Reviews for Doomspell IV: The Last Time
Tsuryuubi-chan chapter 1 . 5/30/2011
(Okay, I'd normally sign in to give reviews, but I forgot my password and FF won't send the email so I can reset it, so this will have to do :D)

Firstly, thank you for writing another Doomspell story. Despite being his most popular books, there aren't many in this section. I'm very tempted to go and re-read them now (actually I will once I've finished this reveiw)

Secondly, some constructive criticism. Your story is good, it does have promise, but it's a bit confusing (You do mean it to be so I'm letting that slide) and I do think you could use a bit more description. What does their flat look like, etc. I reckon just getting a beta will sort most of that out, to be honest. They'll know where to meddle into and make things better. (I'm available to beta if you can't find anyone else :D) In terms of grammar and spelling, I can't see any mistakes, though, which is amazingly good for most fanfiction.

Thirdly, please continue this story! I'm rather intrigued as to how it'll all play out, and this is honestly starting to make me want to write my own DS story (Haven't done that yet, although I did do a Silver Sequence story, which is, like, right at the end of this section btw) So please do continue, I anticipate your next update!

KM2000 chapter 1 . 4/25/2011
This story is good. I like it. It's great that someone's finally writing a Doomspell Fanfic. I've been waiting for ages for another story to be posted.

The summary is very intriguing and well written.

Update soon!