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Guest chapter 65 . 11/15/2013
Hello! :-) Well this was an 'unexpected' surprise, Sharon! It's been a while again! Though I know life has been busy for you in recent weeks, so I'll forgive you! ;-) Apologies for the late review, lack of internet this week and oh, the joys of having to speak to my broadband provider twice! But what a nice way to unwind and relax after a mad busy week - new Aarynn! Yay :-)

Aaron and Flynn waking up together the next morning after their move made for a nice opening scene and I could imagine neither of them wanting to get out of bed! Waking up nice and warm under the duvet and snuggling back down again - you can't beat that lovely feeling! Aw, Flynn pouring the water over Aaron in a bid to make him get up was a bit mean but hey, it worked! I'm looking forward to seeing how Aaron will get his revenge ;-)

Well it's nice to see that the boys have managed to secure their wedding venue, so full steam ahead then! I loved how Flynn labelled Aaron a little 'wheeler dealer' after negotiating a few extras and discounts and Aaron's "Well if you don't ask you don't get" was spot on. I can imagine Aaron being a bit of a haggler! Ha, I had to smile at Flynn getting in a flap about organising the big day and... wedding cake! Cupcakes? I really could picture Aaron's expression at that suggestion! Aw, but it was nice how he reassured Flynn and a great idea about asking Marlon to do their wedding cake. I smiled at Aaron telling Flynn he wasn't pretty, nor cute either but WAS handsome, good looking and fit! :-)

Lovely to see how everyone in the village was pleased to hear the boys' news and I liked the thought of them having to dance with Pearl! :-) Nice gentle teasing by Aaron to Adam about not needing a best man and I liked how Adam went on to describe what Aaron's stag night would be like before backing down slightly having realised Flynn was listening! Good to know that Hazel will be there for their big day too.

I liked the introduction of the boys' neighbours, Tom and Lucy (named after Emmerdale actors per chance?) and it was sweet how little Mollie was already a fan of Aaron and Flynn's. It was interesting hearing them talk, with Lucy's suspicions that the boys were a couple and I smiled at the way Tom played it down, saying that they couldn't be as they seemed so ordinary! Mollie's picture added a little twist but it was good to know that her parents wouldn't make a fuss, realising that Aaron and Flynn had been discreet in their kiss and that they hadn't seen Mollie at her window, You have to admire the boys for being discreet about their relationship when out in public, especially with how society still is, but when at home they should be able to relax with each other.

Flynn calling Aaron 'Mr Out and Proud' made me smile and I admired how he said that wouldn't lie to Tom and Lucy if they asked about him and Flynn but I could imagine their unease when Mollie later gave them her picture, agreeing to then talk to their hosts, rather than make the situation awkward. Lovely to see how quickly Tom and Lucy put Aaron and Flynn at ease, saying that Mollie seeing them kiss hadn't affected her in the slightest and lovely also, to see the four of them getting on so well and really enjoying their evening together and even suggesting another one. And it was nice to see the boys consider inviting them to their wedding.

Well that was a lovely chapter, Sharon and it went down a treat! I'm glad the boys have got neighbours who they get on with, socialise with and most importantly, who don't judge them! It would be nice to see Tom and Lucy meet Chas and Paddy and Flynn's parents too. So...a stag do's on the horizon then, followed by the big day! I'd better get that hat sorted! Are there any sales on...? ;-) Thanks for writing my dear, a really enjoyable and well written chapter as always :-) xxxx
ajfankeith chapter 65 . 11/14/2013
Hi Sharon,

I'm pleased to see that you are continuing with the Aaron and Flynn saga.

It was cute that little Mollie drew her picture of them after she saw them kissing! Good too that Tom and Lucy were OK with them being a gay couple.

The wedding is drawing nearer. Is it time to buy a hat? xx
RHatch89 chapter 65 . 11/13/2013
good update
Valere001 chapter 64 . 8/4/2013
A new apartment and wedding planning - the boys are going to be busy. And the new neighbour offering to give them the scoop on the neighbourhood, that's very nice. Will we find out more about him and his misus? I like how Tom didn't bat an eye when he was introduced to Aaron.

You've managed to keep the counseling sessions in the picture without writing too much about them, which is interesting. Mind you, they're starting, so might we get an insight into what's happening there in later chapters? Aaron losing his cool is not surprising, although he did promise Flynn he would take care of his problem.

This line was priceless: "Better wind that tongue in Livesy or you'll trip over it" / Loved it!

Thank you for this great chapter, I enjoyed it a lot.
Shawnyola chapter 64 . 8/3/2013
Hi Sharon! 'All good things come to those who wait' and indeed they do! But my, how you've kept us waiting my girl! I'll let you off though, as this chapter was well worth the wait! :-) What I really like about this story is that, regardless of how much time passes inbetween chapters, it's always easy to pick it up again as the writing just flows nicely.

Nice opening scene with Aaron and Cain and Cain did have a point. Even though Aaron was made up after his call from Joe, saying that he and Flynn would be able to stay on in his house, there was a good chance that this situation could arise again so it made sense for them to find somewhere more secure, rather that have to live through that horrible limbo period again.

I liked how you described how happy Flynn was and how perfect he considered his life to be, so sweet and I'm glad he also thought Cain's idea was a good one and that the other property which they'd previously looked at was still available - what a result! They had the right attitude in saying that even though it would be sad for them to move out of their first home together, they had to think about themselves and their future.

Aaron was always going to find the counselling tough going at times, revisiting painful events and talking about Jackson was bound to be difficult for him but that's the thing with counselling I guess, they always have to get to the root of the problem, rather than what's happened recently. It showed a more mature Aaron that despite his angry outburst, he was able to go back and apologise, though it was understandable he was frustrated that his behaviour had brought that particular session to an end.

The moving out/in day scene was really well detailed and I had to laugh at Adam wanting to be fed before he did any work! Great dialogue and again, I could really hear their voices coming through. "Better wind that tongue in Livesy or you'll trip over it" Haha, Adam catching Aaron perving at Flynn was funny and I loved the little looks and smiles both boys shared with each other over the rest of the day! It was nice to see they had lots of helpers to help them move too!

"Like I want to carry on kissing you and never stop. Like I want to take all your clothes off and kiss every inch of your body. Then I want you to do the same to me and, when you have, when we're both really turned on, I want to slowly…" woah, slow down Aaron! No wonder Flynn was getting turned on by Aaron's sultry tones there! It was just a shame that they still had a house full of helpers! Aaron willing them to leave made me smile and Flynn was right: it wasn't vey hospitable of him!

Ooh! Nice bit of sweet smut there Sharon! Liking that very much, thank you! That went down very nicely and was just what the doctor ordered! ;-) I liked how Flynn was so masterful, pushing Aaron down onto the settee and then getting up to undress himself and then Aaron. Blimey, let's hope they'd put some curtains up or their new neighbours would have had an eyeful!

"You make me unbelievably happy" Aww, loved a loved-up Flynn and Aaron too for saying the same back and wishing they could get married the very next day. Let's hope they get their wedding venue they want as it holds such special memories for them; their first anniversary and how their relationship had changed for the better from that night. Maybe if they can't afford it their families could help out as a wedding present maybe? Lovely little closing scene with the "I love you"s, n'aww :-)

Well, another lovely and well written chapter Sharon! A joy to read as always and a great escapism - thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next time! Sorry if this review was a bit rubbish by the way, it's not been the best of days but reading this has made me smile and so, for that, I thank you! :-) xxxx
ajfankeith chapter 64 . 8/2/2013
Brilliantly written as always, Sharon.

Loved the banter with Cain and Adam. The house move was well described and fun.

And then Aaron and Flynn's 'private' time...very hot!

Well done again my dear. xx
RHatch89 chapter 64 . 8/2/2013
good update
RHatch89 chapter 63 . 4/25/2013
great update
ajfankeith chapter 63 . 4/25/2013
Hi Sharon,
Another really well written chapter. The visit by Aaron to the counsellor was very good and I liked Aaron's reaction when he was asked to speak about Jackson.

Seems 'the wedding' is getting closer! x
Valere001 chapter 63 . 4/24/2013
Thank you. This chapter was most enjoyable.

Seeing Aaron going to counseling is good, it was a promise he made to Flynn. Obviously, the memories of Jackson were painful, but that's life. You wrote that well.

The scene with the cut up ring was touching, so was the one with Aaron giving Flynn another ring to replace the one that had been cut. Very nice, especially from Aaron.

Wedding plans ahead...?
Shawnyola chapter 63 . 4/24/2013
Hi Sharon! Well, you've done it again - it's been a while but this chapter was well worth the wait! I was anticipating what was going to happen here and it didn't disappoint (as if you ever do!) I felt able to just jump back into the story again and go with the flow, effortlessly picking up on where you left off, the story and this chapter, flowing nicely as always.

It's a shame the boys haven't heard anything more from Joe about having to move out of the house; no wonder they felt as if they were stuck in limbo, not being able to make a decision about the other place which sounded nice, even to Aaron now he'd had another look! I hope they get that sorted soon or better still, Joe tells them they're ok to stay where they are! I bet Flynn feels such a relief having the cast taken off after so long (I remember that feeling well!) but it was sad he had to have his engagement ring cut off as he clearly misses wearing it. It is only a ring after all but it represents his and Aaron's union and the sentiment that it holds.

Haha, I loved Aaron's term for when Flynn had done the housework - 'Flynned'. Well, if he's interested, I wouldn't mind my place being 'Flynned' too! (And not just the house!) I liked Aaron's remark when asking about Flynn's wrist: "Well I can think of something you can do to help with the up and down movement if it'll help." Haha, what a 'dirty sod' indeed! ;-) It's great how you capture Aaron's mannerisms, like how he nervously bounced his leg in the counsellor's waiting room and then Flynn put his hand on it to stop him. Nice comment about the magazines too and I agree; every waiting room should cater for all, including 'Attitude' and 'Gay Times'!

I really liked Greg the counsellor, his easy going manner making him instantly likeable and it was good that he helped Aaron to relax, especially as Aaron told him he wasn't really a talker but I also liked how Greg reassured him, though relayed to him that if Aaron wanted his help, he had to be honest with him as he'd be wasting both their time otherwise. Greg easing Aaron into their session by getting him to talk about everyday things was clever before moving on to the reason he was there. Aaron's mishap at Dan being fit made me smile and again, capturing his embarrassment and awkwardness by fiddling with his ring down to a tee. He was bound to be uncomforatble talking about Jackson and what had happened to him, especially as he wasn't prepared for that but I understood why Greg needed to know, establishing the other loss that Aaron had experienced. I liked his blunt "So, can you sort my head out or not?" and it was good to hear that Greg said he could with more sessions.

"I need to know if you want us to just stay as we are for the foreseeable future, not make any definite plans for a wedding or if you're ready to get things moving and set a date like I am." Aww, I was impressed that Aaron raised the subject of them getting married and it must have been playing on his mind since Adam had mentioned it that time. I loved Flynn's response: "Am I ready? Aaron, I've been ready for longer than you can imagine. What happened hasn't changed that one bit." Lovely to see Aaron get all the reassurance he needed from Flynn's words.

Bless Aaron, giving Flynn the new ring, an exact copy of the original. What a lovely gesture , not only getting it just right but also having noticed how much Flynn had missed wearing his ring by his expression when he went to touch it. Flynn's overecome reaction was a picture: "I can't believe you did this or that you noticed how much I missed wearing the other one." "Where you're concerned, believe me I notice and well I know how I'd feel if anything ever happened to mine." Aww, I bet that's earned him top Brownie points in Flynn's book! and his reaction to just cuddle into Aaron said how chuffed he was without the use for words. N'aww ;-)

Another lovely piece of writing, Sharon. Nice to see some progression in this chapter with Aaron starting his counselling and Flynn being relieved of his cast, not to mention the wedding being well and truely back on! With this reaffirmed, I hope Aaron can concentrate and overcome his fear of dying with Greg's help and that their living arrangements sort themselves out. Looking forward to what happens next! And in the meantime, I'm off to buy a new hat, my lovely! ;-) xxxx
DragonKeeper4 chapter 62 . 3/17/2013
Nice Thank You
Valere001 chapter 62 . 3/16/2013
Thanks, Sharon, for this great update. The boys are definitely back in fine form, although the possibility of having to move is putting a dampener on their happiness. Still, they'll manage, I'm sure.

Every part of the house has been "christened"? Oh, I liked that one!
Shawnyola chapter 62 . 3/16/2013
Hi Sharon! Well, it's been a while, hasn't it? ;-) But you know what? It doesn't matter as your updates are always worth the wait! Just great quality writing and it's 'quality rather that quantity' for me any day! Another long chapter here but the way you write, the chapter flows really nicely so reading it is never a chore, just always a pleasure :-)

So, 'normal service resumed' then, as Adam said? That's good to know and at last everything's back to normal for them. They really did go through a horrible time, didn't they? And as the saying goes 'what doesn't break you makes you stronger' and that definately seems to be the case here thankfully. I liked how Aaron summed it up to Adam in the pub: "Things are great actually. It's like before but better if that makes sense."

Haha, so they've been 'at it like rabbits' then, have they? Christening every room in the house? Lucky house! But on the landing? "I can't believe our bedroom is only a few feet that way and we didn't get to it", "That's because you were too busy wanting to get to it out here. Talk about impatient." Haha, that Aaron's a randy git! ;-) I liked the talk about 'doing it' in the garden shed! I think Flynn had a point though about not wanting to get naked in there, I wouldn't either!

Aww, I liked how Aaron made a point of sitting next to Chas in the pub so they could talk, remembering what Flynn said about his mum missing him and I bet she really was made up about that. "And there was me thinking it was only women that went to the toilet in twos. I didn't realise you lot did it as well", haha, gotta love Cain! Only he could have said something like that! I also loved Adam's 'I told you so' too! It's interesting he mentioned about Aaron and Flynn setting a wedding date; I can understand why they hadn't mentioned it in ages but hopefully one of them will bring it up with the other soon.

"But I love this place. I love living here with you. I don't want to have to leave." Ah, just when the boys were getting back to normal, this happens. I could understand Aaron's feelings, I mean, this is thier first home as a couple, it's bound to be horrible having to leave it but Joe must have been in a really awkward position and wouldn't have paid them that visit unless he had to. At least he gave them the option of staying on but it probably would have been weird. I'm glad Flynn managed to reassure Aaron a little though.

"Well we're not likely to be knocking down walls or anything, muppet." "So, and it didn't help that he had one of those faces that was just begging for a slap either." Haha, oh Aaron. I can imagine it must have been disheartening looking at other properties to live in when they were both happy where they were, so Aaron's bad mood was perfectly understandable, especially going from place to place, though that last place seemed ok and I'm sure they could soon make it home. You captured 'typical Aaron' so well in this scene, really down to a tee!

"Well thank you for making a difficult situation just that little bit harder." Ooh... I can see why Flynn was angry, Aaron was really rude! Though the scene with Flynn struggling with the seat belt and Aaron smiling at him and helping him with it was really sweet and made me smile! I liked how Flynn's mood improved a little after that and a kiss! "You don't get off the hook that easily but that's a good start", haha!

A lovely chapter, as always Sharon, thanks for the update. I hope the boys get their living arrangements sorted and hopefully set a date for that wedding! Do I need to buy a new hat anytime soon...? ;-) xxxx
ajfankeith chapter 62 . 3/16/2013
Ha ha! Aaron and Flynn not even making it as far as the bedroom and doing the deed on the landing! Made me laugh.

Aaron's mood when chatting to the letting agent was so typical of him: burying his head in the sand and lashing out at anyone and everyone when he doesn't want to face something, you've nailed his character perfectly there.

Well done, Sharon and thanks for another wonderful update. x
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