Reviews for Strawberry Tops
Bryana Isabella chapter 1 . 4/12
Luv it, thnks dude n email me
Nokomi chapter 1 . 4/14/2016
WOW! Just... wow. You go dude! This is an amazing piece, better than most females I know could do. It's so good and the details are on point!
Jesseburnett chapter 1 . 3/19/2016
that would have been so much better if you didnt mention edward every other paragraph. you're like obsessed with him.
TinaF chapter 1 . 9/18/2015
Loved it!
Alice Cullen chapter 1 . 7/13/2015
Dude,I never thought a guy had the nerve to write something like this!Gross man!
Amber Esme Hermione chapter 1 . 12/30/2014
Sorry, "guy" I guess we female fan fiction writers assume that the rest of the fan fiction writers are female too. I love Esme/Bella and you blend the secret, the beauty, the passion, and love together intricately. I always liked think of Esme as a wonderful cook, but I guess you had to give her a flaw. She couldn't give Bella everything.

It would be interesting to see a companion piece that showed just how much Edward and Carlisle know, and what they think of the relationship.
mialynn.kilcherman chapter 1 . 6/16/2014
Nice i love it dude hey do u have a kik i do
eddiemax chapter 1 . 7/13/2013
Wow. This waz good. Never knew esme had it In her.
Quinntana2 chapter 1 . 5/12/2013
Outstanding job. Love this.
Mia14-15 chapter 1 . 3/27/2013
Ridiculously amazing, I love it :) And btw most ppl on here think its a girl that writes stories and most of the time it is, ur just an acception to the rule lol. Still love the story though guy or not :)
Benevolent Contradiction chapter 1 . 9/5/2012
You have no idea just how much respect I hold for you right now. You are godly, man. Your style of writing is...just so brilliant. It has a certain beauty to it that I don't think I've seen before.
MrsRobVanDam chapter 1 . 8/28/2012
for a guy, that was one sexy one-shot xx
letitbe54 chapter 1 . 8/9/2012
Very hot! It's nice to see something written by a guy :)
liberal4peace chapter 1 . 7/27/2012
I love Esme! Wonderfully written.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/7/2012
This is y I love Esme's beautiful boobies so much
Her nipples were like . . . well, like strawberry tops, without the little green leaves to cover them up. They were soft and pink and sweet. She took my head in her hands and guided me to her breasts, letting me touch her skin with my lips. I grew addicted to the taste of them, suckling her like her newborn baby must have done. I think that was why she liked it so much. I tried not to think of how many times she'd begged her husband to do this to her.
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