Reviews for Nakitsuku
Takato the dreamer chapter 1 . 4/28/2013
Glad I finally got back to reading your stories! Man, I was reading this long-ass fic that took me MONTHS to read D: Anyway...

Such a sweet story! I really love your Kenta fics :3 Great job as always! Can't wait to read more! :)
KentKazuKazuKent Shipper chapter 1 . 5/6/2012

Please do a sequal...

But not for these two, do it for Jenryu and Takato please! :D
KittenNya chapter 1 . 1/12/2012
Do you even realize how much I love this? Way too much for the good of my sanity! Well... Who am I kidding this can't be too good... Too amazing is more like it! I adored how everyone is in character!

I must say I giggled every time Takato Blushed. And at Hirokazu's obvious times. And at Kenta's amazing times. Well... Let's just say I giggled the whole time! And I have to tell you I liked how Hirokazu and Jen were talking... I don't know why but I reallllllllly liked that. All in all it was cray good!
Ian R. Moros chapter 1 . 8/11/2011
Quite the interesting little exploration of Hirokazu and Kenta as a couple. The power dynamic isn't what you'd normally expect from them, but the way you've written it does make sense for the characters.

Looking first at Kenta, he is portrayed differently here than he is in the series. Kenta always struck me as being quite insecure; he's friendly enough and very close with Hirokazu and Takato, but he was lacking in confidence. Mostly he would go along with whatever Hirokazu wanted. While not really shy, he comes off as more of a follower than a leader. Here, though, Kenta is much, much more self-assured and in control. He is certain that Hirokazu will be along shortly to make amends. He exudes confidence. This seems like a huge departure from his earlier attitude, but I can accept this character development because the reader can easily infer this growth owes to Kenta's coming to terms with his sexuality. Presumably, this is what allowed Kenta to become so self-assured, whereas before he accepted it he was held back by self-doubt and insecurity over how he felt. After coming to terms with it and having accepted it (since the fifth grade, apparently) he has grown comfortable in his own skin and confident enough in himself and what he knows about those around him that he can easily predict when Hirokazu will come crawling back, or can take Takato's admission without missing a beat.

Hirokazu is also a little bit different. While never really explored in the series, it is incredibly easy to see him as having grown dependent on Kenta being around. Of the two, Hirokazu is the outgoing one, the passionate one, the dynamic, energetic, and more often than not slightly thick one. But he is only able to come off like that because Kenta's there to reassure him, to point him in the right direction and to give him a reason to keep going. Maybe part of it is that Hirokazu wants to impress Kenta. If Kenta isn't around it would be very easy to see Hirokazu veering off course, having the same drive and energy he always has but lacking the confidence to use it and the direction to focus it. Hirokazu is the muscle and energy to Kenta's thought and focus. While Kenta may doubt himself this shows that he is always thinking, reflecting and coming up with ways to improve. Kenta being so confident here means that he has probably been through this situation before and has gone over it in his head many, many times. In fact, it seems doubtful that this would be the first time Hirokazu and Kenta were in such a fight, given the overall tone Kenta uses.

On his own, Hirokazu is shown here as sorely lacking confidence. Even with Kenta he can't admit that he's gay, despite the fact that he loves Kenta, despite having a gaydar that could pick up Takato (when Kenta himself thought the idea was crazy), despite his taste in manga, and despite the fact that Hirokazu is always checking out other guys. And yet somehow Kenta gets pegged as being the "obvious" one. Hirokazu's the manly one, supposedly, but everyone has apparently assumed they've been going out for at least two years when in fact it's only been six months. It's Hirokazu's lack of confidence that leaves him unable to come to terms with his orientation. That Kenta is so much more self-assured leaves Hirokazu as the more submissive one in the relationship. So when he and Kenta aren't speaking for that whole week, Hirokazu is lost. He has no one to draw strength from.

And yet, when Takato asks Kenta what he likes about Hirokazu, what is the very first thing that Kenta says? "His confidence." It's a bit of a strange moment. Kenta is obviously aware of how insecure Hirokazu can be about things like his orientation or being perceived as un-manly. He knows that Hirokazu must be tearing his own hair out after a week apart. Kenta has to know that Hirokazu's confidence, at best, comes and goes. Whether he is aware of how much influence he has over Hirokazu's confidence is debatable. But if the first reason Kenta can think of for liking Hirokazu is illusory, or at best owes to Kenta's influence, what does that say about their relationship?

And of course, if Kenta can be the dominant one here, who's to say Takato couldn't be the dominant one between him and Jen?

I feel like there was something slightly off here, like there was just a bit of human frailty missing from Kenta. His confidence seems like just a bit much. He's at the end of a week-long fight with Hirokazu, and I doubt even with as confident as he is that he would have no worries. Even if he never speaks them out loud, I have to believe that Kenta has apprehensions over how things are going. Maybe he should be worried over whether Hirokazu will really apologize. After all, Hirokazu has been known to be pretty stubborn. Where is the worry about how their relationship will go if they are fighting over little stuff like this often enough that Kenta knows exactly how it will play out? A confident Kenta is great and all, but no matter how confident he might come off to Takato or Hirokazu or anyone else, inside his own head he's still always going to be thinking, doubting, worrying. That's why he's the counterpoint to Hirokazu. That's why he and Hirokazu make such a great pair. If Hirokazu is the one in doubt and Kenta is the one with unshakable conviction, something has gone awry.

Ultimately, I think this experiment was a worthwhile one. It put Kenta in a slightly different light. But in so doing I think a little piece of the character was missing. Kenta and Hirokazu feel like they aren't quite themselves, like some small piece of the characters is missing. We are told things about them, like the fact that Kenta is the obvious one or that Hirokazu is the confident one, but these descriptions don't really match up with what the audience sees them doing and saying. If you try something like this again, putting a different spin on characters and how they relate to one another, I would recommend going for a more bold departure from the ordinary. The characters can grow and change in many different ways and still be believable in terms of how they were presented in Tamers, and I think you should be more willing to explore those different outcomes if you're going to try mixing up the dynamics of their relationships.
Riku Murasaki chapter 1 . 4/23/2011
Okies... Hm... Not quite how I pictured the concept, but definitely not bad. I will admit as well, it is a little hard picturing Kenta as dominant in anything, but a part of me has this image of Kenta being quite the sadist, playing effortlessly with Hirokazu's libido without ever giving anything up or removing a single article of clothing from either of them. Or on the more PG side of things, easily using Hirokazu's pride (or even his libido) to trick him into doing things for him. Yes, manipulative, but not malicious. Kenta's too nice to be entirely pure of heart. His dark side is in there, and I feel like it's strong.

Still, I enjoyed it. Excited for more as always.
AlphaWolf13 chapter 1 . 4/20/2011
Narnia? I love you so, so much.


PS Blushing Takato is quite awesome indeed.
Kohaku-Koneko chapter 1 . 4/19/2011
This is incredibly cute.

And Takato is ukelicous definition. It's one of the most adorable things about him.