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Lemacon chapter 49 . 5/12/2012
I think it was. Wait, I think I remember it from this Vampire manga and then the little maid?

Okay, I sure liked this chap better than the last. σ(_;)

But the references kinda seem forced sometimes. I dunno, it just feels like every other paragraph has to have a reference or a joke ( ? _ ? )
Vanishing Trooper chapter 49 . 5/12/2012
Fantastic! This chapter is much more to your standard than the last one. Shorter than most but it let you get back to form so I'm not complaining.

Obviously (4) was in reference to Princess Resurrection as I myself have been liberally using 'fuga' in my own story. Wait...does that mean that Ikuto will turn all white will slitted eyes whenever Flan is in danger. Heh. Flandre Scarlet. In danger. Heh.

In any case, great chapter man. Hope to see more in the future.
MUS3 chapter 48 . 5/10/2012
Apparently my review of this chapter was never sent.. Oh well.

Not one of my favorite X chapters though.. It kinda didn't have the vibe or eroticism that the others contained. But my dislike is probably more due to the fact that Flan is my favorite character.. I'm guessing that you'll have the next X chapter revolve around Sakuya. Hopefully, the style rewinds back to that of the others.

And yes.. you did get me in the beginning.
Darklink1011 chapter 48 . 5/3/2012
normally i like your work but this...was disturbing. and its not the fact Flandre is a 500 year old little girl that did it. It was the fact it was so dark and bloody and not very erotic at all.
dewybmt chapter 48 . 5/2/2012
So...I've been re-reading your story and I've got a few things I can say, some here, but the story in whole. First, too much cliche in my opinion, maybe not cliche exactly, but just predictable and otherwise like it's trying to be funny but is really just talking too much like one shouldn't in the mood of the story, of course this is easier to explain on my end than it probably is to see on your end...I'll try and be more descriptive about it I suppose. Putting in japanese names, phrases, references, or general japanese jokes or any meme for the sake of it like it's funny when it isn't necessary at all, sometimes overdoing jokes or even emotional things. Doing things that are like, 'that fits the character but doesn't?' and often doesn't fit anything else either. Where you take a character, find what they normally do or what they're like in general, and try to fit it into a gimmick. I mostly felt this in the last chapter, the 'dance' with Meiling...*sigh*. This chapter was okay for the most part, a decent portrayal of a more serious flandre, the tooth brushing part was okay...I don't know, wasn't bad at least.

That's it so far. Not doing too bad, just some...blech choices in terms of jokes and such...keep going I guess, other people are eating this up and that must mean it's good...from how odds work anyways. 1000 out of 1001, majority wins I suppose. Hopefully you don't mind a little more harsh criticism. This is a nice story you've built up. Maybe work a little on character interpretations like I've bugged about before, Yuuka for one, but yea. Not that bad so far...
Zap797 chapter 48 . 5/2/2012
At last! Keys to the Heart has been updated! Cookies for everyone!

I kinda figured it wasn't going X right of the bat. That never was your way of doing things. But that was a very descriptive fake-out, almost had me wondering if I was wrong.

I must be frank though. That was really short compared to your other chapters. Not to mention it just kind of cut out in the end. I was at least hoping we would have the Top Two or Three in the poll in this chapter. I don't think you ever had just one girl in a X chapter before...

At least the writing itself was good. Hope all those who voted for Flan are happy with this.

So, what happens because of this. Well, Remi's and Sakuya's reaction to what just happened will be amusing. New Keyblade from Flan.(Over powered much?) And Ikuto will be kinda messed up after this, I think...

Anyway, can't wait for the next one!
Noble Endeavor chapter 48 . 5/2/2012
Thank you for the update! Been waiting for so long!

Too bad its not erotic, I really want it to be (Pervert Face) lol.

Anyway, I just want you to update this story, its one of my favorite after all!

PLEASE MORE LEMON (Pervert Face again.)

Keèp up the goood work.
VirusChris chapter 48 . 5/2/2012
Yipyip hooray! Another chapter is out and it indeed has been awhile!

I'll admit, I thought the first part they were actually doing it! But I did thought it was strange that you used "tool" in that sentence and I was thinking, it must be something else but the following lines really stumped me! It's cute that Ikuto was brushing Flandre's teeth like that, albeit very strange like.

Now the actually scene when they do it, I'm a little surprised Flandre did that using her vampire powers to force Ikuto to compel. Seeing the "darker" side of Flandre was a little creepy, but the sweet side she had to convince Ikuto to join her in bed was adorable, and I wish it was a much more sweeter situation between the two with Flandre's innocent side. Where did she learn to do all that if it's her first time? Patchouli's books, if she has such a thing... I mean she has thousands of books in her library so it's possible.

And guro mention... ugh, I know what it is and don't understand why people are interesting in that. Down right, disgusting if you asked me! I only imagined the bloody part around that area, just a little bit more blood than usually.

It was a short, but sweet X chapter. I understand why you did what you did here, but it's a little weird though. I look forward to the Sakuya and Meiling one next! Though if it's another X chapter or not, which I'm sure it's not going by what happened at the end there.

Hope to see more of your work in the future! I'm busying working on my other fanfic and drawing a picture of my character Chris Corona, and I'll show you the sketch when it's done!

This is VirusChris signing off! Good day to you sir!
Vanishing Trooper chapter 48 . 5/2/2012
Checks mail and finds this updated. Sweet!

X Chapter. Umm...

X Chapter featuring Flandre. Ummm...

It was an X Chapter so I wasn't really taking it all that seriously but...that wasn't nearly as good as any of the others. What happened? That was seriously not up to your usual quality.

Here's to hoping you come back in form for the next one. Keep writing bro.
Patcheresu chapter 48 . 5/2/2012
Panties aren't common at all in Gensokyo. Most girls wear bloomers, which are cloth and puff out around the thighs, thus the name. Their like shorts. Only more risque. And generally white.

Fun Fact: People in Gensokyo don't eat much bread or don't eat it at all. Wheat is not native to Japan, though it can grow quite easily there.

Yes, yes I did think you started with the X. Happy? Grumble grumble troll grumble grumble

Saliva. Doesn't work. As lubrication. It sticks. It would bring a "weird" sensation to the skin so I can sorta see why that might work.

...That was the weirdest thing I have ever read.

Lemacon chapter 48 . 5/2/2012
Woah, you can read Japanese? I'm just starting on kanji. XD

Anyway, ugh, I saw that toothbrush scene before...but fell for it anyway. Despite being relatively young, I do know about Guro and...-sighs- Well, Horai Ninshin was my "introduction" to some of the grosser Japanese fetishes out there. No offense, but this kinda squicked me a little.

I can't really say anything but...(_;) That was pretty damn weird.
Noble Endeavor chapter 47 . 4/11/2012
Interesting! I read this Story for a while, gonna rate 10/10.

Nice plotting, same as Fan Service(lol) keep up the work! )
MaelstormCaT chapter 47 . 4/4/2012
Hm... well... I don't see any problem with this chapter

Interesting character reaction, though I can't help but to think that you bend the character personality a bit.

anyway. I posted my own touhou story on ffn. I think it's pretty good. please take a look at it and review it so I can make it better.
coralcobra chapter 47 . 4/1/2012
Non-stop reading of 47 chapters, and I'm done!

I have to say, your story really impressed me, as your writing style is unique and entertaining. You do seem to know quite a lot of stuff, evidently when you slide them into the stories and explaining them at the bottom of each chapter.

Ikuto's personality is refreshing and this is the first time I've come across someone like him. The Keyblade reference (and their respective abilities) is also interesting. I absolutely love Ikuto's monologue, especially the more comical ones. The only thing I dislike about him is that he seems a litttle too perfect, and how girls fall for him so easily. Or maybe I'm just jealous.

Next, the characters. You make them near perfect, if I may say so myself. The way they speak matches with their character, and one of my favorite is Iku. Repeating what she says makes me feel more refined already.

Other than that, the way you work your way around the intricate plot and give cliffhangers caused me to be unable to stop reading it, seriously. The subtle hints you occasionally give works really well, too. You are such an inspiration to read, and your ideas seem to be endless!

However, you tend to focus too much on what happens at hand and not at the surroundings. It might be just me, but that somehow puts me off. Your description when Ikuto's fighting somebody can be a little messy at times. Your character developments also needs some improving in which you need to draw out more interactions with each of the character equally, kinda like Komachi. I might sound a little biased, but as you say, "This is your story".

Keep up the good work, and looking forward to the next chapter!
AntarcticTiger chapter 47 . 3/15/2012
Nice to see you back.

Reading this chapter in general made me want to reread the end of chapter 39. :(
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