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Guest chapter 118 . 3/22
I'm sorry. I take everything back. I realised that i shouldn't have post such critically negative comments about this story. You're writing and that's what matters. People are not born amazing writers they grow with time. So I'm sorry for saying such hurtful stuff and i take everything back. And I'm sorry on behalf of all those too who posted negative thoughts on this as guests or whatever. I really am sorry.
Guest chapter 117 . 3/22
This character mia is so pathetic. She kept thinking "oh he's so hot. My body is feeling that even though it shouldn't " and yet she yelled at Damon for LEAVING. WHEN SHE SLEPT WITH KLAUS LIKE A WHORE. The first time its understandable that she was blackmailed but the second time? What kinda dumb person doesn't realise that it's not a dream? By pinching she realised but when he was actually feeling her up and she was enjoying the hell out of it, THAT didn't gave it away? Damon never went behind the back or hid it! She deliberatly hid it for her own selfish reasons. And had dirty thoughts for every single men. Are you actually saying that this character is more horrible than a slut? Even calling her a whore is an insult to a whore. What the hell was that, "Elijah is Christian Grey and have wicked way with me" seriously how can she yell on Damon when she herself drools on every walking person with a dick! I'm surprised you didn't made her drool for her own brother. This character sounds like an immature hormonal 13 year old brat. I didn't even read most of the Childish parts like her conversation with Matt and Jeremy that you fill up with some really absurd stuff. I really thought this fic would get better but it got worse after mid season 2. Your writing really sucks and the 7k reviews are totally unreserved. This was my very first fic and now i don't even want to make a profile. You ruined the whole fandom. N fyi I'm not a teenager leaving a bullying review. I'm an editor and if i don't give honest opinions then people would always read shitty books. I'm assuming all the "nice" reviews are from teens only. Well i expect the naivety from them. Make an adult read this and they will not go through even 4 chapters. Please take this down and don't make sound cheating so agreeable among teens. If you feel bad and guilty you should never do that stuff but if you're evil then you'll always find an excuse to defend cheating. Horrible character
saturnmarie1313 chapter 1 . 2/27
3 it been reading and rereading for years!
Olivia chapter 122 . 2/7
I agree with the guest who said Amelia is an obnoxious loud narcissistic character and very stupid too. What you did wasn't funny but damn right annoying! Please someone else try to rewrite this story with more plot and a good character! And sleeping with Klaus and liking it? Drooling over EVERY guy! Is Amelia a protagonist or A WHORE? THIS WHOLE FIC SUCKS! SHE'S A WHORE WITH NO BRAIN WHO LIKES TO SPREAD HER LEGS FOR ANYONE! IS IT JUST THE CHARACTER OR THE AUTHOR PROJECTING HER OWN PERSONALITY?
LoneButterfly05 chapter 60 . 1/27
OMG! I have really laughed throughout this whole story at her but this chapter...I nearly threw up from laughing so hard! It took forever to read and I had to keep going back over parts cause I laughed so much. Honestly the Elena sister/Cousin kind of stories are my favs at the moment, and I really prefer her with one of the Originals, mainly cause Damon pisses me off alot...I would love to see her with Elijah just because I want to see him try to understand/deal with her weird ass.
dcottrell92504 chapter 183 . 1/20
Hope you keep updating would love to keep reading..
Kenzie103 chapter 1 . 1/18
Please update I’ve read this so many time as and honestly it’s one of my favourite fanfics ever. Update
Guest chapter 72 . 1/8
What kind of a stupid character Amelia is? I really expected this story to be good. But all you did was fill in the gaps with an obnoxious, stupid, narcissistic personality who has actually no personality. She doesn't even have sassiness or something to look up to. All you've done is made her a really chatty annoying person who's selfish and have no sense of situation or seriousness. Please make her a little realistic and less like an asshole. You have the potential so please don't make her a douche bag personality.
randombeach25 chapter 1 . 1/3
who else had seen this coming I mean it was obvious the mystery guy from bording school, the initials on the anklet and flaws obsession with her mad it obvious but the suspense of wanting to know if you were right is so tempting that you can't put it down and the humor is spot on but character personalities in miner way don't add up to the show personer but do help the humor.
Lili Tommo chapter 183 . 12/17/2017
I love your fanfics and I want to continue reading them please update, especially Aria's Shield
insert name here XD chapter 183 . 11/26/2017
I could really use an update for ghis story its been too long and i was wondering why amelia has never played the violin because klaus said she was great, i just want her to surprise everyone with her talent.
Panda Blitz chapter 183 . 9/24/2017
I loved it!
Guest chapter 183 . 9/13/2017
Was Hoping for an actual update
Guest chapter 183 . 9/10/2017
Please update
Srvagabond chapter 98 . 9/3/2017
Firstly, thank you for keeping Jenna alive! Secondly, Klaus blackmail sex? Not sure how I feel about that... Thirdly, when is he going to release his compulsion? I was hoping for a reunion... but after the blackmail sex? Probably not.
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