Reviews for This Curse to Bear
vigorouslydenyingeverything chapter 23 . 6/15
It got better.

I initially thought the start was a bit off and fast-paced considering, but I kept reading and it got better. This is my first Veela fic and in all fairness it wasn't bad. Good job and keep writing!
nimi2101 chapter 23 . 6/10
thanks a lot for this! its amazing and i might be a bit late, but its such a good idea. Almost as good as Rowling herself!:)
communistcrotchnazi chapter 23 . 5/24
I liked the way that you wrote Snape. It was perfect! So in Character
anonymous4060 chapter 23 . 5/9
Awesome. Love it. I can't wait for the rest of the story come out.
watergodposeidon chapter 1 . 5/5
love the story so far great job thx for writing this
tennisdiva15 chapter 10 . 4/12
malfoy with wings hahahaha I'm literally dying rn. that is smthg i would love to see hahaha
laelruin chapter 23 . 3/31
So dang sweet! I loved it. :) I like that it feels like they were all in character for the vast majority of it. Some of the Veela stuff through off Draco's character but that was to be expected, and it only really lasted for about a chapter.
Beautiful story and incredibly intriguing plot line.
Keep up the awesome writing!
cshen.julienne chapter 23 . 3/29
Love it :)
cshen.julienne chapter 3 . 3/29
I'm all about ready to hex Ginny after that undeserved yelling she gave her. But oh well, haha. I understand her frustrations yes. But then we're readers and we're kinda on Hermione's side on this one. Fun story to read, thanks!
MitsukaiYuki chapter 23 . 3/26
Whatever happened to Bill? I mean, you made his role a bit significant and yet you ended it like that. There’s not even one proof that the curse has really been broken! Overall, it was a nice read. Although that abrupt ending wasn’t really what I had expected.
YourVeryOwnRandomCatLady chapter 23 . 3/18
adorable! thanks for writing
Guest chapter 23 . 2/26
Exquisite story! Really nice. Do write a sequel
Esa-chan chapter 20 . 2/19
Does the character of Draco, really not like celery?I don't remember it. Because...
I think I may have found the real deal.(unfortunately he's not from Hogwarts)
Guest chapter 16 . 1/27
elsac2 chapter 23 . 1/20
very good twist to the vela story
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