Reviews for The Changeling
Cath chapter 11 . 9/5
This was so beautiful and poignant. One of the best fics I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.
Wobalo chapter 10 . 8/13
The loss in this chapter was so poignant, the way Ginny truly saw into the people around her and their grief and motivations.
Wobalo chapter 9 . 8/13
I fee the need to give Tobias a massive hug, Im so happy hos friendship with Ginny won.
Wobalo chapter 8 . 8/13
Go Poweful Ginny!
Wobalo chapter 7 . 8/13
They way the foreign memories were written to blend with others was extraordinary.

I can feel Ginny’s tenuous grip on control slipping even as her power grows.
Wobalo chapter 6 . 8/13
Watching Ginny lose her confidence and her faith in herself and gradually build it up to stronger than it was before is a brilliant arc.

Thank you for writing.
Wobalo chapter 5 . 8/13
Ginny is becoming so wise and so able to see the world in all its nuanced colours, I’m absolutey falling in love with her.

I’m excited to see how Ginny’s status in Slytherin affects the coming year with the outbreak of all out war.

Thank you for writing such a compelling and beautiful story.
Wobalo chapter 4 . 8/12
You can realy feel Ginny’s growth in this year, shes starting to see al the shades of grey but also forcing the people she cares about to see them too.

I shed a tear for Smita, the visualisation of her falling in the ministry battle was really well handled. I felt the hole her cunning and wit would have left.

The seeds of romance being sown so softly is also an absolute delight to read.

Thank you.
Wobalo chapter 3 . 8/12
How Ginny grows in the chapter is breathtaking, even without the place she found her strength- Quidditch- she is even to stand tall and powerful.

That loss of belonging has been shed, and shes finding her place in the word as a Slytherin. Quietly confident, measured and potentially ruthless.

I love how she is questioning her sense of morality and how this fits in with the rules.
Wobalo chapter 2 . 8/12
The hope in this chapter is beautifully written, and the determination Ginny has to find herself.

Thank you.
Wobalo chapter 1 . 8/12
Thank you for this story, it was recommended to me and it is my first HP fic that I’m reading in full.

This chapter oozes desperation, loneliness and a sense of the unknown. Poor Ginny really doesn’t know herself anymore and her loss of belonging is so palpable.
Antetrope chapter 10 . 8/4
Not sure whether it’s a coincidence or not but it seems like Ginny and Tobias mirror Lily Evans/Potter and Severus Snape.
It’s said when Ginny has occlumency practice with the penseive she saw red hair in it, likely Lily’s hair from what we see in the canon books.

“As she leaves that night, she catches a flash of red hair in the silver of the Pensieve, but doesn't stop to look.

She may hate him, but even Snape is allowed his secrets. After all, she has a feeling he has spent his whole life training to protect them.”

This isn’t solid evidence and I’m a bit unsure about this part, but it might be Snape being reminded of Lily.

“Gradually, she learns not to fight, but instead to build, to direct.

Still, she always eventually ends up here, on her knees, dizzy with the press of his attack. Her hair has fallen over her face, and she brushes it back with a sound of impatience. Getting to her feet, she is already formulating her next approach, when she catches Snape staring at her, eyes drawn and surprisingly...troubled.”

Then there’s the whole Tobias thing.
Tobias’s name is (although likely coincidence) the same as Snape’s father.
Tobias was hanging out with the ‘Baby Death Eaters’ (aspiring death eaters and children of them, just like Snape did)
Just like Snape, Tobias turns on them not too far into his time there (although a key difference is Snape was in with the Death Eaters years so ‘not too far into his time there’ was around 2-3 years.)
Tobias and Snape both betray the Carrows/Voldemort for a leader in their rebellion.
They were both viewed as a hero after people had learned what they did.

Looking back I think Tobias was supposed to mirror Snape but Ginny just reminded Snape of Lily.
Espied7 chapter 11 . 8/3
Spectacular story. Thanks for sharing!
devils advocate chapter 11 . 6/16
That was beautiful. I cried. Thank you author, for writing this amazing fic.
caro chapter 11 . 6/14
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