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EEnE Guest chapter 18 . 4/9
(continued from earlier, since I ran out of space on the last one...)
us how they affect and hurt other people, and giving us a believable alternate ending to Ed, Edd n Eddy, even if it is darker than what people would usually expect from the show. Of course, the best part is that the story makes it clear that for all their many faults, the Eds do genuinely love each other and are always there for each other no matter what. And that, is the most inspiring and heartwarming part of the story, and by extension, the series itself. "It was just Ed, Edd n Eddy." (Indeed.)

Bravo, Scary Spikender! Thanks for giving us this awesome story! I also hope you're doing well for yourself, and I wish you the best of luck, whatever you might be up to now!

P.S. Wow, that was quite a lot of stuff that I wrote! Sorry for the LOOOOOOOOONG review, there was just quite a lot that I had to say here, so I just had to let it out! Sorry if it takes you a long time to read through all this! Admittedly, I could have not written so much stuff while posting my review, but I figured that since a lot of other reviewers seem to be leaving longer reviews while giving their thoughts on the story, I figured that I might as well join in on it. Apparently, I wrote way too many words for them all to fit in the review space. Oh well. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy reading through it anyway.

P.P.S. Of course, all this is just my personal opinion. So feel free to take it with a grain of salt, because admittedly, I might be a bit biased. And of course, if you disagree with me in any way, that's perfectly fine. But if you're gonna attack me for it, then kindly go fuck yourself.
EEnE Guest chapter 18 . 4/9
Wow. Just wow. Holy crap, this is, without a doubt, the darkest Ed, Edd n Eddy fanfic I have ever read, and I FRIGGIN LOVE IT! This story is definitely my favorite EEnE fanfic out there, and as of now, it's my personal headcanon for what would've happened to everybody if the Big Picture Show didn't happen. It is a phenomenal and insightful deconstruction of Ed, Edd n Eddy, as we get a look into the heads of every single character, and see what they are thinking, and the reasons for their behaviors, whether they were the Eds, the other kids, or the Kankers. Plus, the story goes into depth into the relationships between each character, with more complexity than is shown in the actual series. Not only that, but we also get to see what would've eventually happened to everybody if the Big Picture Show never all of this is done while still keeping everybody in-character. This story is so good that I actually consider it to be (semi-)CANON for the reasons I stated above. Ah, fuck it, I'm gonna say it, this is EVEN BETTER than the Big Picture Show.

On a side note though, while some people have said that this story was a little too dark for EEnE, I respectfully disagree. The truth is that Ed, Edd n Eddy has actually always been a really dark and sad show; people can talk about the Eds (especially Eddy) being scammers all they want, but once you really get past that fact, and the light-heartedness and the cartoonish humor, you realize how dark the series actually is, from the themes of bullying, abusive/neglectful families (let's face it, the Eds' families SUCK), stalking and sexual harassment (from the Kankers), adults that either don't know about any of the abuse that the Eds always have to suffer through, or don't care enough to try and help them, or both (all of which sadly happens to bullying victims in real life all too often), and the (admittedly subtle) fact that the Eds have NOBODY to trust outside of themselves and each other. Combine all that together, and you have a show that turns out to be MUCH SADDER, DARKER, AND MORE SERIOUS than it looks on the surface. Not only, but all these problems that I listed above, all of which the Eds have to deal with every single day, HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE ALL THE TIME. And all those themes are situations that a lot of people that have also suffered from; they are situations that a lot of people can relate to, even if they're not troublemakers. Unsurprisingly, all this cosmically unfair bullshit has not only left the Eds damaged and screwed up, but also made it so that it was almost impossible for them to be accepted by society.
That is the sad truth of the series; the Eds are the way they are, and do the stuff that they do, because the terrifyingly cruel and hateful world they lived in ACTUALLY MADE THEM THAT WAY.

All that Scary Spikender did was simply to have the story of EEnE drop the comedy, and show certain things in the show for how dark they really are, and how inhumane it would actually be to be in the Eds' shoes. (the "...heartache and suffering..." line in Ch. 17 pretty much sums it up.)

Plus, the movie had CHILD ABUSE for God's sake; remember the scene with Eddy's Brother? Remember when Bro not only brutalized Eddy, his OWN KID BROTHER, but gleefully admitted that this was what he had done to Eddy while he was still living at home with him? Plus, he did also seem to dish out psychological abuse on the poor kid. ("I thought you wanted to hang with your hero," while giving Eddy a sadistic smile, anyone?) Then, he also beat up Double-D, showing that he had no problems doing the same to everybody else smaller and weaker than him? And plus, the scene explained a lot of why Eddy himself was so screwed up, and all that is pretty dark stuff, even for a sadist show like Ed, Edd n Eddy. Let's face it, there are a lot of kids out there who were, and still are, in the same place as Eddy even today. (Hell, I have a friend IRL who has had such a hard life that he could give the Eds a run for their money! He's doing better now, but his life is still not exactly paradise. But anyway...)

None of this is actually a bad thing, though. If anything, it all actually makes the show a LOT more unique and more interesting to watch, especially for a cartoon like Ed, Edd n Eddy; who would've thought that a slapstick cartoon could be so much deeper and much more complex than it looks at first glance? And personally, I enjoy dark comedies that turn out to be more profound than they seem to look.
That being said, one thing that I NEVER liked about the show was how the series would actually try to justify everybody else's abuse/neglect/bullying of the Eds. I mean, granted, the Eds are not exactly saints, they do bring their own misfortunes on themselves half of the time, and admittedly, they were not exactly helping things with their various shenanigans. But let's face it: nobody else in the show is morally any better than the Eds. The other cul-de-sac kids have no problems bullying and busing the Eds, even if they're not doing anything wrong. For one, Sarah is a spoiled brat who flat-out abuses Ed, and gets away with it because she's the favorite child; frankly, she would've been that way, with or without the stuff that the Eds do. Kevin is an arrogant little asshole who has no problems bullying the Eds (especially his arch-rival, Eddy) even when they do nothing wrong, just so he could satisfy his own ego. Now granted, the other kids are not entirely 'bad,' just like the Eds are not all 'good'; the other kids DO have their fair share of good moments and their own redeemable traits (Sarah's genuine care for Jimmy), but it's impossible for me to ignore the mean-spirited moments they had towards the Eds. And there's so many of them in the show, not to mention having them all be somewhat in-character for the kids, that I personally can't bring myself to shrug it off as "hero antagonists that were badly written."

And the Kankers? Let's face it, they are slimeballs, even if they are kids. They're scumbags, (yes, even May, whom the fandom treats as the sweetest and most innocent/adorkable out of the three, which makes me laugh every time people say she is) and unless they change for the better and become kinder, more respectable people, the Eds are pretty much better off without them. I mean, in this story, they happily cross over the Moral Event Horizon, and into Complete Monster territory. Their only real positive/honorable quality is that they do genuinely love and care for each other, and their mother, but that does NOT count as a redeeming quality when they accept each other as sadistic, unrepentant rapists who have no problems with raping and even trying to kill their poor victims. You know they're irredeemably evil when Eddy would rather take his chances with even his abusive brother than to face them again. Of course, as bad as they were in the series, at least the show didn't try to portray them as misunderstood good guys who did nothing wrong, and made it clear that what they do to the Eds is bad. (Both of these facts are what a LOT of people in this fandom unfortunately fail to realize, because either they're in denial, or they're too out of touch to realize that this mode of thought is not even remotely true. Either way, they need a reality check.)

In fact, I always had the feeling that the Eds would have been bullied outcasts, with or without their scams, pranks, and general hijinks. Why? I'll try to explain below.

Playing the abuse of the Eds for laughs is one thing. But punishing/condemning the Eds for their misdeeds while giving everyone else a pass for abusing them? And then trying to portray said antagonists as justified or even the "heroes"? Yeah, sorry, but I'm not buying it. Even though I love EEnE, and i always will, that part of the show NEVER sat well with me. (It was actually why I couldn't take the BPS's "Don't be a jerk" moral completely seriously-it doesn't really work if everybody else is rewarded for being assholes themselves.) Thankfully, this story not only manages to make it so the kids and the Kankers not only have darker and pettier reasons for hating/abusing the Eds-none of which are the Eds' fault-but is also written well enough so that said darker motivations actually fit into their personalities, and make total sense. I believe a previous reviewer said it best when he said, "I had always thought the other kids' hatred of the Eds was simply out of annoyance for their scams and hijinks, which is why they were so quick to forgive in the movie. However, I realize now that the show has dropped hints of much darker motives and undertones throughout, and you pulled those out and worked with them magnificently." My thoughts are pretty much the same as that guy. I had always felt that the everybody else's hatred of the Eds also stemmed from more personal issues and insecurities. Their reasons for their behaviors, and the horrifying lengths that they go to destroy the Eds, can be described as petty at best, and downright evil at worst.
Plus, the story makes it clear that, no matter what their reasons are, the stuff that they do to the Eds is WRONG, even if the trio themselves are big-time troublemakers. Even when they try to rationalize and justify it themselves, it is still wrong no matter how they look at it.

Whoo, that was a long rant. My review turned into more of a criticism of the show, than this story. And plus, other reviewers have already said every other criticism and every good thing about this story, (like how even Double-D's faults are not only shown, but also turned and exploited against him) So I'll wrap it up: as good as the Big Picture Show was, I actually prefer this story for the reasons that I stated above. It fixes the issues that I had with the show, treats subjects like bullying, domestic abuse, ostracization from peers, sexual harassment, and even rape in an honest and respectful manner while pulling no punches reminding
Svane Vulfbad chapter 18 . 1/21
Nothing I can say about this has not already been said, and better than I can say it. So I will keep this semi-brief: I feel that the epilogue was missing some important details, I wanted to know what Edd was doing, how he is coping after everything, and how much prison and the situation had changed him, if at all. Despite that, I love how Edd's words are remembered in the last scene, that was an exemplary way to end the epilogue, and this story. I walked into this expecting half-baked edgy shit where everyone wants to murder the Eds, and it just shows as much graphic content as humanly possible, if I may be honest. I found this on TVTrope's Darkfic page, and most of the other stuff I'd seen on there, is just that.

But to my pleasant surprise, this was one of the best stories I'd read on here in a long time. It really was, everyone was in-character but darker, their plotting was handled so well, I was genuinely kept up late at night waiting to see what happened next, and the bombshell hit hard when it was dropped. The ending was also the best I'd seen for any story I'd read on here, endings can make or break stories in my opinion, and this one seriously made the story one of my favorites. 10/10, almost no grammatical errors, well-crafted, and brilliantly written, you deserve a commendation for such an amazing story. I'm glad I decided to look at Fanfiction for one of my favorite series when I was younger, this had the writing quality of a best-selling novel.

Khorne gets all da bitches, and all da skulls,

-Svane Vulfbad
TNO chapter 18 . 8/5/2016
Great fic. But IMO last chapter is incomplete. It lacks the description how other Eds are dong (Edd after being released, and Eddy during his sentence).
Otherwise very cool
Random Reviewer chapter 18 . 6/5/2016
I know I'm really late, and you probably wine read this, but...
What the actual Hell?
This was one of the best pieces of fanfiction I have ever read! Like, honestly. You have SERIOUS talent. It was beautifully written, and the perspective of all the characters was so intelligently thought out and very, very meaningful. I love this show, but, surprisingly, you making the characters in it that I love so much, SO miserable, didn't make me dislike it. I honestly felt like crying when I read this. And everytime a chapter ended, I was desperate to read more! It was clever, ambitious, wonderfully written, deep, honest, shocking, understanding and caring. The characters were all so ON character, which is so strange, giving the whole plot and adult theme... It's so hard to keep characters in character when they're usually all goofy and cartoon-y, and then put in a miserable tale filled with death, swearing, rape, violence and things like that... But you mastered it so, so, so, so well that it sort of feels like someone who actually worked for EENE did it. It's SO fantastic. You are extremely gifted. I'm definitely going to read this amazing piece of literature again. It's just... GAH! It's wonderful. Really. You're amazing, seriously. This isn't just one of the best Fanfics out there; it's probably THE best Ed, Edd n Eddy fanfiction... Like, ever. Although it had a sad ending (and beginning and end, heh), it was thoroughly enjoyable to read. Apsoloutely amazing. Well done. Well fucking done. Thank you for reading this (if you did), and thank you for letting us all experience your phenomenal work. I feel honoured that I read this. Thank you for making it. Thank you.
(You should seriously consider becoming a professional writer and publish stories and stuff, because you'd seriously go far!)
The Book of Eli chapter 18 . 2/15/2016
Damn that was deep and fucked up. I must say this was good.
Luciu Splendente chapter 18 . 7/20/2015

Hi Scary Spikender,

Like many others, I've come here thanks to the recommendation page on TV Tropes. That said page has disappointed me a couple of times already, but due to the intriguing summary and my love of dark fics, I chose to read this. Boy, am I glad I did! It's certainly amongst the 10% worth sacrificing a jawbreaker for! ;) This was a fantastic story, and in my opinion, one of the best- if not, THE best- Ed, Edd n Eddy fic I've ever read at this point in time. I'm honestly surprised this didn't get more attention. Your talent in writing is obvious, and I really enjoyed your writing style. This is a brilliant deconstruction, not to mention a compelling insight into what may happen if the movie's events didn't occur.

That all being said, this story does have some flaws, though in my opinion, none of them are large enough to demolish the story or totally ruin my enjoyment.

Firstly, to address some issues with spelling I've noticed. While the story overall maintained a high standard of quality in regards to spelling and grammar, there were some recurring errors. They mostly had to do with confusion arising due to homophones or words with a very similar spelling. Some examples are:
~ Chapter 3: "it's" instead of "its"
~ Chapter 4: "their" instead of "there"
~ Chapter 11: "scotch-free" instead of "scot-free"
~ Chapter 13: "foul" instead of "fowl"
~ Can't recall specific chapters, but I spotted "wreck" instead of "wreak" and "bare" instead of "bear"

I'm largely with Key and Lock in regards to the epilogue- it's written well and is very emotional, but I'm not sure if I find all the events believable. If I've misinterpreted anything, I apologise in advance. I'm no legal expert plus the details would differ from state-to-state. Anyway, I realise Eddy confessed, which would pretty much shut this case as quickly as it opened. However, would the courts/jury really sentence Eddy, a minor, to death? I am aware of 16~17-year-old offenders that have been executed or are on death row. However, their crimes typically include multiple homicides or are rape-homicides committed in cold blood and from my understanding, DO NOT involve self-defence.

Of course, there is no doubt that Eddy, or at the very least, one of the Eds, had killed all three Kankers. That being said, after it was clearly established to the court about what transpired in the lead-up to the event, the argument shouldn't have been as black-and-white as "who shot who and who has to pay for it", but should have been about whether the homicide was justifiable or not, and if so, what is the suitable punishment. Like Key and Lock mentioned, there is SO much evidence to support a justifiable homicide: Eddy's confession should perhaps have been scrutinised as he had credible reasons to fudge the truth (to defend Edd and Ed), a toxicology report should have found drugs in their system, they were assaulted to varying degrees (Eddy was even STABBED before any of the girls were shot), the Eds' motives and they themselves are very sympathetic, in addition to the Kankers being totally unsympathetic, just to name a few points. While Edd's conviction makes some sense, it baffles me that they convicted Eddy so harshly.

Yes, perhaps the jury doesn't want them to get off without any kind of retribution for causing the deaths of three people and, yes, if this was a high-profile case, perhaps some pressure was applied to make sure somebody got convicted of something. The leniency that was displayed on Ed is somewhat unbelievable IMO as well, as you'd need a pyschological evaluation to determine Ed's IQ and it would have to be at the point of what is considered legal retardation (or lower). For the most part, canon supports Ed being stupid, but I honestly doubt he's literally a retard. This is perhaps our difference in interpreting Ed.

Those two points are probably the only real critique I want to address. So now, the things I loved about this story, which are numerous, but I'll just mention a few to prevent exceeding the character count. First of all, you did an excellent job with building the dark, foreboding atmosphere and tone of your story. To begin with, the title, the summary (in spite of the hopeful part about "trying to solve their problems", which only serve to heighten the tragic aspect more) and even the genres you selected already instill the reader with a sense of dread. We know that this all is very likely to not end well, and failure is seemingly inevitable... and the readers are totally correct.

The sense of dread and encroaching tragedy is built skillfully on a chapter-by-chapter basis, and as one reviewer aptly put it, it really was like waiting for a bomb to go off. Most of the characters are filled with so much hate, rage, self-loathing and/or mental imbalances. Rather than looking into themselves, trying to accept their own faults or try to solve their issues, they continually look for others (read: the Eds) to blame for their own misfortunes and shortcomings, and worse, are quick to turn to the cheap, temporary and shallow satisfaction of revenge. While most of the CDS kids lack proper authoritative influence (or otherwise, parents that have a God damn clue what's going on in their kids' lives), the Kankers stand out as being believably portrayed to have their antisocial behaviour escalating, as nobody makes them accountable for their actions. They were probably raised with very little positive influence, and are neglected or plain undisciplined.

Speaking of the kids, the characters were written beautifully and remained in-character in spite of the darker interpretations. While exaggerated for dramatic effect, I could definitely see them go in this direction- particularly the Kankers. I also want to note that Double D's flaws were not only portrayed, but wonderfully turned against him. Too many writers (read: Double D's brain-dead fangirls) outright ignore his flaws, and turn him into an angel that can do or cause no wrong. While some have voiced disbelief that Double D would fall for the other kids' lies, I disagree. I think his naivete, kind-hearted and innocent nature would open him up for this kind of development. The characters themselves even utilise Double D's shortcomings to (tragically) great effect.

The ending of the story, Chapter 17, is amongst THE BEST FanFiction endings I have ever read, period... and I've been on FanFiction for a VERY long time- around 10 years. Dramatic, emotional and tragic, in concert with the brilliant writing, made "The Reckoning" so beautiful and powerful. It's a brilliant ending befitting a brilliant story. I find most endings to be lacklustre or "wanting", but not this one. So much tragedy and regret hangs in the atmosphere, but the heart-warming expression of genuine love between friends at the very end makes this the loveliest bittersweet ending I've ever encountered in fan fiction. Plus the epilogue, though flawed as I have previously addressed, cranks up the bittersweetness.

Again, I really, really enjoyed this story. Thank you very much for writing this brilliant story, and the best of luck for your future works.
The Prophet Of Lies chapter 18 . 6/8/2015
What can I say a well written and fun read thats for sure. I bingged for hours to finish in one sitting and besides some minor plot flaws and how much hate these kids have I could see it. Good job.
Guest chapter 18 . 5/2/2015
that was intense.
Guest chapter 13 . 5/2/2015
Even though your perspective towards the characters of ed,edd n eddy are different from the cannon its kind of amazing how you had such a deep view of the kanker sisters or ed and eddy in the cannon the kankers were deluding themselves into thinking the eds liked them and Ed didn't really think much but from yours perspective you can see how much pain the kankers are really in and how eddy is so emotional about his whole ordeal.
Guest chapter 12 . 5/2/2015
I've only read up to chapter 12 but this fanfic of ed,edd n eddy is really good. Its like a different dimension where the picture show never happened and its like I can feel how oblivious Ed and Edd are and it just goes to show how clever the kanker sisters are. You have this amazing perspective on the kanker sisters and Sarah.
Pyromania101 chapter 18 . 3/2/2015
I wept when I read this. This story is just magnificent, a true magnum opus. And it made me wonder about exactly which company Ed is working for. Is he the series' in-universe Antonucci, doing the animation and stories for a show about his childhood? That would be so clever. This story just keeps getting better and better every time I read it. True masterpieces like this do not come around enough, and when they do, they need to be appreciated. Bravo, man! Bravo!
NinjaStar31696 chapter 18 . 2/21/2015
I will be honest I didn't like the ending cause it was sad. But it was very good story and it kept me hooked and I read this whole story in a few days. Good work
NemoChan320 chapter 18 . 12/4/2014
Omg...I am just at a loss for words at the moment...This was such a depressing and emotionally crippling story, but oh gosh, it was so well written and is just about one of the best fanfics I have ever read! I was just engaged and in suspense the whole time! The whole story was just so very well planned out and well executed. I wish I could see such high quality fics more often. I wish I could express better just how much love I have for your fic, but I am still recovering from the ending, it was so sad and bittersweet, and just very real honestly. Poor Eds never really caught a break, did they...?
The Rellik chapter 18 . 7/25/2014 fucking ruined my childhood!


...But on a serious note, this was by far the most entertaining fanfic of one of my most prized childhood tv shows. I...I just wished I didnt read it to save myself from the bitter ingenious that cultivated through my entire read of it..
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