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SPEMILY chapter 1 . 4/25/2011
Sorry if this goes up twice - computer's connection is sometimes super glitchy about stuff. :)

Hope poor Spencer's choice to be adventurous doesn't come back to bite her with that lasagna choice she made! Would make for a cute Nurse Emily moment taking care of her though if Spencer let's her - she's not really big on showing a lot of weaknesses it seems like from the show. Haha! Hanna always has the best lines on the show and it seems you kept that going in here - I love it! :) Drunk Emily is so funny - are you going to have that in here as well? The whole dance-a-thon thing on the show with her getting completely wasted off of the very little alcohol Hanna had in her purse that evening was hilarious! Shay Mitchell did an amazing job there! :) Oh no -A has gotten involved - hope the couple will be safe at the end of whatever -A is planning!

Spencer's not the president of something at Rosewood High already - I'd almost say that she was slacking on being Spencer but I'm afraid she could kick my butt for saying it. Lol. Emily does have a major point about Spencer's family - they don't care so I can't see them caring about the fact that Spencer's now dating Emily. She's never someone Melissa has dated so Melissa will be thrilled about that I'm sure and Emily herself is a wonderful person who could actually help increase their reputation and standards as it was - just as long as she doesn't do anything to bring any trouble to their door step that could harm the Hastings name I'm betting they do care about what the girls do or don't do together. Spencer has a right to be upset with Paige after what she did now not only to her friend but girlfriend as well! I do wonder what Spencer said to Paige though that has her so worried - not that you could blame her of course by any means with Spencer's anger streaks. Will we be able to find out what could have happened between the two of them in this or any future story you might involving Spemily?

I love how protective Spencer is of Emily - it's so sweet and cute! Agree with Emily about Spencer being scary but not because of the millions of quotes she has going on in her head but simply because of the fact their is something a little scary and concerning involving Spencer's quick to tempt attitude and what she could do to someone in that raged mood. She's like the She-Hulk or something somethings - not that it makes us love her any less of course! :) Another after school activity to participate in - one has to wonder if Spencer is really doing them for herself and her college resume or just because her parents tell her to because it looks good for the family? Poor Spencer if she's doing it for anyone other than herself - can understand some of the under lying rage she possesses at being so pressed upon over the facts. High/low - would have liked to see Spencer trying to explain that to her friends and see who else didn't get it or which actually managed to say they did. Maybe in another story. :) Aww Emily is just so sweet wanting to protect Spencer like Spencer wants to protect her she's just more of the emotional side of the relationship where Spencer's the physical but that's in part I'm sure what makes them such a good compatible couple!

Spencer definitely does have her own style for each day which is always classy and she manages to look great but I'm starting to agree with Emily's statement - she does just more for the occasion than she does just the simple day. I wonder if she even knows how to just grab something out of the closet and go if need be? Probably not though. Ha. Love Spencer always opening doors for Emily it's incredibly sweet of her - no wonder all parents love her she has the best manners of the entire group. She's a very impressive date to say the least I'm sure! Spencer definitely does think of everything to make a date good - again I say she is on to impress! Love that Spencer isn't pushing Emily to tell her mother about them because she knows how difficult it is for her and that she doesn't want to ruin things between them - these two are just letting each other be who they are and it makes this couple all the more sweet I think. Well now Emily will always know the perfect gift if she ever needs or wants to score major points with her girlfriend - a pet! Just no fish. :) Emily's got a great idea - Spencer could see if being a vet is really what she'd want to do and it's yet another volunteer thing for her parents to approve of for college applications so everyone wins on this one. Spencer should at least try it out a few times before completely giving up if nothing else than for her own personal ventures and knowledge. $145? Is Spencer...never mind she's a Hastings - $145 to them is more probably like $30/$40/$50 to the rest of us. Price-y but justifiable to a degree as well if they're something she really likes and clearly she did once upon a time. Spencer does have the ability to be alittle perverted I'll give that one to Emily as well.

I still love for the most part that Emily and Hanna refuse to call Ezra anything but Mr. Fitz. :) Leave it to Hanna Miren to find out all the good stuff if there's any to be found - she truely is possibly the most fun one of the group. Not so sure Hanna could win that fight but I'm betting she could give Spencer a surprising run for her money! And another point to Hanna is the fact that she's right - Spencer is extremely scary when she wants to be and she did nothing but help prove that fact by almost going after poor Hanna for saying it. Thank goodness Emily has the abilities of Betty Ross and can calm her Hulk down all the same - Hanna should be glad she's always on Emily's good side. Ha. Red Bull and coffee - definitely a girlfriend red flag for Emily to throw up before it does end up causing Spencer a negative reaction and slows her body down for her whether she likes it or not! Leave it to Melissa to ruin Spencer's moment with Emily although it is only fair to a degree seeing how many moments Spencer's probably ruined of hers so she sort of owes this one to Melissa. Emily shares her girlfriend's manners it seem and then some - at least she's respectful enough not to have sex with their daughter in the Hastings own home while they're down the hall asleep. That's some seriously respectful upbringing she has going there - she's such a great kid I don't understand why her mother is giving her such a hard time about who she is or with - well okay no one wants their child with the "bad guy" so to speak but Spencer has to be the most mannered person next to Emily I dont know how Pam could hate the fact Emily picked her to date.

Oh Spencer Hastings would not be doing wilderness camp Emily most certainly doesn't have to worry about that - Pamela Fields does not have the kind of pull it would take to make Spencer get on that bus. Talking to your girlfriend's mother behind her back - not the smartest move for the relationship one might think but still a very Spencer Hastings type move to make all the same. Just as with what she did on the show Spencer's protective nature has gotten the better of her here and while this will probably work out just as well it was still not the best call to make Emily-wise one might say! Hanna did go after Spencer that's a nice sight to read about but thankfully for the future of everyone Aria was there to stop them from doing something they'd regret - do wonder what Hanna said to her before going inside though that'd be just as interesting to know as what Spencer said that has Paige so afraid of her. :) I'm so glad thee two made up but your ending suggests there may be another story to come in the future which I so entirely hope there is because I'd love to read it!

You did a most fabulous job working with these characters and keeping them true to the versions we love on the show. I hope you'll continue to work with this couple in the future and do more with them - maybe even a nice wedding story for the two! Would be fun to see which friend got to take which bride out for their bachelorette party - part of me thinks Hanna should get Spencer duty just because it'd give them a chance to really talk about Emily and how both want the best for her but allow Hanna to assure Spencer that if she was to hurt Emily's feelings deeply again she will take action. :) Also Hanna might actually be able to help Spencer lighten up enough to enjoy her party - I'd just hope she wouldn't make her late for the wedding the next day though I could see that happening should Spencer give fully into any of Hanna's plans. Ha. For some reason I see them going to a carnival or something and one talking the other into doing rides like the Sling Shot which is where they strap you into your seat and then shot you up into the air and let you fall around until the ride slows itself down - feel free to steal the idea all you want I'd rather see someone be able to use it with good use like you seem very capable of than just sitting inside my head unrealized. :) A wonderful job on the story and I realize this is a super long review but it was such a great story I wanted to let you know how I felt on it! A great choice in couples - a wonderfully done story - and I look forward very much to those you do in the future with this pairing which I'm most certainly hoping you will continue with preferably sooner rather than later! Great job! :)

-A Spemily Fan
anon chapter 1 . 4/25/2011
Wow this is a really well written fic! I'm very glad I stumbled across it and gave it a go, despite not really seeing the appeal of Spencer and Emily together. But you dear author have totally sold me on the pairing and I am gutted there isn't more fic material based on this pair!

You got everyone's personalities down pat and even managed to convey the awesome group dynamic of the PLLs which is no easy thing to do. I simply loved the one liners and the humourous banter. I do hope that you write more sequels or at the very least continue writing about these two. All the best :)
Jawsia chapter 1 . 4/24/2011
Well, again: Thank you very much! :-)

Right now I wish, English was my native language so I could express in it's whole depth why I loved reading this sequel. This particular pairing might be one reason. But much more important is your way of writing these characters, and your love for the details. Details are so important! And some of youre sentences made smile really wide!

Should you ever decide to write some more, I am absolutely sure, I will read it. :-)

fizbanoz chapter 1 . 4/22/2011
Great series. I know that you haven't decided whether or not to continue, but I hope you do - Emily deserves to see more of Spencer's excessively expensive underwear.
Lestat Giovanni chapter 1 . 4/19/2011
dreiser, you frickin' rock the fanfic world right now! I loved it! You didn't make it seem too perfect, put some valid obstacles in there, and included the friends a lot like I'm sure they would want! Great job!
Ryoko05 chapter 1 . 4/19/2011
OMG thank you so much for this sequel and I really hope you continue with this universe. There are not enough PLL femslash fic out there and diff not enough Spencer/Emily. Also, your long fics make me so happy :D Thanks again for posting this and I can't wait to read more of your fics :D
FemAnon chapter 1 . 4/19/2011
Dreiser, babe. I love ya; you're one of my favorite fanfic writers, but WTF. HOW COULD YOU CHEAT US OUT OF SPENCER AND EMILY'S FIRST TIME? "The End." Oh, hell no. There better be another "one-shot" effectively turning this thing you got going on into a trilogy. Also:

- What on earth did Spencer say or do to Paige that has nearly got her cowering in fear? Paige? Afraid? Nonsense. :P

- It's not just her confrontation with Paige, or the fact that she withheld on discussing her bisexuality - it seems to me that you're hinting that there's this whole, big "scary" side to Spence that the girls (Hanna anyway) have only gotten a glimpse of.

Girl, you got some 'splainin' to do.
SpencerFan chapter 1 . 4/19/2011
Nice job, I liked your story very much! :) The characters were very much like they are on the show and I liked how you went through the start of the relationship. I hope you'll do more Spemily pieces in the future. :) Good job!
SolitudeMyLove chapter 1 . 4/19/2011
Incredible its well written its sweet and hot,I love it this one is added to my faves.

Hope to read more from you in the future ).

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