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Bassward chapter 139 . 5h
Love this chapter and the original family reunion. Finally Kol has entered the story. I hope we'll see more of him in chapters to come. I love his character, and of course Finn. Although, I'm not the biggest fan of him on the show tbh. Looking forward to how the reunion played out, and of course their reunion with their mother Esther.
Bassward chapter 138 . 6h
Amelia is being framed for murder, I would watch your back if I were you Amelia. What s fantastic chapter though. I'm guessing in a way, bringing back Elijah was smart to stall Klaus. But can they trust Elijah not to side with Klaus in the end? I mean, even after everything, he is still Klaus's brother.

Lol at the end. Of course Amelia would finally agree to be Klaus bait, just so she can meet the noble Elijah
Bassward chapter 137 . 5/12
I think Amelia gave into Stefan a little too easily, but I really was surprised by and enjoyed their bonding time. Looks like Klaus was also one step ahead of the gang. And yay, Elijah's back! That's the moment of been waiting for in your fic. I wonder how you'll play out the Esther drama.
Bassward chapter 136 . 5/12
Loved this chapter. I find it interesting though that you didn't have Amelia go on the roadtrip with Elena and Bonnie to find Abby. But in some ways it's understandable and it gives Amelia a storyline outside of teaming up with Elena all the time. Also looks like Justin is back to disliking Amelia, she gotta love that. As for her torturing Justin isn't as much fun if he likes her.
dragonlily22 chapter 161 . 5/11
Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please update THIS story SOON! Thank you!
Bassward chapter 135 . 5/8
Uh oh Matt, I would watch out if I were you. Amelia has found her new wedgie target replacement for Jeremy. He should definitely watch out. Definitely going to miss Jeremy in this fic and his interaction with Jeremy. Loved their back and forth banter.

I feel kind of bad for Elena and Amelia for what Evil Stefan did to them. Not cool, not cool at all. I get he wants to destroy Klaus, but he went about it the wrong way. Klaus could have called Stefan out on his bluff. He's lucky it worked. I feel badly it had to happen at Amelia and Stefan's expense though.
Bassward chapter 134 . 5/8
I love drunk Matt and Amelia, it was totally hilarious to read. I just adore their friendship. I am a bit worried what Stefan is going to do to Elena (or is it Elena and Amelia?) Given the fact that they are both doppelgangers, it would make sense Stefan would go after both of them to hurt Klaus. Going to read the next chapter now.
Bassward chapter 133 . 5/7
Love how much more comfortable Damon and Elena are with each other. They seem to be in a much better place emotionally. But how long will it last? Is this the calm before the storm?

I also love how you made Amelia against the whole compelling Jeremy to leave town thing. Because Jeremy wouldn't willingly leave them to deal with Klaus on their own. I kind of hated how Elena took away Jeremy's choice, made him leave town against his own will. Like come on, it should be his own choice. It was interesting seeing Amelia so clingy to Jeremy, and hopefully this isn't the last we've seen of them interacting. I love their banter, and I'm going to miss that in this story.
Guest chapter 69 . 5/5
I though I'd be able to make it through this but I seriously can't. Mia has no backbone at all. She's just an annoying add on with no Improvement to the story. Sure I love her parts with Damon that are sexy and cute but she acts like she's 5 and can't stand for shit. She is literally being abused emotionally and ethnically physically by both Damon and elena and yet does fuck all about it. Reading this story makes me want to hit something repeatedly from the stress it's causing me. I'm sorry, you're a good writer and you have a good idea but you're character is weak and has no growth and that's really a let down. I don't know how you wrote so many chapters when it seems repetitive of Damon fucking someone else and not giving a shit but then feeling bad for Mia, Mia is sad but does fuck all about it an then the cycle repeats.
Damonamelia chapter 161 . 5/3
Please can youdinish season 3 and 4 please o wanna see Amelia as a vampire I have been so dedicated to this story and was so upset when I read the last page hoping in 2 years you would update
Bassward chapter 132 . 4/29
This chapter was great, lots of great developments. The tension between Klaus and Amelia was interesting. I love the fiery banter between Klaus and Amelia. One thing is for sure, they definitely have chemistry.

A part of me was hoping Jeremy would stay in Mystic Falls, but I understand why they want to send him away. They want to protect him, no matter the cost. I did find it interesting that Amelia was the only one who protested to Jeremy leaving Leaving Mystic Falls. I'm sure going to miss his attitude and banter with Amelia while he's gone to live elsewhere.

I also really enjoyed reading the kiss between Damon and Amelia at the end. I love how he kissed her with such passion, even if he felt guilt about it.
Bassward chapter 131 . 4/29
This chapter was great. Of course evil Stefan wouldn't care if Klaus threatens Jeremy. He is so hell bent on revenge, doing whatever it takes to get the upper hand against Klaus he doesn't care who he gutters l hurts in the process. I'm almost worried for Elena on what he'll do next to topple Klaus.

I hope Stefan will snap out of it soon. Yes I get he wants to hurrt Klaus, but hurting Elena and those she Cares about in the process is not the answer.

Will be reading the next chapter now.
Bassward chapter 130 . 4/20
Loved Amelia's showdown with both Tyler and Klaus. I kind of had a feeling Tyler had an ulterior motive for hanging out with Jeremy, and that Klaus played a part in it. Amelia telling off Klaus was the best. No ones been able to stand up to Klaus like she has, and that's one reason of many I love her. She's probably my favorite OC character on fanfiction.

Can totally understand why Jeremy wants to leave town. I hope Amelia and Elena can understand that and support his decision. Interested to see how that plays out and what happens when he returns.
Bassward chapter 129 . 4/20
Another great chapter. I think Amelia has every right to be paranoid about Klaus they failed to kill him, and now he may want to make her his pet. Not to mention, is a threat to exposing their past they dl she doesn't want Damon to find out. I'm kind of hoping that she will tell Damon soon, so they have nothing hanging over their heads. But given how Damon reacts to things, I can understand why she is skeptical. Still it would be better to hear it from Amelia, than from someone else, or worse, Klaus. He already seems to be getting suspicious.

The Jeremy intervention stuff was interesting to. I'm curious to find out what exactly is going on with Jeremy. He seems different, definitely rebellious. Wonder how they're going to get to the bottom of it and help him. Really looking forward to seeing how their lunch plays out, with Tyler as well
Kegan99 chapter 161 . 4/20
Please update !
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