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Artemis Acorn chapter 37 . 5/31/2011
Well, the homecoming at Roberta's parent's home was strange - welcomes from the servants, insults and challenges from her parents. It's a happy thing that she has a new place to call home now, and a new husband to be at home with, and a new generation to make a home for!

And what a welcome home. I thought it was splendid that Roberta dressed up because the people deserved a lovely mistress, and that little moment with Joseph and Joseph was interesting...

And the "Jelly Brand you can trust in" was GREAT! It may have been a bad pun, but it was a sweet dig at Gellibrand nonetheless!

And that Christmas present...hmmmm...that leaves the story off with an interesting visual image!

The story was so well done - you are just amazing!
Artemis Acorn chapter 36 . 5/31/2011
Delightful chapter! Your description of the city was fantastic, and painted the vision of it in my mind's eye so clearly.

And Gellibrand got away AGAIN? He is too lucky, and too bad for his run of luck to last. Somebody needs to nail this guy to the wall!

The bit at the end of the chapter comparing Roberta now to Roberta then was so effective - it made me do this mental montage of all that has happened, and the growth and maturation she has gone through. It was a very satisfying experience to consider her arc.

Artemis Acorn chapter 35 . 5/31/2011
"Sho' honey, the Good Lord can't mean to drown us when we has our new clo'es" said Amaryllis comfortingly if, as Roberta privately thought, irrelevantly.

This made me laugh. I had exactly the same thought the day I got on an airplane after I'd just been given a new freezer for free. 'The Lord won't let me die - I haven't filled up my freezer yet.'

Those are some fast-working seamstresses by the way - I wish I could sew-up a whole wardrobe lickety split. I'd get back into sewing!

'Being shot by bandits is one thing; being boiled to death is another thing. It gives me a whole new perspective on the feelings of crawfish.' - this is a great line!

This was my favorite line in the whole chapter though: "Douglas, I don't know that game" she said in a clear, cheerful voice "I never knew that it was allowed to make marks on the cards with fingernails, the gentleman with the burgundy coloured vest is much better at it than the other players, isn't he?"

Roberta is such a mischief-maker! LOL

Great chapter, once again!
Artemis Acorn chapter 34 . 5/31/2011
"Yes; but whatever the saying is about the only good lawyer being a dead lawyer, there ARE honest lawyers out there" said Mortimer.

"If you say so, Douglas" said Roberta dubiously. "I expect there are peace-loving Apaches too and a few sane Hatters."

I love the banter between these two. They are so good together!

And this line - LOL! It made me think of Beatrice...'"I like that" said Roberta "And the hat isn't as wide as some. Mind some of the little chip hats aren't so much hats as frivolities."'

I was really, really enjoying this chapter - until Gellibrand killed a marshal and got away. NOW WHAT?

I guess now I'd better read the next chappie to find out!

Clio1792 chapter 37 . 5/28/2011
Forgot to compliment the author on the descriptions of Art Nouveau architecture in the last chapter, and neo-classical in this one...

Will there be a sequel, when the Gellibrand you CAN'T trust comes back and faces off with the Mortimer's?

Will Julia Preston wind up with Joseph? Or Manco?

And will Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer have a boy or a girl?

Perhaps these and other questions will be answered in a sequel...but meanwhile, the confrontation between Roberta and her parents was another priceless moment:

"I was more concerned you might shoot him; the congratulations were for managing not to."

Roberta Everard Mortimer has learned a great deal in her travels: when to shoot, when to threaten, and when to hold her fire!

I would not be sorry to meet these characters again, but meanwhile, congratulations to Slytherinsal on turning a Spaghetti Western into a delightful & humorous historical romance!

And as the strains of Morricone's music soars...

Clio1792 chapter 36 . 5/28/2011

Now THAT was scary!

Roberta leaps to save a young child-and any one of them could have lost a limb! Scary and Heroic!

The opening, everything's-up-to-date-in-sweet-Saint-Louis (with apologies to Kansas City) was also excellent...

I guess our intrepid couple has almost "gone about as fir as they can go..."

Heart-stopping chapter!

Clio1792 chapter 35 . 5/27/2011
Best lines:

"washtubs with boilers" (hee-hee)

Great, evocative description of the "heart beat" of the vessel as it rolls up the big river...and the palatte of colors across a Mississippi sky...ah Mark Twain rides again!

Great the way Roberta fingers the card sharp, without ever pulling a trigger...

Mortimer is taking a big risk, claiming Joseph as his brother. He's relying on his skill with a gun but unfortunately before the end of their journey, it may need to be tested once again. This reader is worrying for them both, already...

Meanwhile, loved Roberta's not-quite my-eyes-glazed-over query: "What is a caisson and why is a pneumatic one exciting?"

Roberta's making anti-lawyer jokes...hmm...aren't they going to need one to set up Mortimer's company? And here's hoping a prosecutor frying Gellibrand's sorry posterior will redeem Mr. & Mrs. Mortimer's faith in attorneys...

This was a beautifully written chapter-the descriptions of river geography were outstanding...

Clio1792 chapter 34 . 5/27/2011
This chapter is an encyclopedia entry on post-civil-war fashion...and Memphis architecture!

But beyond the genre detail, I liked that Joseph saw how genuinely dangerous Mortimer's insistance on integration could become once they re-enter the post-war American south; and the news that Gellibrand had shot a marshall froze my blood-for a tense moment, I was scared he had hurt Peters!

So, glad Peters is ok, but with Gellibrand on the loose, I wouldn't be too sanguine if I were Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer? If he really is going to get caught at some point, he might be less cautious about seeking revenge?

Good suspense in this chapter...even with the fluffy intervals...

Clio1792 chapter 33 . 5/27/2011
"shovel the desert on top of those stones people; it'll be better than nothing."

Appreciate the revision on Chapter 32-the point's clearer now, to this elderly fool of a reader...

Love the way chapter 33 begins, with Julia Preston prepared to shoot anyone who approaches Joseph and Amaryllis-and that great description of a mercilessly hot write very well about the American southwest...especially liked the reference to "heat-induced lassitude..."

Great confrontation with Fellowes, and great the way Peters explained the limits of vigilante purview to Mortimer. Understandable that he'd find them irritating; and yet, he's a married man, now...and so restraint is mandatory.

Manco is great in this chapter.

Nocte Furorem chapter 37 . 5/27/2011
Gellibrand got away? NUTS!

Hopefully you'll have another story where he runs into Manco.
Artemis Acorn chapter 33 . 5/25/2011
"Excellent" said Manco. "You're under arrest." - This was a great line - genius in it's simplicity! It took me by surprise too!

"United States Marshal! Surrender!" called Peters. He was more or less obliged to give them the chance. LOL - more or less. We must cross the 't's and dot the 'i's after all.

"Remind him that I'm the best shot in the Carolinas just to save him getting silly ideas." LOL - sort of like a reverse shotgun wedding - a shotgun homecoming of sorts. Great stuff!
Artemis Acorn chapter 32 . 5/25/2011
Loved Mortimer's parade voice - I love it when men get all commanding - but only when it's at other men. LOL.

And there it is..."Never mind; you can spend the time profitably teaching me how to shoot" said Julia Preston cheerily.

Are you gonna give Manco a shot at Julia? That would be an interesting twist all right.

I am hating Gellibrand more and more as time goes on. He's a scumbag!
Artemis Acorn chapter 31 . 5/25/2011
LOL - I loved how Mortimer spilled the beans on Roberta's pregnancy before she had even figured it out. That was priceless! As was Manco's warning that the amorous couple needed to be decent when they got to the station. Robert and Mortimer are surrounded by a bunch of love-enablers.

Now this quote intrigues me..."Only sort of woman Manco's going to marry is when he finds one like you who can adapt to his world." Wonder what it portends?
ArbitraryHandle chapter 35 . 5/25/2011
Enjoying as always!

Minor pedant point since you hate anachronisms.. .

'the feelings of lobsters.'

Should probably be crawfish

'Also called crawfish or crawdads, these crustaceans resemble small lobsters. They are primarily bottom feeders, and consume leavings from other animals, carrion and small animals. Both native and invasive crayfish live in the Mississippi River.

Read more: Types of Aquatic Plants and Animals in the Mississippi River www . ehow list_7337273_ #ixzz1NMJaBOW5

Clio1792 chapter 32 . 5/22/2011
Manco has all the best lines in this chapter:

"I think you talked us into being schooled by the schoolmarm, Bobby."

Also the one about how manners head off "fatal misunderstandings..."

And Snakekiller Bobby rides again!

Forgive me, but aren't the stones on the grave to prevent coyotes from digging up dead bodies? They are scavenger animals, yes? And human bones, scattered about the camp, might compromise other stuff they are trying to do?

Mortimer is just too sweet to correct his wife while she's queasy?

Julia Preston is surrounded by men here: Joseph; Manco, even Peters...if she was looking for danger & romance in the Wild, Wild West, looks like she's found it!

And how is Roberta feeling? She hasn't thrown up yet...

Good chapter!

Squinting as we wait in Mexico...

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