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Mercenary Flyer chapter 50 . 5/29/2012
I have to say, this story needs an antagonist. Sparring matches can only so far.

Ikuto needs an opponent that's flat out trying to kill him, someone that will push him to his limits.
MUS3 chapter 50 . 5/27/2012
Awesome, another update. Personally, I thought Ikuto's date with Sakuya would've ended on a far brighter note. But including the Keine scene was a nice touch as we haven't really heard anything about her since their "departure." Still, the gifts that Ikuto bought were a cute touch. Seems like he loves buying jewelry for his girls.

The Meiling get together was very well done. I didn't think that Meiling would give herself to Ikuto without some sort of test. The duel between them was a perfect obstacle that Ikuto had to overcome to obtain Meiling's feelings.
Sonanoka21093 chapter 50 . 5/26/2012
Ahh, what a cute way to start the day, if a bit dangerous! In multiple ways! Anywho, loved the fight scene, especially with how he made use of his hungry wolf skills! I'm glad to see you updating consistantly once more, as your fanfic is one of the most interesting around! ...Probably 3rd place in my book, but I'm not good at judging such things! Anywho, keep up the good work, and I look forward to your next chapter!
Savaris chapter 50 . 5/26/2012
Oh, so those side chapters will have some definite relevance with the main story... Like deriving a last burst of energy from the need to feed... And finally, and "onee-san" type character, eh? Subarashi!

Looking forward to the next chapter and more of those adventure running those little errands for Yukari. Wonder which world is next? I'll check out this FSN-HP crossover of yours... Hopefully you won't garner attention o' them Type-Loons, eh? Though the one's picky with details often so give out constructive criticism... aside from rage, I suppose. Anyway, rock on! Lap up inspiration that have been or will be released this year! SAO ftw!
Patcheresu chapter 50 . 5/26/2012
Finally, the moment I've been waiting for for a while. A Limit, staple of any keyblade wielder... And it only took you fifty chapters. *sigh* And a drive!

And when he did the uppercut I was really hoping for a big SF crossover. Something hilarious like SHIN! KUU! SHORYUKEN! out of plain nowhere. Though a cry of I'm hungry is a good way to end any fight in my book.
Lazruth chapter 50 . 5/26/2012
Ok, that battle cry at the end... Genius. Just pure freaking genius. And it makes a lot of sense too, considering how us guys get when we want food.

On a more serious note, Ikuto and Sakuya kissing in front of Keine. *Winces* Ok, THAT sucked. And I'm guessing that it was Mokou that threw the rock. Or Yukari, because she felt it was needed. Or just for fun, either one works for her.
VirusChris chapter 50 . 5/26/2012
Another chapter, yes! Wasn't expecting an update today so it was a nice surprise.

Nice to see Wriggle make an appearance, though I'm going to stand by that Wriggle is female as most if not all the Touhou characters that appear in the official games are female (with the exception of the first few PC-98 games that had male enemies).

Anyway I think it was Mokou who threw that rock at Ikuto, I mean Ikuto says it was a "man" that threw it but Mokou wears pants so it's possible Ikuto mistaken Mokou as a dude there... plus Mokou won't forgive Ikuto if he made Keine cry. Hopefully that issue will resolve soon, and why the HELL hasn't Ikuto notice the number of keychains doesn't match what he (currently) knows of the girls he loves! There's one, too, extra!

Anyway the date with Sakuya was sort of nice, but it seem like an errand run than a date but it was nice of Ikuto to go with her and getting her a present of course. I think Remi is unsure about the relationship between her sister and Ikuto as I believe she's being a protective older sister and I think she's starting to like him. I wonder when Patchy well too, and Koakuma part of the group that likes Ikuto now? I guess the talk about "love" the previous had indicated that Koakuma likes Ikuto in a subtle way.

And the fight with Meiling was awesome! I wasn't expecting you have to fight the girl to prove your worth to have it... kinda reminds me of that old Greek myth about a woman raised in the woods, has a lover but Athena was jealous that the girl was an excellent hunter and people referred to her as "good" as her and kills her lover, and then more male ask for her hand in marriage and decides to hold a race and the one who beats her marries her but the losers forfeit their lives. It was only until a certain person ask a god for help and planted apples in the middle of the track (the woman gives everyone a head start because she's fast) and slows her down until the man wins and marries her. Kinda like what Ikuto did here with Meiling, also I skipped a few things about that old legend.

So Meiling is part of the Harem group now. I feel bad for Keine for catching that, maybe it WASN'T a good idea to erase the history Ikuto spent with her. Hopefully it works out in the end, and I like how you refer to your side-story in your main fanfic story.

And you have a Fate/saty night and Harry Potter crossover fanfic, if I got the initials right? I'll take a look at it.

This is VirusChris signing off! Hey ho!
Kurisaki-sempai chapter 49 . 5/16/2012
I'm not too knowledgeable about certain subjects, so I can say that this chapter has been quite a relief.

Seriously, I almost thought that Remilia was gonna try and kill Ikuto after the incident with Flandre, man.
VirusChris chapter 49 . 5/12/2012
Fuga... Princess Resurrection, right? Isn't the little android name's Flandre as well? Quite cute to reference it like that. I'm a fan of that series and I enjoyed reading it as well as I understand where you got the Awakening state from, Hiro's Blood Warrior state, and it's nice to have an interesting concept of Sakuya's red eyes.

Kinda makes sense and could explain that Sakuya has lived longer than she lets on, but she is ultimately human like Ikuto is in this story.

Nice references too, did you watch the Avengers yet? I, too, am a little jealous of Tony Stark's computers with the touch screen but what can you do?

Anyway back to this chapter, it's nice to get another chapter after a long break but it can't be helped with schoolwork, right? Also Summer Vacation is right around the corner so you MIGHT have some more time to work on your story unless you have plans for this Summer like going out more.

I have to say this is a fairly interesting chapter and the outcome of last night events had some "humorous" results in the end which I can say poor Ikuto. By the way the "need" part you described here actually explains how Ikuto's Keyblade works with its keychains and how he gets his power. Of course a girl "wants/needs" Ikuto besides them after their "session" which explains the chains coming alive. Could be useful if Ikuto simply wants to be buddy-buddy with something and "needs" Ikuto's help to gain a chain without doing those kinds of "sessions".

And it looks like Koakuma might join the harem next! Nice! And I imagine my character Chris Corona being squeezed by Meiling's chest from her loving bear hug, which to his disdain (he doesn't really dislike it, but it's embarrassing and doesn't want other people to notice this and misunderstand), though I wouldn't mind Meiling's hugs. So is the Sakuya and Meiling going to happen before or after Ikuto leaves the SDM? I'm thinking before at least.

By the way I've drawn a picture of my character, Chris Corona, a full body drawing BUT I've gotten into some issues with the anatomy, especially the legs. Once that's sorted out, I'll e-mail the picture to get your opinion on it!

This is VirusChris signing off! Hakuna Matata is a wonderful phrase!

PS: Does anyone like the new icon for the Review button? Quite spiffy, but there wasn't really any problems with the old one.
MUS3 chapter 49 . 5/12/2012
The first thing I thought of when you described Ikuto's new "Awakening" powers was the Rosario Vampire series. Moka would inject some of her vampire blood into Tsukune so he would gain vampire powers temporarily before regressing back into a human. But I'm rambling and I digress.

When you mentioned that Ikuto asking out Sakuya was the first time he's ever asked out a girl, I thought it was false. But now that I look back it was mainly the girls who asked out Ikuto..

The Fuga reference is definitely to Princess Resurrection. The maid even shares the same name as our favorite little vampire. S does that mean that Ikuto will have to periodically feed on Flandre's blood in order to maintain his new found abilities?
Noble Endeavor chapter 49 . 5/12/2012
Thank you very much for the update! PS. MORE PLEASE

Okay, nice chapter explaining Ikuto's newfound abilities!

I'm waiting for more! and more! and more! and more! okay thats it.

Keep up the good work )
NobodySawThis chapter 49 . 5/12/2012
Nice as always, now im not really good in reviews, but I'm really attracted to your work, so hope you could release more chapters, and i love the development between Ikuto and Sakuya, but maybe you could do something similar to remilia as well, she seems left out throughout the whole story, and she only appears when ikuto has an issue or something like that. Overall... Nice story and keep up the good work, I'm expecting the next chapter soon
Crazy Scion chapter 1 . 5/12/2012
I don't know whats up with the sudden complaints. I personaly love of the random reffrences. Sure I don't always get them, but then a lot of the time I do. Not fair to those who don't, but I like the formula. A bit suprised that you aren't a lolicon. You could have fooled me with Suika. Keep up the good work and lets see if these runes can give Ikuto some more strength.
Lemacon chapter 49 . 5/12/2012
I think it was. Wait, I think I remember it from this Vampire manga and then the little maid?

Okay, I sure liked this chap better than the last. σ(_;)

But the references kinda seem forced sometimes. I dunno, it just feels like every other paragraph has to have a reference or a joke ( ? _ ? )
Vanishing Trooper chapter 49 . 5/12/2012
Fantastic! This chapter is much more to your standard than the last one. Shorter than most but it let you get back to form so I'm not complaining.

Obviously (4) was in reference to Princess Resurrection as I myself have been liberally using 'fuga' in my own story. Wait...does that mean that Ikuto will turn all white will slitted eyes whenever Flan is in danger. Heh. Flandre Scarlet. In danger. Heh.

In any case, great chapter man. Hope to see more in the future.
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