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vanitasu chapter 4 . 3/3/2015
Oh my god I know I'm late to the party but I just stayed up late investing myself in this story just to see it end on a cliffhanger! and it hasn't been updated in four years AAAAHHH I COULD CRY RIGHT NOW
Anyway I really like your writing style, I love the Blueyes thing (is he maybe talking to Sora? idk), I like this story a lot and it's gonna kill me if I never know what happens ;-;! there is no salvation for me now
Sarah chapter 4 . 9/15/2012
Hi I may be anonymous but I have to say that this story is wonderful. You wouldn't believe how scared I was in this chapter please write some more
tiredgirl chapter 4 . 6/21/2011
Ti:This story is great! I love the difference of the povs showing the story twists more dinamicly(sp fail) causing the story to be even up the good work.
acidic.wrath chapter 4 . 6/8/2011

i hate fuckin cliff hangers man!
k4ce chapter 4 . 5/22/2011
Haha, I'm so glad that you appreciated my comments :) I was actually doing it because I was trying that 'Review Revolution' thing? It's where you have to review everything you read. I quit that but I'm still pretty open in my comments and I'll review if I think that a story really deserves it. And yours does!

I'm glad to have that 'Blueyes' thing figured out, and well, if I'm giving you ideas then I'm flattered, that's so nice to hear :D

I like All Time Low :) Their song 'Jasey Rae' (I'm not sure if that's how it's spelled) is my favourite.

Vanitas' trail of consciousness is fantastically written as always, I never get over how emotional he is in this story, it's just so refreshing when compared to who he is in Birth By Sleep.

I still love her personality (Nam I mean) I always love it when people make her catty and generally a person that can stand up for herself.

Oh God, how embarrassing for Namine! That is so adorable! Fantastic idea, it took my sleep addled brain a little bit of time to process the idea but once it did it warmed my heart.

Gosh, some people can be so rude. I hope that snarky girl gets what's coming to her.

Larxene seems a little more OOC than normal, it's cute and all, it's just a little hard to imagine. I can imagine her trying to comfort someone and making them cry harder. It's a wonderful little scene though. Pfft, Larxene's insane.

Oh God, poor Ienzo! I can't believe Seifer, unfortunately I was reading some FFVIII fanfiction and was just starting to gain a little respect for him and then I read something like this. It's really sad how my opinions waver to and fro like this. I like him better when he's older. Now I have this bad image of Seifer beating up an eight year old *shudders*. It sounds horrific, nice job.

Oh bleugh, stupid me. I just found out what the -VR- as the line breaker was for. I've been wanting to ask, but what does Violin Red mean in the story? Is it a spur of the moment thing, or does it actually mean something that we'll see later in the story?

Amazing job of building up the tension! I keep on waiting for the specific line that's going to make me snap. I can't wait to see what happens!
caitlinkeitorin chapter 4 . 5/21/2011
XD you can just call me caitlin if you want. you're on your own with the nickname though. never really gone by one. but there's a first time for everything 8D

oh gosh, no, that's not what i meant! i usually make a point of turning my inner spell-check on when reading, so i can point things out if needed. like you'll see here in a second. i wasn't trying to say you make a lot of mistakes or anything. because you don't :D

When I came across a corridor I'd already walking along, I stopped. -er, something's not quite right here O.o

"don't be so vain. She hasn't got a clue who you are." -Don't

"s'alright, kidlet. Atta girl." -i think the 'first letter of a sentence needs to be capitalized' rule still applies here

I jerked backwards involuntarily on a lightening-sharp jolt of adrenaline, thinking maybe Seifer had changed his mind and come back for round two, thus I should probably do something about being stood in plain sight. -lol, 'being stood' sounds strange. how about just 'standing'?



my brain is mad at you right now. never has been fond of cliff hangers. you're gonna need to update soon...otherwise i can't be held responsible for any acts of violence done towards you by it.


btw, i still love the pretty Blueyes things. this one especially was awesome :DD
k4ce chapter 3 . 5/18/2011
Poor Vanitas, he sounds really hung up about what he said to her, why does he act like this? Why is his dialogue so longing? I really want to find out, it's really heartbreaking.

Oh whoops, maybe I had it all wrong, is Naminé not 'blueyes?'

I'd really like to know who she is, but I'm alright with dramatic suspense, it's thrilling you know?

He's very mysterious, I can't wait to learn more about his back story. I like that you've given Olette a personality, she didn't seem to have much of one in KH2.

Naminé's school sounds really cool, is it based of yours? I wish I could get lost in my school, but it's so small I can draw it from memory.

An unlucky predicament, finding Vanitas in this music room. Very interesting. This scene is so awkward, not your writing, I assure you, it's amazing, but I actually felt sorry for both Naminé and Vanitas, it's such a horrible predicament to be in. And I really like how expressive Vanitas is, even when he's not saying anything at all.

Very nice how you didn't get hung up on the character details, normally that seems to bore the reader if you're describing a whole group, so this was done in exemplary style.

That's pretty cool, I wasn't expecting that kind of thing to be Vanitas' type. Actually, I never really envisioned Vanitas' type, he's such an enigma to me. (I don't know if I used that in the right context :P)He's actually a lot different than how I was presuming him to be, much more... approachable? That's probably it.

Oh my gosh, is Sora Vanitas' little brother or something? Blueyes is him right? That would make a little sense.

I am in love with this story, please continue it? :D
k4ce chapter 2 . 5/17/2011
I'm not very used to Vanitas/Naminé but I really like what you're coming up with.

Wow, that is a big family. Poor Naminé sounds a little pessimistic, it must be a hard life.

This writing sounds very casual, it makes me feel like I can relate, but my life isn't nearly as dramatic as some stories, thank goodness.

Wow, her life REALLY sucks, but that probably adds to the teenaged angst does it not?

Vanitas has an amazing effect on her, I wonder why? (I like to review while I'm reading so I don't miss anything out)

I actually like that Naminé is willing to accept her faults, and that's she's not overtly-nice like Squeenix makes her. But I did feel really sorry for Vanitas, I think he was showing a little vulnerability towards her and she just shoves him away. Poor Vani.

I love how she speaks about her family! There's absolutely no remorse in her words, it's adorable.

The banter between Olette and Naminé is comical and really easy, I like the flow of the conversation.

Aww, I like Leon :'(

Their family sound so bi-polar.

Vanitas' situation just makes my heart break, seriously, it's so sad. I hope things get better for him, even if it's only temporary relief.
k4ce chapter 1 . 5/17/2011
Owow, Sorry, you haven't updated in a while and I wasn't expecting something to pop up, let alone three chapters.

I love this kind of writing, it's emotive and really speaks to me. Makes me really feel what Vanitas is trying to express. These trains of thoughts are fantastic :P

I can't wait to understand Vanitas (I really hope it's Vanitas, if it' someone else I've been making a fool of myself) and the world that he lives in. It does sound really horrible.

Wow, who hurt him? She really did some damage.

Amazing introduction! I actually can't believe this doesn't have more views, I really like the way you write! It's inspiring and so creative :D
caitlinkeitorin chapter 3 . 5/14/2011
ok, so let me explain. i read this chapter yesterday, but had to leave before i got a chance to review. so. i'm currently trying to call as many details to the surface as i can to make this review actually WORTH something.

i remember laughing a lot. which is a good thing. i remember loving the interaction of the new trio with namine. i remember finding it kind of odd that EVERYONE (i think) had a nickname. there might be slight overuse of that idea. and...OH! i remember the king and i! XD this is particularly hilarious to me because my friend and i were JUST talking about that movie and the fact that she hasn't seen it, and my plan to fix her childhood deprivation of classic kid movies, and THAT SONG WAS STUCK IN MY HEAD FOR HOURS! o.x

...sorry about that.

i'm starting to get a better idea of where this is going. it's the beginning of the story so nothing's really happened yet. and i'm interested in finding out where sora is. *shifty eyes*

i cannot remember if there were any typos or anything. i'm not even completely sure i remembered to look in the first place D:

overall, i really did enjoy reading, and even if no one else bothers to review (which i think is unlikely) can you continue this story for me? :)

...i'll shut up now...
caitlinkeitorin chapter 2 . 5/1/2011
It sucks when all your friend's are merrily tootling around and your stuck waiting for the bus that's 15 minutes late.- friends

I could here the smirk.- hear

No one could here my thoughts.- hear again

"Sure, lollipop," I sighed.- i think lollipop should be capitalized, since it's just another way naming someone

Only you don't really get much of a chance in this business as an extra because breaks are short and normally you can't fucking find them before times up...- times needs an apostrophe


aww, nami, why must you be so mean to vani? ;_;

i'd still love to see where you're going with this, because i'm still not sure...but i don't think i'm supposed to be yet so it's all good
kobiee chapter 1 . 4/20/2011
I really really like this writing style, even if it's loosely based of someone else it's spectacular.

Your description is awesome, and I like how it's so emotive. I hope you don't loose interest in this story (I know what that feels like, and it's awful) because I'm looking forward to whatever else you can come up with.
caitlinkeitorin chapter 1 . 4/20/2011
O.o i don't get it. i really love the way you wrote it, and it's intriguing and all, but... i don't get it?

do you have a more...detailed description of what this is supposed to be about you could give me?

by the way, in "I think about catching it, but I don't want the moons kiss," moons should have have an apostrophe.