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Jasminny chapter 4 . 5/25
Ahh an even longer chapter. Amazing
- I loved the moment between Harry and Ginny while they were cleaning. How he seems a bit wary of her but also intrigued
- The comfort that Tonks provides Ginny is really neat to see. I'm glad you're exploring that because they're both such BAMF women
- Ginny's friendship with Smita has been very endearing to watch unfold. I'm glad she has an empowering female friend to lean on
- I loved the Quidditch trials and ALL the weird looks Bletchley gives her when she's so obtuse about the fact that she's already secured her spot haha. I love how it shows Ginny's insecurity despite the fact that she's the best they have
- Antonia's comment that Ginny is getting a lot more interesting this year made me laugh so hard
- "Have you ever considered that blind hatred of Slytherin isn't really ant different than Draco's hatred of muggleborns?" what a line
- "you wouldn't be angry if you didn't care" the entire interaction between the two of them was so intimate and grounding. I loved it
- "I know what you're going to say," Harry says, voice bitter. "That they were just kids." Ginny frowns, "So are we" I loved this. I love how you continually show Ginny surprising Harry
- "It occurs to Ginny that Antonia is one of the few people in her life willing to let her make her own mistakes. Willing to let her figure out how to fix them, and not hold them against her." I love Antonia and this friendship
- I honestly thought Smita died and I am glad that's not the case. I feel like that would have destroyed Ginny :/
- I love how seemingly simple but intimate these interactions between Ginny and Harry are

Great chapter. I love seeing these friendship deepen in subtle but meaningful ways
Jasminny chapter 3 . 5/21
Man these chapters are so long, I feel so spoiled.

The blooming of Romione is heartwarming in this chapter. I love that he showed her around the Burrow and waited with bated breath for her reaction. It was adorable. I love that Ginny noticed the smile that he was trying to contain

I love Ginny jumping up and down and hugging her dad when he tells her she can go to the match. It felt very sweet.

The moment between Hermione and Ginny was also endearing. I love that Ginny made it into a joke about braids and they got to laugh

I love seeing the way that Molly shows her love through the concealment potion, walking Ginny to the dungeons, etc

Hmm at first this Tobias fella had me on edge haha but now I love him. He's great. Isn't Snape's middle name/father's name Tobias? Is this foreshadowing? I did love the banter than Ginny and he had in their first official conversation

Antonia attacking Draco as a sort of nod to Ginny not ratting them out was an interesting dynamic. I like how you explore the grayness of things through these Slytherins. It feels a lot more appropriate for them than the "black and white" Gryffindors

YAY. Love that Luna gets introduced so early on. I love that you say that they're passing acquaintances and not friends and so it makes sense that Luna walks by while Ginny and Smita have to clean up the ink. But then Ginny doesn't just turn away when someone raises their want to Luna. I think this shows the "fierce loyalty" that Slytherins have - it's different from the blinding loyalty that Hufflepuffs give and I think you hit on that difference really well here

I honestly am in love with how you're writing these chapters from Ginny's POV. It's refreshing to read from a female perspective imo haha

The little bit at the end with Draco and Theodora continually evaluating her, in a way, is fascinating
Jasminny chapter 2 . 5/21
Ugh my heart weeps for Ginny. I love that you write her as wise but also the age she's supposed to be, just 12. The longing she has to belong is so palpable and it makes me so sad for her.

A few of my favorite parts of this chapter
- "She doesn't consider that maybe she just wants to be a part of something, once and for all."
- "It's not what she ever thought her life would be, but maybe that's okay"
- I love that she chooses to ride the Cleansweep instead of the Nimbus 2001, which is such a Slytherin way to say "f u" without any words at all
- I also love this idea that she gets to join the quidditch team earlier because she isn't a Gryffindor

Great chapter
Jasminny chapter 1 . 5/21
Finally getting around to reading this one since it's the one that was originally recommended to me (I just loved that you had all those one-shots/shorter stories and whizzed through them first).

I honestly didn't know if I could get into the idea of a Slytherin Ginny but the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced. It just makes sense

A few of my specific favorite parts of this chapter:
- "It makes Ginny wonder just what Percy and Bill and Charlie and their top marks might have been running from." whew what a line. Beautifully written
- The very sweet Bill interactions
- Ginny trying to tell Ron but not being able to

I really liked the set up that this chapter gives us
Ca3n chapter 11 . 5/9
Hi! I have to hope you still check this account, but I finished this story a few days ago after absolutely blaszing through it and I can't really leave it be without saying anything about it I guess.
Firstly like, I really loved it (duh). I don't usually read retellings anymore but the first chapter just had something about it that made go on, and it was worth every minuteGinny's overall state of mind and character development was just so beautifully written,,, but if I were to just ramble on like that we'd be here all day, so I'll just list some things I especially likedOn the topic of Ginny's character development, I think the parlor was both an incredible idea to show her growth as a person as well as just something that makes so much sense for a slytherin house not seen through the very reductive eyes of the golden trio. Loved the opportunity to have these glances into the lives of some side characters.
I also really enjoyed the brief summer she sort of became friends with Fleur; that was such a good way to make it feel authentic and demonstrate how Ginny's general attitude towards people, especially other women, differed from the rest of her family/the order.
Another thing I found really engaging was the way Snape treated her, because of course she never learns his full motivations but it makes such a neatly complete picture reading it already knowing!
Story telling mechanic wise I think my favourite part was how the older she got and the more she learned about mind magic and how to conduct herself to achieve goals, the less we as the readers got to see of her planning processes. Like with Tobias, that was both a really good scene and it also just made a lot of sense for the type of situation they were all in.
And lastly, Harry's question being something of a through-line and her finally knowing her answer right as the war ends was just amazing story tellingdid the ending make me cry a bit? Yes, yes it did haha)
Okay that's all now, thank you for the hours of great entertainment, and may the rest of the week treat you well!
DaphnePotterBlack chapter 11 . 5/5
This is easily one of my favourite every fanfictions and I have read thousands. I’d also say this is undoubtedly number one for being the best written fanfiction, your way with words is amazing. I love how you manage to give your characters so much depth just from a few words, and how you drop subtle hints about things constantly that I as the reader don’t often even pick up on until later. I also love how the story closely followed canon, while still being very different as Ginny goes through so many different experiences to Harry. Thank you for this excellent story :)
I'm a Basket Case chapter 1 . 4/22
Hey. I know your story has been out awhile. But I read fanfictions as audiobooks. I'm currently working on an arcane discord reading arcane fanfictions. Granted I'm still editing a lot of my recordings for them. I want to branch out. I want to read yours. I'm asking permission. Only if you wish. It'll be the first not rated T fic I read. But I love your story. One of my favorites.
Difdi chapter 3 . 4/20
Actually, of any class has to do with the preparation and seasoning of creatures, magical or otherwise, it would be Potions.

You also have a wardrobe error in this chapter - you described Ravenclaw colors as blue and silver in the scene where Ginny rescues Luna, but Ravenclaw colors are actually blue and bronze. Slytherin is the house with silver as their secondary color.
Julia chapter 10 . 4/5
This may have been of the best fanfictions I’ve ever read. I’ll treasure this one, thank you for writing it! You’ve made my day and I actually learned a lot. I love your writing style too!
T'Lai chapter 11 . 3/19
I have always loved Harry Potter, but I really liked your variant with Ginny in Slytherin. It adds a lot of dimension to her character as well as breaking the standard good/bad hard lines which I think was great. Especially for the last year final battle. I will admit I wish you’d written more to show where she went from there, but I also think you ended it in exactly the right place. Thanks so much for the time and effort you put in to writing and sharing this story!
Slytherrin chapter 10 . 3/18
"If you believe all the lore, if you never learned to actually look, you would probably expect the school to divide into one clean line between Slytherin and everyone else. But there are Ravenclaw families in tight with the new regime, pleased with new Ministry positions, less restrictions on experimentation. There are people who fold with the wind, too frightened to do anything else. There are those who think they know a winning side when they see it.” This was so expertly done. I love that you showed the dark side of every house without quite saying it.

"So much time wasted thinking they knew what war really looked like. Time wasted on pranks and petty revenge and having parties rather than thinking about what your friend’s blood would feel like between your fingers." Fucking hell. Ouch.

"…because looking at him, she doesn’t see an evil, unbeatable wizard, a murderer. She sees a smug young boy with flowing black hair and a festering fear eating away at his heart. She knows this boy inside and out, as well as she knows herself." I cannot get enough of being reminded of her connection to Tom.

"Ginny just stares and tries to breathe because she doesn’t have a plan for this. Can’t line up any of her variables. And Fred still just refuses to move." "She wonders if for the rest of his life, George gets to live with looking like a ghost. If it will always be why not me?" I will never not openly sob reading these lines. You'll be hearing from my lawyer for emotional distress.
Slytherrin chapter 9 . 3/14
"Much later, he cries angry tears into her lap, but doesn't ask for forgiveness." This is such a heavy interaction to write, and I love your choice to leave the majority of it to our imagination.

"Ginny gestures for Asha to take a seat next to her. It’s a small gesture, but loud all the same." You know, for a Slytherin, Ginny sure is one formidable lioness. This was such a powerful touch to add.

Also, how dare you make me feel sorry for the Carrow twins! That memory of Amycus' with the cats and the Kneazle was completely chilling. Absolutely horrifying. 10/10 would delete from their mind. Well done!
Slytherrin chapter 8 . 3/14
“Neville claps his hands, giving Ginny a long-suffering glance, like he has no idea how he is supposed to run a defense class when there’s gossip to be had.” The humor in your writing is so subtle but completely perfect.
Guest chapter 11 . 3/13
I read the sequels first. I had to go back to this. I’m grieving a little that is over. Never though a fan fiction series could leave me with a reading binge hangover wanting more. I read them to get light reading between quality reads of professionally edited books. This is the only series that has ever surprised w with its quality of winning its thick plot and its character depth. I hope you enjoyed writing it. Reading it has been a great experience.
Slytherrin chapter 7 . 3/11

Now that I know what to look for between Ginny and Tobias, I'm gaping at how many obvious details I skimmed right over. Ginny stuffing her hands into her pockets after running into Tobias? And saving someone immediately after? “If the only way to fight what you hate is to become it.” about Tobias fraternizing with the enemy?

You left so many clues!

Now I'm wondering if the fortress Nymue helped Ginny build is something more than simple organization of the mind!
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