Reviews for The Witches' Conspiracy
iacopo.passerini chapter 1 . 10/14
La si mette male per SIlente .. adeso ci sarà vendetta e giustizia e la sua testa cadrà!
mumphie chapter 12 . 7/17
I did a reread. Still a wonderful story! A do wish there was a sequel. :)
Mstraceypt chapter 3 . 7/10
Um- unpunctuality is NOT a word. I think the word you were looking for is tardiness or lateness. Good story so far other than some of the grammar
Hot48cricket1 chapter 6 . 7/9
Minerva is too soft on dumbledore
Hot48cricket1 chapter 2 . 7/9
What about Sirius?

Finished? It shows 13 chapters not 2!
SamandJake chapter 2 . 6/21
Love this story so far. Just a bit of a correction unless it was intentional but Luna mother's name was Pandora and not Celine.
Lordlexx chapter 7 . 5/24
You forgot Madame Hooch on the employee list.
Epeefencer chapter 13 . 5/9
What a wonderful story. It was amazing what four determined witches could do once they set their minds to it.
Guest chapter 13 . 1/22
Great loved it and you weren't constrained with the usual mix and match done am reading all your Potter works and am tickled pink and several other colors to You
Grimrepa chapter 13 . 1/9
Wonderful story well written can’t wait for a sequel
EdTheBeast chapter 13 . 12/4/2020
This is an excellent, must read story. Most people are dexcent and want a better future, only some are hard core DEs.
EdTheBeast chapter 1 . 12/2/2020
So far, it is a must read! A great brother Neville and Harry story!
Huntz798 chapter 10 . 11/24/2020
I really enjoy your stories. I have read several by now. I am impressed with how in-depth and detailed you get in the stories. It really shows that you have put a lot of thought into them and that you have a very analytical mind of a problem solver. However, you tend to go into too much detail and rehash the plans out in long winded discussions over and over again. While it’s fantastic you thought of all of this, wHen you go into that much detail it gets boring and hard to read. And when you rehash the details each time the concept is explained to someone new it gets worse.

I would suggest instead of telling plans in in-depth detail say something along the lines of “the witches began discussing plans to increase the budget to make it possible to hire the needed support. By the end of tea, they had managed to find $x savings. They found simple things such has growing their own crops and livestock could have a significant difference.” It is short gets to the point and explains briefly what the plan is. When informing someone new of the plans say something like “over the next hour Minerva explain the concept and plans to Dumbledore in great detail” Done. After that you can have them discuss changes or thoughts Dumbledore had. But you don’t need to once again hash it out in detail.

Unfortunately, while I enjoy your story lines and concepts, it has gotten to the point in several of your stories where I just scrolled through the planning discussions and picked back up reading when they were done, or in the case of this story, decided to stop reading because it felt like I was reading the same things over and over again.

It’s been years since you wrote these stories so I don’t know how helpful this constructive criticism will be but I felt it worth giving. Keep up the good work
Critical reader chapter 13 . 11/7/2020
While I like the idea this story is based upon, there are way too many details, lengthy descriptions, and even some repetitions, so that the reading pleasure is mosty lost. Should you ever continue the story, try to mix descriptive parts with dialogue and action, the way you have done it elsewhere.
Lyria17 chapter 13 . 9/28/2020
I really liked this story! Thank you so much for writing it, expanding it and sharing it with us! I hope there is or will be a sequel!I would have liked to have a bit more insight into the children‘s general life though. The story gives great overviews but I would have loved to have classes or sports or just hanging out with others in more detail. What friends did they make in their own houses and outside of those. What subjects do they thrive in and which ones are not as easy. A game of indoor quidditch with Harry and his friends just playing for fun, without regards to houses and age. Things like that.

But all in all it was a great story and I liked it a lot!
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