Reviews for Shattering Of The Silver Light
DesperadoDreamer chapter 100 . 10/2/2014
Excellent story! I didn't know i could fall in love with Xena and Gabrielle all over again and then some! Look forward to the next book!
TheDreamerofStories chapter 25 . 9/11/2014
O.o Err for me the chapter 24 and chapter 25 are the same. I am confused by that, otherwise I have enjoyed he story so far
Teshy chapter 100 . 12/24/2013
*grins* Magnificent job Silver! I had so much fun and lots of lost sleep reading this book. You have out done yourself and I am so glad you got me to read it. I will start on book two today after I get some sleep Lol. Thanks again and thank You so much!
Yumoto chapter 15 . 12/18/2013
That guest with the longest, most tedious comment ever is me. Forgot to login. Sorry!
Julie chapter 100 . 9/19/2013
I just loved your story! Great writing! Will there be more sequels/stories coming? I would love to read more! Please let me know. I will look forward to them! Thank you : )
Bexteron chapter 100 . 9/3/2013
N'aww, I love how easy and natural it is between Gabrielle and Xena now. Though there is titles and status between them, when they are together it's as if they shake them of to the bare people they are beneath it all, naked to one another emotionally (as well as physically ;D), and it makes me happy to think that they finally made it there after all they've been through together. It was hard but they can finally love. The love scene between them was both equal in passion and gentle love without being vulgar or over the top, and it showed their confidence and trust in one another. However, I can still sense Gabrielle's longing for her son. She wants to keep him safe, but now that she is the King - the real King - and she has found someone she loves completely, I feel she will want to complete the family image sooner or later. She's just scared. Her comments about her family too throughout the story makes me wonder if she will see them again and if they will accept her for everything she is.

The little scene with Iris with the kids kinda almost confirms for me what I think is going to happen in the sequel, especially after her talk with Quentin, but I won't ruin it for any other readers :P It's understandable that Iris will feel bonded to Sebantianos, but although she loves him as if he was her own she has to remember that he isn't and that one day, she will have to give him back. I like how the boy resembles Gabrielle and Damokles, but could still be passed off as Xena's son, too. Dark hair, green eyes? All he needs now is a compassionate personality but kick ass skills and a sprinkle of stubbornness and he could be both women's son xD we are. We've come to the end of a story, and a great story at that. From the beginning this has been a roller-coaster ride. With tensions rising and falling, death and life, secrets and truths being revealed, it has definitely made for a great read - one that had me waiting impatiently for the next installment every week. I love the new spin on my favourite fictional couple. The way you created a world and made it believable still makes me smile from pride. There has been so many stories but not as many whose story/plot stand out as much as ones like this and I feel honoured that you decided to share and treat us to this story. Thank you so much for this opportunity to read this, Silver. It really was brilliant and it still mesmerizes me how you were able to create and keep your own unique story without breaking away from your originality. I hope the best for you in the future and look forward to reading your sequel as well as other tales you may have, my friend.

- Bex
Bexteron chapter 99 . 9/3/2013
*phew* I'm so glad that Gabrielle is alright. I was really worried there for a second. After everything she has been through in this story I thought that maybe everything, her injuries etc was catching up to her. To find out that it was just her horns coming through, her true horns breaking out was a relief. Too bad that it came when it did though and left her in such a weak state. I felt like Xena. I just wanted to hold Gabby and tell her everything was alright. Their little talk later about Xena trying to encourage Gabby to look for her family and spill the secret of her hidden son was touching. I felt for them both. Gabrielle wants to keep her son safe, even if that mean not telling Xena (even if she already knows) about him. Xena just wants more for her. Gabrielle is keeping them away but maybe Xena can offer safety and security no one else had managed to promise. I can understand Gabrielle apprehension about her family. She thinks they will freak out when they find out that their daughter isn't really dead but actually a were-king. But maybe they won't? Only time will tell.
(Sorry about the late review. I've had soo much on in the past few months it was almost unbelievable DX)
Ghost420 chapter 24 . 8/26/2013
Omg . I'm so frustrated why is Xena acting/treating Gabrielle that way? Come now even the really old bad Xena had better manners then that. Lol
Bexteron chapter 98 . 6/26/2013
Well...this was certainly an exciting chapter. There's the whole development with Theodore. Who knew, huh? Still, I think this will be good for Gabrielle; knowing that there are other worshippers and that Xena is willing and able to change things with the worship of ancient gods will boost her popularity will the mi ority of people that still worship Gabby's goddess. However I can also see this having a negative effect, too. Those priests ain't gonna be too happy when Xena starts telling them what's-what and how things are gonna change :/ It was also great to see Gabby and Theodore getting along. He'll see werewolves in a whole new different light from now on, I that he knows they aren't slobbering beast that just rip your head off lol
Oh god, what's happening to Gabby? Everything was going fine and then *bam* Nose bleed and weakness. What kind of transformation is she going through that's affecting her so badly? I hope she'll be okay :(
Bexteron chapter 97 . 6/26/2013
This Theodore fellow seems a little bit of a stuck up git but I guess he'll change his tune once he's spoken with Gabrielle properly. I can't wait to see what happens. I love the sly smile Xena had when she left him with Gabby and then Gabby's kind of 'why me?' attitude to it. It's necessary though; he has this image of how werewolves are and it needs to change, a mission both Gabby and Xena hope to fulfill within the future. It's nice to see them falling into the routine of being in a relationship. It's cute :) Xena's reation when Theodore started presuming Gabby was just a fling was cool. You can feel the love she has for her jump of the page when she defends her.

Mmm, here's Lila. I was wondering a while back after she killed Talus when she was gonna pop up again. She's definitely not like the other versions of Lila you see in other fics. She's a killer and she seems to have a meanness to her that can leave her unpredictable. I'm on the fence about her at the moment. It's hard to tell if she's a friend or foe, but we'll see :) Great chapter, Silver :D
Bexteron chapter 96 . 6/24/2013
Aw man, I feel so bad about the family at the beginning. It was really cruel what Bastiaan did to them. They were lucky to escape. I had to admit, even though Gabrielle is the Hind and pretty much the salvation of her kind, Obelia's doubt towards her after everything thats happened is understandable, and after losing her husband she's going to be blind to everything at first. Good job she has a rational thinking brother. He's a good influence on them all. Hopefully they will reach Gabrielle and the Empress in time before Bastiaan and his men catch up with them D:
Speaking of them, Gabrielle and Xena are so cute together. They are certainly a lot more comfortable around one another which shows in how they are and how they can't drag themselves out of bed xD Gabrielle is still awkward about others seeing her body. I can understand; I get like that too. I don't know how casual they were about nudity exactly but maybe her attitude toward others seeing her is about her confidence? She is beautiful bit cant see it herself :( This Theodore sounds interesting - can't wait to see who he is and what he's like. Xena must really trust him to keep him :)
MsCrazybird chapter 100 . 6/22/2013
I just read this all...and it was wow!
Redmoon124 chapter 100 . 5/20/2013
Great Story. Wasn't sure when i first started reading if this was going to work at all. But the way you keep to the characters and the myths and legends behind the whole fantasy side of it totally work. it gripped me from start to finish. i spent all night reading until my eyes decided to quit on me, then first thing when i woke i was back into the ten chapters left. i do hope you continue and take this to the second level of the story. Pure genius in the way you combine myth and storytelling. The way you write creates a scene in the mind, perfect tapestry of vision. The scene where Gabrielle is mocked and confronted by her dead lover mounted in the great hall, was one of the most agonizing to read, yet at the same time held beauty in the picture created. Your words create paintings. Well Done! thank you for sharing your hobby. x
EnigmaticCrayon chapter 100 . 5/11/2013
Great story :) im hooked, whens the second book?
Bexteron chapter 95 . 4/19/2013
Ahhh! I can't stop grinning! This chapter was so full of cuteness! DX Seeing Demetrius and Thaleia together and being so open about their new relationship in front of Iona (even if they didn't have a choice because she walked in on them). It feels like the'y're so right for each other. I'm s glad Demetrius didn't remain oblivious forever...the dummy! XD Iona was just funny this chapter. The way she just came out with it and decided to bring the others into it because they were curious about Xena and Gabby was just hilarious to read. I could just imagine her eyes all wide, an excited smile on her face...ah. It's like being back at high school XD LOL
The little bit with Gabrielle and the bird was just lovely, and it also painted a really symbolic image about wildness, control, trust and love. The way the bird just sits there, unafraid of Gabby in her were-form was just awesome. Had to smile when she tried to call him back over and he wouldn't budge :) The little were-kiss was unexpected, but it was still kinda hot and sweet at the same time. Gabrielle's fears are unfounded...especially with Xena. Xena wants her to feel comfortable with both her forms and herself, mentally. Gabrielle is still lacking confidence...poor thing. They all love you, woman! XD
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