Reviews for Oblivion's Edge
Lacey chapter 4 . 4/26/2011
Isn't it interesting how Roland is obligated to fight for Erathia alongside Catherine? Personally, I didn't enjoy controlling him in Armageddon's Blade campaign... it felt like just another hero who would give you instant lose if you lost him, which is SO annoying. Why couldn't Roland return to Enroth? Who is ruling Enroth, anyway, since Catherine isn't there?

Anyway, amazing story. I really enjoyed how you expanded on the characters. I hope you write some more Heroes stuff some day. Cool!
Lacey chapter 3 . 4/24/2011
Xeron, that badass! I pumped up his stats like crazy and then later paid for it in To Kill a Hero. I notice you swiped the title from one of the episodes... nice choice, but artistically I would have liked you to come up with a different title on your own. But that's just a minor thing...

I am now positively 100% certain that you are implying that Gelu and Xeron are actual half-brothers through their human father. That poor guy, what a life. Maybe you could expand on it...? It's an interesting connection, to be sure. I also like the insinuation in both chapters that it's the human side that influences their more "evil" decisions. Kind of takes the "chaotic evil" status out of the Kreegans a little bit.

So I guess you put Roland last? Update soon!
Lacey chapter 2 . 4/23/2011
Aww... no defeat of Lucifer? Still, Gelu is still so epic. So, so epic, best character in the game. Although, I do have to point out a few inconsistencies. If I remember correctly, Gelu kills a whole bunch of Kreegans repeatedly on raiding parties while he's annoying Xeron - and Xeron's mother is one of the casualities, Gelu doesn't specifically seek her out to anger Xeron. I like how you've drawn lines between the two characters - both half-humans, eh? Cool. Though it's like you've implied they're also real half-brothers, with the same human father (an Erathian Knight, correct? At least for Xeron, I think...) Which makes it sort of creepy, I think. Interesting twist, I think I like it!

Oh, Gelu, you're so awesome... why did you have to go and destroy the world?
Lacey chapter 1 . 4/23/2011
Found this through reading your series - and woaaa, this game is so old! But it is so awesome. It's an interesting spin you've put on the RoE storyline; great job filling out Catherine's character. If you're going over Gelu and Xeron as well in this installment, I'm guessing you're going over Armageddon's Blade as well? Will we see Shadows of Death?

Heroes III forever!