Reviews for Cats & Dogs: Blood of vengeance
Cat09 chapter 2 . 7/5/2012
You have to continue. I want to know what happens. Very good story.
H. Reilly chapter 2 . 12/23/2011

I really like what you've got so far, but it got cut off right before Butch and Diggs meet Bandit. What happened?
Tallstar07 chapter 2 . 10/30/2011
That was a good story, will you be writing more chapters? Please write more chapters.
AnthonyAngrywolf chapter 1 . 8/31/2011
I wish there were more cats & dogs stories!
Teresa Shade chapter 1 . 8/10/2011
Teresa Shade chapter 2 . 7/28/2011
really good chapter
Acejinjo chapter 2 . 4/28/2011
Love it. I'm wonder if this Bandit guy is gonna join or not. Oh well guess I'll have to wait and see.

From what I can see. This story gonna be great! I just wish there's more reviews knowing it's going to be an epic story!
Acejinjo chapter 1 . 4/21/2011
It's short alright but I'm very eager now to see what happens in this story! D