Reviews for The Witches' Conspiracy
StupidChinaBook chapter 1 . 8/25
Isn't chemistry the same as potions?
amsev chapter 8 . 7/28
Love this story! Thank you for writing it!
DoraLupinTonks chapter 9 . 6/22
I don't understand your started it as a story where 4 women helps Harry and Neville and others become knowledgeable about the out and ins do WW...that's good but as the story continues it shpws that you are actually supporting the pureblood supremacy and bigotry?! Why in hell should the muggleborns forget and get distanced from their had a great idea but your execution is not good...I will continue reading the last 3 chaps but reading the reviews I don't think I will find anything good...
Guest chapter 13 . 6/18
Please write a sequel
Honestly don't you two read chapter 13 . 6/12
I liked the idea, brilliant :-p good job!
Guest chapter 13 . 5/17
Please Write a sequel I really really enjoyed the story and want to read about the next and the changes at hogwarts
DeiStarr chapter 1 . 4/28
BTW, will you post an update if you get around to doing a sequel for this? I'd love to read how the first year of the fully-implemented changes pans out, as well as seeing how TWC would deal with Voldemort & the Horcruxes should they learn of them. Something tells me that they wouldn't let Albus get away with his secret-keeping and drawn-out chess games with Harry's life and dealing with Tom!
DeiStarr chapter 13 . 4/28
This is an awesome story, and I love both the changes you listed, and the way The Witches' Conspiracy (TWC) went about implementing them! Very clever and creative.

I love how you showed how one small decision can have such far-reaching consequences; how one small change can snowball into big ones. I love fics that use that premise, and this one was both well-written and unique in the way a lot of those changes played out. I love how TWC got the pureblood supremists to back them and manipulated them into thinking they were the ones doing the manipulating. Very original!
Guest chapter 13 . 4/10
Great story a sequel would be great
mab70 chapter 13 . 3/30
Lovely story. Loved how everything was driven by witches, and the strength they showed.
Pat chapter 13 . 3/19
I no sooner wish for a fanfic about a school with a better educational system - and the next story of yours I read is just that, right there at Hogwarts! I'm very happy. You've gotten Harry out from the worst of his relatives' abuse, freed Sirius and given Harry a new home - given Neville (and Harry) a best friend, gotten Hermione a chance at friends - gotten the school a way to get new brooms - given bullies an education (I loved the garden gnome prank!) - given Arabella Figg a good job (and made her more than a laughable old lady) - given your readers a taste of estate management/financial management of Hogwarts - gotten Severus to quit bullying younger children - given your readers a full curriculum, and even a schedule! - gotten some Darker families on board the new plan - invented Indoor Quidditch - rehabilitated the "senile old Albus" - and wiped out Quirrell without Harry having to be traumatized about the strange power in his hands that made Quirrell crumble away in the original book/movie. WOW. Definitely bookmarking this one!

I even wrote down your class list. I was a top student at my school (and mostly isolated like the original Hermione), and I'm left wondering if, at age 11, I could have kept up with your 10 mandatory classes and one elective! Even in my final year of high school, age 17, I only had 6 subjects (all of them hard, to be sure). And I'm thinking about what career options I might have chosen - not law and politics, for sure. Potions is most like Chemistry, I would have enjoyed that - Herbology too, I love gardening; and it helps with Potions - Runes and Arithmancy, too, probably. If I added Charms I could have gone for Healing or Warding. (Ginny's Enchantress aspiration is interesting - I was surprised when Sirius thought about being an Enchanter too.)

Anyway, thank you for writing this one! Have you ever considered creating your own stories and publishing them? If so, I hope I run into your works someday!
Best wishes,
moon so bright chapter 1 . 3/5
Corwyn chapter 13 . 2/28
A beautiful story! Thanks for sharing it.
andyjhorton chapter 13 . 2/26
very fun plot to fix all the small problems with the wizarding world before they become the big problems later on.
Guest chapter 13 . 2/12
Not bad, not bad at all.
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