Reviews for Leave, Then Return Again
LightningxSquall chapter 14 . 8/8/2013
recommendation's in my name: Please? I mean, nothing against Prishe, but it's WHY I started reading these chapters in the first place! Not that your drabbles aren't satisfying; but, please? Pretty please with a Prishe on top?
Syc0ticEpis0de chapter 14 . 1/1/2013
Lots going on in this installment. I actually had to do a little backtracking to bring myself up to speed. Just to get this out of the way, Prishe and Squall's interaction really made the chapter, almost to a fault. I kept wanting to skip ahead and do away with all the buildup of the plot just to see what happens to (or with) them personally. That's just me, though. I can tell you're setting up for something bigger in the future.

All in all, I'm glad you're picking this up again. Can't wait to see what happens when Light and Squall see each other again...mostly because I want to see Prishe go nuts. I know they've established that 'just friends' bit, but its fun to see her juggle her emotions between liking him first, then bonking him on the head next. Sounds like textbook tsundere, but you make it feel fresh. Looking forward to what's in store.

Thien chapter 14 . 12/20/2012
Missed this so much! And despite forgetting a bunch of things from previous chapters, I think I enjoy this one best, so far. It has a little bit of everything and I love to see how many sides of Squall shine through in this chapter alone (Other!Squall... one hell of a manipulative bastard. Love it!)

I came out of this shipping Squall/Prishe even harder than before! Their scenes are GREAT, the relationship is not only cute, there's a bit of darkness and lots of depth there. Well done! And I admit at the moment, it's Ultimecia, not Lightning, that I'm more eager to see coming between them. Her mistaking Tifa for Rinoa is a nice detail.

This is going to be epic. Keep it up! :D
Riku Uzumaki chapter 14 . 12/18/2012
It's good to know that I'm not the only one that realizes that Rinoa and Tifa look eerily similar. Also, Prishe's slapstick comedy with Squall is hilarious.
denebtenoh chapter 2 . 9/25/2012
Lightning did have a knife, a very precious one at that, since both her protegés were, in a way, carved into the soul of the weapon. Didnt you know? because it was kinda hard to believe you didnt. Your caracterization of it was quite accurate!
Good job on Lightnings personality! so far youve matched it very brightly!
Genericrandom chapter 7 . 7/12/2012
So, I had to review at this point. While I like the premise and all of this story, I find parts of it to be utterly bull. Lighting was a Sargent, Squall was the Commander of SeeD. ...he was often apathetic and led far too much from the front but when it was time to get going, he lead no question. I see a lot of stories that are crossovers or things of that nature seem to downplay and ignore that fact. Sure, okay to an extent. Most of the time Squall didn't care to give orders, but he was also very, very bad at /taking/ order except from those he trusted and respected unless he was on a job. It's a very weak point of your characterization of him, in my opinion. Lightning's pretty spot on... which considering at the start of this at least (I don't know how much you've revised this mind) you said you hadn't played FFXIII actually speaks a lot of poor things about her character I suspect. That, or you're psychic and don't need to play the game to characterize her and just read people's minds for that. XD
Alexander - Godslayer chapter 13 . 6/25/2012
Okay, damn, been long without reviewing ya. Time to fix that.

Say what you will about Lightning being displeased that Prishe is winning fans over, ‘cause after this chapter, I’m sure Prishe is winning even more. XD

Now, the chapter was fine, and boy I’m glad to have some more of this fic after so long, but my one complaint is that, for as long as it is, it feels like very little actually happens. The scenes of Lightning, Vaan and Laguna are already known stuff, and in the ones of Squall, Prishe and Aerith, well… very little actually happens. They defeat the Ghost Train and Squall argues with it, but we don’t even GET to see what plan Squall has for the train.

That said, it’s really nice how you manage the relationship between Squall and Prishe. Also the way Squall is growing, realizing the consequences of his acts and its effect on others. Just hope he actually starts doing stuff to make Prishe happier now, like, you know, TELLING her his plan for a change.

There’s one other complain that I have and that is that, well… I know what you said before about you deciding to have the villains stronger, and I see it being portrayed around this chapter and others, with how Lightning couldn’t defeat Kuja, or Vaan apparently not standing a chance against Kefka, but to be honest, this whole thing is REALLY rubbing me the wrong way.

Let me explain, the thing is, we’ve seen the heroes do some AWESOME stuff. The ways the heroes have been shown defeating Manekins, or threats like the Phantom Train, or – one of my favorite examples – the fight between Squall and Kain, have established these characters as pure badass material. Awesome warriors, fighters that KNOW what to do against adversity, can think and act quickly through the fight, develop tactics against any odds, and deal with any problems that come. This is shown, this is established.

But with the villains? We’re shown nothing of their capability, but instead we’re just TOLD they are better without anything to justify it. We haven’t seen them do anything awesome. We’re just told that Lightning couldn’t match Kuja, the same way we’re just told that Garland defeated Prishe, and what little we see of the fight between Vaan and Kefka is pretty vague at best. And Ultimecia? Any time she’s come across Squall, the only thing she’s done is run away. Yet we, as readers, are expected to accept that they are just that much better than the heroes because we’re told to.

See WHY this is bugging me so much? I know you’re trying to raise the stakes here, but I’m finding it pretty cheap. Squall now fears Ultimecia, Kuja, Kefka and Garland… while, based on what’s seen, I’d find it more credible for Squall to mop the floor with all of them together than any of them holding any chance against him, Prishe, Lightning or Kain. And I know you brought some "Fate" explanation in one of your replies before, but… for someone like me, that thinks nothing of fate and believes that one forges their own destiny, that – again – just comes off as really cheap.

But… oh well, we’ll see how it goes. I’d just wish the plot moved a bit faster than this.

One little nitpick, though…

Famfrit? The hell? I was confused when reading that name already, and okay, I did my research and saw that there was a character known as "Famfrit, the Darkening Cloud"and even "Famfrit, the Cloud of Darkness" in the Japanese version, but COME ON! Those just aren’t the same characters! Why confuse your readers like this? At the VERY least you could explain it in author notes to avoid this alienation. Not everyone has played EVERY Final Fantasy out there. I know I got my share of lacks…

Well, anyway, moving on from LTRA, let’s try to cover your other fics, well, what I’ve read. I’ve noticed a lot of crossovers lately, but I don’t know the other half of them, so it’s not like I would really get much of it.

Anyway, I’ve been following with SCE, now… what the hell was the last I reviewed of it?

Okay, just to make sure, I’ll go from the 25th.

25) Tenderness: This one was both cute and interesting. The picture of the couple carrying their newborn daughter around sure is heartwarming, and interesting to see Squall – and Lightning by proxy – interested in learning a bit about Raine. I guess this was directly influential on the naming of their second daughter. I just wonder which of the two picked the name.

26) Aprons: …now I feel compelled to draw some things I just shouldn’t!

But okay, this chapter was really fun. XD

27) Poker Face: Okay, this one was hilarious, specially Lightning’s "Thank Etro!" then "Screw you, Etro!". Now, just when are we getting to see how that damn "special occasion" goes? You got all of your followers waiting. XD

28) Revenant Wings: Okay, this one… I actually skipped it, since I have yet to play Final Fantasy XII and learn about its characters.

29) Tradeoff: This one actually surprised me, being so deep and emotional. It’s the one chapter where I can’t see the characters being in-character at ALL, so I can’t help wondering if it could have been handled better, but that was a really interesting subject to touch upon.

30) Averia: Well, that’s ONE stubbornly annoying baby, I’ll say! XD

This was another hilarious chapter. That said, I’m… not sure if Squall’s idea by the end is one that would really work. But oh well, it was fun. XD

31) Force Your Way: Frankly, when reading this type of stuff… it really doesn’t seem to me like Lightning’s really being FAIR in the relationship. Far from it actually. Well, at least this chapter has her pretty much paying for all of it. The way Squall outsmarted her was really hilarious. XD

32) Training Montage: Hehe, always heard that sex IS a pretty good way to stay in shape. XD

Another funny chapter, even if mostly just by the end. Interesting seeing more characters appear, too. :D

33) Raine: Oh, Raine, you evil little brat! XD

Somehow, the first time I read it I hadn’t gotten its "punchline", to call it something, but now that I do, man, you gotta pity these parents. XD.

Alright… that’s with SCE… and I can’t help feeling I’m forgetting something. Just to be sure, did I ever give my review of "Colors of the Blooming Flower"? ‘cause that’s one I know I’ve read but can’t recall how long ago…

Oh well, I’ll better wrap up this review for now. I’m really, disturbingly tired at the present, and could use some rest.

Again, always glad to read your stuff, and looking forward for more. :D

Yours, "Everyday Calls for a Nap" Alexander/Alexlayer.

Thien chapter 13 . 6/21/2012
Wow. I really like how you touched upon Squall's abandonment issue here and how he thought he almost turned into a complete hypocrite on that front for the second time. It's interesting that this self-introspection, this how-everything-is-my-fault-or-how-to-make-it-my-fault-so-I-can-fix-it mindset we get from both Leon and Squall actually makes him one of the least hypocritical characters out there. He realizes when he's acting like one soon enough.

And this: "Did you spike its fuel or something?" Is it a jab I see in there? Like, "you know, like that one time you spiked my drink..." :P

Oh and just so you know, as we get to see more and more of Aerith, I'm thinking I'd really love it if you ever write a Leon fic. In fact, can I request a story where it's Leon instead of Squall in Dissidia world?

Finally, sorry Lightning, but I'm not jumping ship... yet. XD
Riku Uzumaki chapter 13 . 6/17/2012
Prishe has proven herself to be a true badass with how she managed to pound the ghostly daylights out of the Phantom Train!
Syc0ticEpis0de chapter 13 . 6/15/2012
Doomtrain! Whoa, that line Prishe dropped about Squall's life not being just his own. That struck a powerful cord, and the way it just built up like a geyser to finally letting feelings be made known. I like that Prishe has these sentiments for Squall, but rebels against them whenever Squall does something that simply does not please her. Its a brilliant, heartfelt dynamic, and you make it believable. I hope you continue this one for sure, even though you have a great deal keeping you busy!

Syc0ticEpis0de chapter 12 . 6/8/2012
Leaning heavily toward Prishe in this particular story. The way they butt heads (both literally and figuratively lol) is just such an entertaining, and thought provoking read. It's also refreshing, Prishe is a very untapped character, and it's nice to see her in the spotlight whenever possible. Looking forward to see how everything unfolds.
Reader lol chapter 12 . 5/30/2012
I've just found about this fic, I guess I started reading it around before yesterday or so.

I was looking for Farronhart shipping fanarts and google suddenly brought me here.

I haven't played duodecim yet (though I've watched some cutscenes)

I can honestly say that this is quite the piece of work.


And for that matter, I've came to find that you've paused this for quite some time D:

Please resume it, it's plainly awesome '
Alexander - Godslayer chapter 12 . 3/8/2012
Okay, let’s see if today I can cover… this fic’s latest chapter, the latest ones of SCE, and that crazy one-shot you call "Centerspace." U

AHEM! Alright, to start with LTRA, I’ll say, I’m so TOTALLY loving the interaction between Squall and Prishe lately! I really hope we get to see more and more and more of them. Hell, write a Squall/Prishe oneshot for a change, what with so many Squall/Lightning already thrown around. XD

I’m surprised at the inclusion of FF6’s Phantom Train as a character, and considering he’s showing up in Dissidia no less, I kinda wonder how relevant he is across all the universes. I also wonder if he REALLY means something bad with the whole “harvest” thing, or if it might actually be useful. Granted, could totally not be the case, but somehow I doubt you’d include him in the story merely as an antagonist (like we don’t have enough of those already)

And speaking of antagonist, I see you’re working in what you told me about portraying the warriors of Chaos as stronger than the ones of Cosmos, which shows in Lightning having to run away from Kuja. Personally… I really don’t think I like this change much, specially not if there’s something of a force of destiny at play here. And it doesn’t feel necessary to raise the stakes since the Manekins are being enough of a treat on itself. That in the games, the characters could fight villains one-on-one and still win and or hold their ground well enough added something to how badass they are that now feels kinda lost…

But well, overall I doubt that’s gonna be such a relevant change in the story. So I’ll let it slide for now and see what comes next.

Other than that, I can’t think of what else to say on this one for now. So let’s move on to SCE.

22) Sign of Love: I feel kinda lost with this one since it’s related to the crossover with PE, which – again – I haven’t read. U

Still, for what’s worth, it was an interesting bit of interaction and a funny way to show just how Lightning is when she cares. XD

23) Fortune: …

…yooouuuuuu! Just… AGH! The things you make me read! I mean, writing an erotic scene is one thing, but writing something like THIS! By dear Hyne and Etro, your Lightning is… PRIDEful in the oddest ways one could have dreams of… or nightmares…

In all seriousness, though? Teasing us with the orgy through this? Get the damn party written already before I decide to ride Shinryu over your house! (if only I knew where you live…)

24) Bargains: This one was actually pretty fun to read. Kinda wish there was a bit more of focus on Serah rather than just at the beginning and the end, like telling the entire scene more from her point of view and her reactions at everything Squall and Lightning do. Otherwise, it feels a bit repetitive in comparison to other chapters of this fic.

But oh well, it was still fun on its own.

Lastly there’s Centerspace… and I’m guessing your plotbunnies went a little bit crazy, uh? U

I’m not sure what to say of it. I mean, I GET most of what’s going on, but I can’t tell what point or goal is any of this reaching (which I guess should be expected seeing how even you don’t seem to know where any of this is going. U)

Whatever the case, it was interesting to see the grown up versions of the Leonhart twins, though I was left wondering if we were going to see any other character’s offspring, and kinda theorized the guy who apparently was the team’s medic would be revealed to be someone’s son. No idea whose, but still…

Dunno if that’s gonna go on or not, but if you keep it up, I’ll read it. Could also try to throw you some ideas in case you’re interested.

Well, that’s all I can think of saying for now. Really enjoying the stories, and always looking forward for more. Yeah, I know I still got plenty of you to read, but the truth is, I don’t think I’d have enough time in LIFE to read everything I want to read… not to mention everything I want to write, draw, review, or do something else for or about, or simply do. Besides, I get the impression some of your latest work is somehow involved with FFXIII-2, and I really want to play that game before getting anything spoiled…

But enough of that. AHEM! As always, thanks for writing and sharing these stories.

Hope to see more soon.

Yours, "Prude for Vanity" Alexander/Alexlayer.

See ya!
AdOkufukai chapter 12 . 3/4/2012
Great work! I've waiting for an update :D

With Squall and Prishe, it makes you think twice about who's the older one. XD A big LOL to Doomtrain the messenger as well XD
Thien chapter 12 . 2/25/2012
I kind of like how Lightning conceded that Vaan possessed as much power as anybody on their side. Though, the situation must have been a little too dire for her, enough to let slide his "I… won't laugh if you run, Light." XD

Onto the meat of this chapter. I still adore Prishe very, very much. Her banter with Squall is always fun to read, and I love how his insult turned from 'midget' to 'old hag'. Aerith also makes a lovely addition to their team. Glad she still has that effect on Squall, as she seems to always do on Leon. This trio reminds me of a scenario I would love to see written, where Squall is a reluctant member of team YuRiPa, either in their original form or KH's mini version. XD

There's a bit of a VIII plot here; I wonder if it connects to Ultimecia somehow... Oh, the Phantom Train making an appearance is awesome, too. Doomtrain and Phantom Train face-off eventually? 8D

Didn't have enough energy to try to deduce the whereabouts of the trio, sadly. Still, this chapter was greatly enjoyed, even if it took me 2 days to finish reading. It's getting better and better. Keep writing, mate!
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