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Bassward chapter 118 . 3/24
I'm loving c the way you portray evil Stefan more and more with each chapter. He really is quite cunning. I'm curious though, is Amelia cf really pregnant with Klaus's hybrid or is he just manipulating her to think that to get under her skin? Rebekah just doesn't give up, she ready l ready l really seems to want to be friends cf with Amelia - for now. The question is why?
Bassward chapter 117 . 3/24
I really enjoy reading evil Stefan vs Mia. Not even Evil Stefan can stop her from bantering with him, even a humanity less Stefan. I love how Amelia and Damon kissed to send a message to Klaus c that x she's not interested. And wow is Rebekah ever persistent when it comes to bring friends with Amelia. Will there be a showdown between gg the two coming up.
SuperCece chapter 161 . 3/24
Please keep updating I absolutely LOVE this story
Bassward chapter 116 . 3/22
Glad Damon is back, but I think it will be stupid if she just forgives Damon quickly. I think he needs to earn her forgiveness, needs to make him grovel a bit. She would be dumb just to forgive him after what he did. I love evil Stefan too, and am excited to see what you do with it.
Bassward chapter 115 . 3/22
Ooh, some interesting developments in this chapter. I kind of like the fact that Amelia and Klaus have a past, I'm sure Damon won't like that fact though. I really hope you have more Klaus and Amelia interaction soon, and learn more about their past.
Bassward chapter 114 . 3/20
Loved this charter. Happy we had a more Klaus centered chapter, I like how you tweaked the episode to fit Amelia into the story. Your chapters never disappoint. I'm worried what Klaus has in store for Stefan though.
Bassward chapter 113 . 3/20
If Amelia takes Damon back right away, she's a fool. I hope when Damon returns she makes him grovel a bit, makes him earn her forgiveness. I can understand him being upset with Amelia for the whole Klaus thing, that's understandable. But running away with Katherine, that is a bad move.

I like them doing prank night, and that it hero l helped Amelia get her mind off Damon. I think she needs that right now. Of course that was cut short by Klaus's arrival to mystic falls, with Stefan soon to follow I'm sure.
Bassward chapter 112 . 3/18
I felt so bad for Amelia. Damon can be such an ass sometimes. I get that he's upset with Amelia and all, but he should have let her explain and cool off. Not run off with Katherine. I can't wait to see what you do with the reckoning episode, and I'm hoping to see Klaus soon, and maybe see him show a sense of humanity with her.
Bassward chapter 111 . 3/18
This chapter was very interesting. I thought what had transpired between Klaus and Amelia had been a dream, but now we find out it was real. I'm curious as to what's going on and why she keeps dreaming of Klaus and what led to Amelia to sleeping with Klaus in the last chapter? And if Damon finds out, it's not going to be good for Amelia. I also wonder if the secret Jeremy is keeping has to do with the spirits of Vicky and Anna.
Bassward chapter 110 . 3/15
That dream between Klaus and Amelia was so hot. I love the way you write Klaus and Amelia smut, and perfectly in character. I also loved Amelia and Elena bonding time, and her bonding with Jeremy by playing that video game.
Bassward chapter 109 . 3/15
This chapter was so intense. I loved the Damon and Amelia bits, and of course the Amelia and Klaus interaction too. I really loved their kiss. Even though a big part of it was to save Damon from Klaus, she seemed to enjoy it too. Also love that Damon kissed her at the end, so that Klaus wouldn't be her last kiss. I think part of him was jealous. How long before he finds out about Amelia's, Klaus dreams.
Bassward chapter 108 . 3/15
Loved the road trip between Damon, Amelia and Elena. Them arguing over music was hilarious as well as I loved Amelia teasing Damon. I also love how Amelia can get Damon to agree to almost anything, and even Elena knows, and tried to use it to her advantage. Going to read the next chapter now.
Bassward chapter 107 . 3/11
This chapter showed some major character growth from Damon, and I love it! Love that he is no longer going to date other girls and parade them in front of Amelia. There's only so much of that she can take. And the fact he decided not to give up on Stefan, like Stefan never would for him. The question is will it stay that way.
Bassward chapter 106 . 3/11
Loved this chapter. The Tyler and Amelia conversation cracked me up, with her changing the conversation to tooth decay to x avoid talking about Damon. It seems that Klaus is still invading her dreams and I love it. How long before she starts to admit that she has an c attraction to him, and Damon finds out. Would love to see how Damon reacts and gets jealous of Klaus and Amelia
Guest chapter 161 . 3/8
Please keep writing! these stories are the besttt!
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