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Guest-sama chapter 1 . 1/4/2013
I would say that England was overreacting but then I would be lying.
I'm trying to imagine what this fanfiction would sound like to someone who had no knowledge of the show. We're a crazy bunch.
But man, I loved how France and Canada immediately knew that England and the Doctor were a package deal, and that America wouldn't be able to get on England's good side easily!
Awesome story!
Ember Hinote chapter 1 . 7/18/2012
America, I feel your pain.
mofalle chapter 1 . 5/16/2012
I feel your pain America, I have friends like England. Crazy people that tell me entire episodes when I don't care. In fact I linked this story to one of them, whining that omg there are more of you.
MelodyPondThe2nd chapter 1 . 3/18/2012
OMG! I love this! Very creative making different countries into characters. I have seen Doctor Who, and probably would kick someone out for calling it "crazy." :-) The only disagreement I have with this is the fact that most, if not all, of the characters are male. Couldn't you make 1 or 2 of them women? But please don't take offense. Overall, I LOVED this! Keep up the good work! :-D
frostneko chapter 1 . 7/8/2011
queen of the moment chapter 1 . 6/15/2011
*cracks up* I can just imagine America's confusion over Doctor Who. I'm somewhat new to DW myself (I discovered it maybe a month ago) & my first episode I saw was The Impossible Astronaut. I spent 2 hours (Day of the Moon was on after it)going "This is the weirdest show I've ever seen in my entire life" & "oh aren't you cute" every time they showed an alien. I did the latter just because my sister was scared of them & it bugged her that I wasn't. the former was entirely true but I ended up watching like 5 episodes that day. XD it's weird but for some reason I find myself enchanted. wow, this ended up just being me rambling so I'll get to the point! great story, I thought it was very amusing. :)
DaywalkerPistachio chapter 1 . 4/21/2011
Thank you for writing this.

This has made me so happy!


I kicked my friend out of the car for saying Doctor Who was stupid the other day.. :/
Brixland chapter 1 . 4/21/2011

but i threw my whole class out of teh class room after one guy said that the doctor is gay


still having to do detentions for locking the door behind them :)
LinedWithCharcoal chapter 1 . 4/20/2011
distiellover chapter 1 . 4/20/2011
I think I'm going to show my friend who is obssesd with Doctor Who this cause it's so funny! Brilliant job there! XD
CeilingNinja chapter 1 . 4/20/2011
ahahah, brilliant!

Panda Leaf chapter 1 . 4/20/2011
Lol poor America getting kicked outta Iggy's house

I've never watched Dr. Who personally, but if that's what it's about it seriously just got a LOT more interesting in my book :]
animefreak-fallenangel12 chapter 1 . 4/20/2011
gott, arthur sounds as bad as I am on saturday nights in this story, and Alfred definitely sounds like my friend addey is about doctor who... but she knows better than to insult it... she is not that much of an idgit
FANGIRL chapter 1 . 4/20/2011
Too scary for ya, Al?

I'm not surprised :P

I have watched Doctor Who, and this is histerical.

It would have been awesome if Al was afraid of The Doctor himself...

hehehe! My little sister is... O.O
Dave19941000 chapter 1 . 4/20/2011
It's funny because it's true, you don't insult Doctor Who. Can't wait for the new series this saterday.
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