Reviews for Collide
SonYukiGoku'sSister chapter 14 . 7/11
This is a good read. It sorta got me wondering what happens next!
hopeindarkness chapter 3 . 7/8
Hi! First of all, wonderful story! I was rereading it when something stuck out to me: here Jason assumes that 13 year old Dick must be Nightwing's son...just how old is Nightwing then? The first time I read the story I didnt notice that and just assumed he was early/mid 20s (with Jason being late teens, maybe 20)..but if he can pass as his (own?) son than would he be in his 30s? Just out of curiosity.
zales chapter 14 . 6/8
Awww wonderful ending! :D
You did an amazing job writing this. I enjoyed every chapter :)
cocopops1995 chapter 14 . 5/4
Awww I love it! Though I think that if the other Jason was to come back for a visit and find a little him in a Robin costume at some point he would most likely blow an artery... good story though!
Sailor Saturn fan chapter 14 . 4/16
Great story! I enjoyed it :)
Sailor Saturn fan chapter 12 . 4/16
Original Dick IS already best friends with Original Wally. When Dick becomes Nightwing, Teen Titans was already formed, which Dick and Wally created with the other three. I'm just saying. It's still good though. It's your story, anyways. :)
Sailor Saturn fan chapter 9 . 4/16
Let's go get Robin!
Sailor Saturn fan chapter 3 . 4/16
The last three chapters are great! Especially this chapter! :D
Shinigami Merchant chapter 14 . 4/4
It was a really good story that was heavy on the feels. I might have liked to see a bit more conflict between the two versions of Bruce but that's just me knit picking.
Shinigami Merchant chapter 7 . 4/3
Just curious, why aren't they using the zeta tubes?
shejams chapter 14 . 4/2
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Guest chapter 14 . 4/2
Awwww... Such a cute ending!
Guest chapter 6 . 4/2
"and wasn't this just the perfect time to develop allergies?" Classic Jason.
Dacergirl369 chapter 14 . 12/18/2014
OH MY GOSH I THOUGHT CHAPTER 13 WAS THE END I WASNT PREPARED FOR THIS. That last line. Oh my god. Your like an expert at making me cry. Actually, that whole last paragraph just really got me. This is by far the best Jason fanfics I've ever read and one of the best Jason stories Ive ever read. Oh my gosh. I hope you know how great you are.
Dacergirl369 chapter 13 . 12/18/2014
"Tonight there was nothing but the feeling of finally, finally coming home."

That's it. You've done it. I'm crying. I hope your happy with yourself, now there are tears and I cants top and dear god that was such a great story. I'm actually crying. I hope your proud of yourself, that last line really got me.
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