Reviews for Fireflies
The Fox Familiar chapter 1 . 9/20/2015
It’s a damn shame that the dude from OwlCity isn’t producing the soundtrack for this. I really can’t believe my eyes.

“Cybertronian programming was complicated” – Yet they have mating habits that sound a lot like a human female’s period. Okay...?

“Irresistibly attracted to car headlights” – I know where this is going. He’s going to get an e-boner when KO arrives.

Looks like he’s got a fetish for headlights. Why are the Vehicons drag racing in the Nemesis when they’d get punished for it? Take it down to Earth, for Christ’s sake.

“Does Starscream approve of you wasting fuel in your spare time?” – Does he tolerate Breakdown’s wet dreams when he’s supposed to be working? Besides, he’s being a bit of an asshole to them, isn’t he? Breakdown was actually one of the rare guys that were nice to the Vehicons. He’d likely tell them to take it somewhere else.

“Cocked his hips to the side, bracing a hand against them” – Female centrism. You know Soundwave is watching, right?

“Curls of pleasure” – Drink.

“Instinctive possessiveness” – This is what males do to females. Great to see the testosterone shining through, but it’s used in the wrong context.

“To anyone with the right programming it was a challenge and an assertion of his dominance” – Again, male trait. It’s what males do to females.

“Hummed with pleasure” – Drink. Also, do you realize the size differences between Knock Out and Breakdown? Breakdown is nearly twice his size. KO wouldn’t be pushing him anywhere.

“Partner’s thick thighs to grab his hips” – It’s not like you’re going to see any action, honey. Yeah, BD's something to look at, but he's not going to start getting a hard-on for you.

“Looking at drones like that when you know you belong to me” – Again, a male action towards a female.

“It was so hard for him to think” – Harder for the author to do it.

“A fire that one thing, one person, could put out” – Can I get a tray for all that cheese?

“Pleasurable as any caress” – Drink. So, tentacle porn?

“They cried out in pleasure” – Drink.

“An equally shaky Knock Out” – I read ‘skanky’ Knock Out, and I guess that is even more fitting.


Do you want to know why so many people favourite this? It’s not because it’s good. It’s because it’s got two things: sex, and hot robots. The sex itself was pretty bad; you mean to tell me their version of sex is tentacle porn, where cables connect in different parts of the body? That’s not really pleasurable; it’s just exchanging information. Plug inlet into outlet and you get a connection; it’s not going to make anybody’s dick rise. In this case, the robo-dick. Of course Breakdown, being the snorting idiot, takes his partner in the hall where everyone is watching and they won’t get punished for it. Calm your hormones. You’re not going to get awesome hall sex anytime soon. In any case, it’s good to see the Knock Out is the skank that initiates sex with anyone and everyone and has that ‘possessive’ streak, which just confirmed he was a dude protecting his chick – in this case, the ‘chick’ was Breakdown.

Breakdown apparently can’t control his e-boners and has a kink for headlights. Okay...? I’ve seen worse, actually. But it doesn’t change the fact that neither of them are –ahem- that sexual, if at all. Breakdown is clearly a masculine jock and KO is the preening doctor that’s not afraid to cut you up. Yet they can have awesome tentacle sex.

BTW – the one chick that congratulated you on writing ‘realistic sex’ is herself a rapist and paedophile. That’s right: she writes nothing but rape-porn fics and has an obscene fixation with underage characters, despite being a mother herself. So it’s not surprising to see that your audience is mainly made up of perverts that deserve to be castrated or locked away fifty feet underground.

What do I have to say about this? Run of the mill, uninteresting. Weird tentacle porn sex. Does Breakdown like popsicles? Because how’s a connector cable going to be nice to suck on? If he’s got moisture in there he’s not going to get a fun charge out of it. But I suppose this is what happens when you have uncreative fangirls that read too much shitty porn to do something better.

All I got was the OwlCity guy playing in the background. Really expected him to start narrating this.
Clockwork A chapter 1 . 7/7/2011
Breakdown likes boobs, heehee. *runs away laughing to my bunk* 3
Mahimomo chapter 1 . 5/22/2011
Oh you naughty, naught, Breakdown. :9
Now an Inactive Blog chapter 1 . 5/5/2011
.w. Wow... I never thought they would be THIS close, *Records it on camera, then goes back to base, grinning*
666CrescentMoonDemon666 chapter 1 . 4/26/2011
*whistles* Whew, I'm not gonna' lie, this is a pretty damn awesome concept.

I've never seen anyone interpret interfacing in such a way, and quite honestly your method makes A LOT more sense than the traditional "human" way which most other fics use. The use of wires meshing and combining rather than just blatantly adapted organic "mating" makes far more sense when taking into account the physiology of Cybertronians. I also REALLY love the way their two programs combined to form something that would be used in a protoform, as I've never come across anyone that actually bothered to go into any form of detail as to how protoforms are created and achieve the necessary programming for "life".

I am VERY glad to have come across this fic when I did, and I thank you dearly for coming up with this. Kudos to you, good friend. Kudos. :D

yamiishot chapter 1 . 4/24/2011
Ooh goodness I love these two X3
Glue Stick Gary chapter 1 . 4/20/2011
This is great! I loved every single minute of reading your oneshot _

I love the way you write Knockout and Breakdown, and the way you include the innerworkings of a transformers body. There's so much to explore and this story is great to explore some of it.

Good job :)