17 wants her to come stay with them she was so happy when her step mother and her step sisters let her live with them she started helping people who needed help like her cousin Carter he volunteered for helping senior citizens Leanna made new friends like Melanie and Jackson l
Lindy Fletcher 1 chapter 1 . 4/9/2015
I was thinking about Akane hiroami her appearance is a young teenage girl with long dark brown hair and blue eyes she wore a two different color t-shirt which is dark grey on the left side and red on the right side blue denim shorts black leggings red & grey sneakers and red gloves also her partner would be Skymon who is a small black Dragon bye now
LillyA 22 chapter 1 . 4/9/2015
I was thinking maybe the character name will be Samara Kyushu
Keiko Braginski chapter 1 . 11/10/2014
I'll give it a go. And I have the perfect idea already in mind.
Name: Aura Powers
Age: 15
Appearance: Black hair with vampire pale skin along with sea-blue eyes. Wears a black shirt with a red bat in the left corner. Wears red and black shoes, and normally blood red socks.
Personality: Is a strong, wise, and daring gal. She takes on any challenge head on. She enjoys sitting in the shade on a warm summer day, and enjoys any mystery, sci-fi, or fantasy book. Tends to stay far away from others.
Digivice: Black D-Power, with red ring and a dark blue strap. Has white thunders on the sides.
Partners: WhiteImpmon( normal impmon but white), BlackGatomon, and Leormon.
WhiteImpmon line: WhiteYaamon( In-Training), WhiteBeelzemon( normal Beelzemon but white and Mega)
BlackGatomon line: Salmon(Rookie), Persianmon(Ultimate), Lilithmon( Mega)
Leormon: Leomon( Champion), IceLeomon( Ultimate), Duftmon(Mega)
Aura Bio: Aura lived with her step parents and little brother and sister. She was the only thing protecting her siblings from harm. Their mother died giving birth to her brother, and their father left them. Aura had to keep her partners a secret from her family or else she was in deep trouble. She got WhiteImpmon and BlackGatomon about two weeks apart. Leormon just joined in the group about five weeks ago. Aura had no friends other than her partners and siblings. Because of this she became a Lone Wolf.
WhiteImpy bio: A clever digimon and treats Aura's other partners like family. Has a small crush on BlackGatomon but every time someone tells him that they get smashed. He loved to pull pranks like any Impmon but would never cause serious harm. He lived in the Dark Area for until the Demon Lords took over. Now he, along with Aura's other partners, live in an old wear house.
BlackGatomon bio: A charming Digi-cat that attracts the eyes of all males. Sadly, for them she has her eyes only on WhiteImpmon. Like him she keeps it a secret. She wears a moon necklace that was given to her by her mother. She enjoys long naps in the shade and loved to read a good adventure. She tends to stay away from perverted male digimon at all times. She HATES perverts more than anything. Like WhiteImpmon, she lived in the Dark Area.
Leormon: He loves to play in the sun and messes around with WhiteImpy. He only hatched a few weeks ago but can digivolve to Ultimate. He hates it when he doesn't get attention and is the main strategist in Aura's team. He also tends to keep his fur as clean as it can be. One speak of mud, or Digi Sludge and your dead data.
Interesting Facts: Aura can see into people and Digimon's hearts. She can also see the dead spirits of humans and Digimon alike. WhiteImpmon can use attacks that only mega's can use. BlackGatomon has the nickname of Blackly and can cause a whole room to turn into ice. Leormon has a dark side to him and when he gets mad enough he changes into BlackLeormon or into FireLeomon if he is in IceLeomon. The same goes for his other forms. And the rest as well.
Once they digivolve into Mega, thats what I would like them to stay till the end. Thank you.
OC MAKER chapter 1 . 1/27/2014
Appearance: Brown hair and eyes, wears googles of crimson color, wears a crimson jacked and a t-shirt with Examon's picture on it and jeans
Personality: Curious, Smart, Brave and "Laughs at danger" except when he doesn't see the need to, friendly and funny
Digivice: Fusion combined with Tamers', blue in the left side, green on the right side and crimson red on the middle
Partner: The Dracomon twins(Blue & Green)
Partner Personality: Blue is all old school except on games and acts like a knight and is cool headed while Green does what he needs to and lie if needed, he is a real hot head, he also loves games, both love battleling
Partner Evolution Line: Blue's: Dracomon-Coredramon(Blue)-Wingdramon-Slayerdramon while Green is Dracomon-Coredramon(Green)-Groundramon-Breakdramon, also they are able to DNA evolve to Examon which is like a Burst Mode
Bio: Artur loves battleling and his partners love it too, Artur is from Brazil but he stayed 2 years in United States. He just came back and in his schools he always got the title of champion in pokemon battles and digimon actual battles. Artur and his partners jumped head first when they heard about the school and hope to become the Unbeatable Trio.
Anything interesting: Artur is a green belt stripe in karate and is a great digimon hunter, but he prefer dragon digimon. He also has: Arresterdramon ShineGreymon Cyberdramon(both, fusion and normal) RustTyrannomon Fanglomon Dorbickmon WarGreymon VictoryGreymon BlackWarGreymon AncientGreymon and Volcdramon P.S. These digimon were HUNTED they are not partners.
Mary chapter 1 . 8/30/2013
Hi it's Mary again. I forgot to tell you I have chocolate brown eyes and firery red hair. Also my adoptive sister Sammy was coming here with me, but just a second ago she vanished. She probably went exploring on her own again. You can't miss her. She has bright purple hair in a waist length braid and has blue and purple star shaped flowers woven into it. She said she shouldn't have come because her digimon which she won't say what it is contains an almost impossible to control energy. By the way she's wearing a black dress with red leggings and black platform wedge heels. Thanks. B-bye.
Mary chapter 1 . 8/30/2013
Hi I'm Mary. I'm 14 years old. I wear a red shirt that has a ribbon sewn on in the shape of the crest of love a black fax mink fur shrug sweater over it as well as a black skirt with red leggings. Oh and I also have black platform wedge heels. I'm usually pretty friendly and out going, but if I'm mad watch out I once landed a guy in the hospital because of my anger, but I was three I've gotten better at controlling my anger. My divisive is called a D Deluxe. It's called that because it can unlock the rare and legendary Spirit digimon evolution. .y partner is a pink Gatomon which is basically, well a Gatomon that's pink. Her personality is almost exactly like mine except she loves Shu shi and I hate it. She digitally evolves into Violet Angiwomon, Lightramon, and Crystellamon. I'm a girl and so is she. My partner I mean. To be honest I really don't know what Bio means. Any way when Gatomon spirit digivolves so do I. I digivolve into Angelicamon. That's when Gato as I like to call my partner digivolves into LIGHTRAMON, but when she digivolves into Crystellamon I digivolve into Lady Shadowmon. So yeah that me and Gato in a nutshell.
yoss natsuki chapter 1 . 4/8/2013
Patrick chapter 1 . 3/22/2013
Name: Mike Walker

Age: 15

Appearance: Black,Brown hair, Red shirt, Black vest, Black shorts,and Red-Black-and-White Shoes (Adidas)

Personality: Courageful,and Adventurous

Digivice: D-touch

Partner: Coronamon-Firamon-Flaremon-Apollomon

Partner Personality: Innocent

Partner Digivolution Line: Sunmon- Coronamon-Firamon-Flaremon-Apollomon

Bio: Apollomon (Ancient Fire mode)

Anything interesting: Soccer,Football,and Swordplay
KuronekoBlackcat chapter 1 . 11/8/2012
XxAyanexX chapter 2 . 8/31/2012
Also if i was a character i would also have a lopmon and have a d-coder that looks like a rectangle and has a square screen and a half circle under that screen.I would also have brown shoulder-length hair and purple eyes.
XxAyanexX chapter 1 . 8/31/2012
awesome but i wish you didn't finish the story because i wanted to be in your story if i did my name would be ayane kudo and my digimon partner would be salamon:D
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