Reviews for Tales of the Steward
Anon chapter 11 . 2/17/2014
If one can say such things of one's husband one is indeed lucky.
Anon chapter 9 . 2/17/2014
There much hope in this chapter though it speaks of a last ditch effort.
Anon chapter 8 . 2/17/2014
:) Sounds wonderful that Faramir found out that it was true that his father loved him. The Denethor you paint here is easier to understand than the one I have had in my head :)
Anon chapter 6 . 2/17/2014
:) This bits are just right length. You get a good understanding of Faramir but nothing is over explained.
Anon chapter 2 . 2/16/2014
Perhaps. Maybe Denethor actually was at some point humble enough to see his own place and worth.
PhyloxenaReads chapter 11 . 3/16/2013
This is so good. Unsentimental yet appreciative Faramir fics are thin on the ground, and well written are so few, I am so glad I found you again.
Quihi chapter 11 . 10/23/2012
POV change? And I wasn't sure who it was at first (but that might be just me). Anyway, that was EPIC! And awesome. And great. And so... emotional in its own way that worked really well. So, really, really good chapter. Thanks for updating again!
lindahoyland chapter 11 . 10/12/2012
You capture Faramir well. I liked this.
Quihi chapter 1 . 9/30/2012
I read the whole thing, but just returned here to comment. I really enjoyed reading about these little pieces of Faramir's life. I also liked your characterization of Faramir in these stories. Throughout, there might have been a few minor grammar errors, but very few. And in the story description, "grandson" should be plural. Just curious, there's already a lot of stories and there's no recent updates: Will there be any more chapters?
Nimloth9 chapter 10 . 3/27/2012
May Faramir live forever! If only he was not too selfless... Such is my fancy. :P Your characters are very well-written. Looking forward to the next chapter!
Darkover chapter 10 . 3/21/2012
Dear Itarille1: I loved this chapter, and enjoyed it just as thoroughly when reading it as a submission to the Teitho Challenge! You offer a very perceptive portrayal of both Faramir and Aragorn, as well as laying a realistic and admirable framework for their future relationship. Your portrayal of the other lords of Gondor, as well as of Mithrandir, were written with equal skill. Gandalf may have been featured only briefly, but I was thoroughly amused (and considered it completely in-character for him) when he told the new King and the Steward that he had nothing to ask them, he just knew they wanted to speak to each other, so get on with it! The secondary characters were equally convincing, as it makes considerable sense that everyone at this point would be wondering what this new King from the North will be like, and what his claim to the throne means for Gondor. The dialogue of this chapter is brilliant-you have a real talent for writing dialogue. This chapter was a fine submission to the Teitho contest, as all the Men present, especially Aragorn and Faramir, evinced their love of country. Thanks for writing and posting this. Sincerely, Darkover
lindahoyland chapter 9 . 1/28/2012
I just loved this chapter and the interaction between Faramir and Aragorn.
Darkover chapter 9 . 1/17/2012
Dear Itarille1: This is beautiful. The dialogue of this chapter is especially brilliant. You have portrayed Aragorn and Faramir just as Tolkien meant for them to be-as strong, smart, dedicated, determined men who respect each other, understand and sympathize with the position of the other, and are both determined to do the right thing. "They stood there face to face, with love and understanding in their eyes," is perhaps my favorite line of this chapter, as you indicated, without any sentimentality, the growth of their friendship. I also very much liked the final paragraphs in which you expressed the thoughts, feelings, and courage of the men of Gondor. IMHO this is the best chapter of this story so far, and that is saying something. Well done! Sincerely, Darkover
Darkover chapter 1 . 12/6/2011
Dear Itarille1: I was writing a review of your most recent chapter, was just finishing it up, and unintentionally hit the wrong button, so that I ended up sending you a nearly-blank review. I apologize, and I'll try to do better this time. I hope you don't mind that I'm tacking this review on to the Prologue, as the FFN site seems convinced that I reviewed Chapter 8 already. Now that's settled, on to the review. You did your usual excellent job of characterization. This is definitely Faramir of the bookverse, and both Gandalf and Pippin were also well portrayed. The dialogue for Chapter 8 was especially well written. I was glad that Pippin helped Faramir to understand that it was indeed he, Faramir, that Denethor was concerned about at the last, and not the favored Boromir. Perhaps that would help Faramir to bear the burden of the realization that his father, mad or not, meant to burn him alive. I look forward to more chapters in this fine story. Thank you for writing and posting this. Sincerely, Darkover
Darkover chapter 8 . 12/6/2011
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