Reviews for The Blade Of Love: May It Forever Burn!
darkestlight96 chapter 6 . 10/30/2012
Wonderful story... but it's a bit of a cliffhanger..
angelbankai45 chapter 5 . 11/15/2011
I really wish there were more muramasa fics on here. This pairing is interesting.
Souldin chapter 5 . 9/28/2011
Without anything to say as a form of introduction I'll go straight in with the praise and stating that this was a good chapter. Details, while not of the strength of chapter 3, were satisfactory, as while they weren’t the strongest they were well timed and helped to create both shock and suspense. Writing was smooth, the setting was briefly touched upon but enough for me to know the mood of the setting and the twists in the story were nice to see.

Admittedly for said twist and the suspense/shock value of this chapter are rendered rather small in how obvious it all was, when Jinkuro saw Momohime I face-palmed at how he seemed to forget the whole 'being possessed part' of the dilemma. There were one or two missing words in the first part but otherwise you're without error in terms of spelling/grammar/punctuation.

Another short chapter but this was also another great chapter. I really do wish these chapters would get longer but it felt right for this chapter to end on the cliff-hanger of Jinkuro beginning his fight against Izasaou. Great job, keep up the good work!
Blackmoon OniOokami chapter 4 . 7/10/2011
Oooh! Jinkurou you better hurry! Momohime, hold on, he's coming! Can't wait to see if he gets there on time! Bye bye! -kisses Jinkurou on da cheek- ;) been waiting to do that ever since I first knew about ya! XD bye! -runs away-
Souldin chapter 4 . 7/10/2011
I brilliantly decided to review this fanfic at a really late time and as such I'm going to cut out my usual small talk and get right to the point.

Style of writing is clear and one that works for this story, as per usual. With how you narrate the thoughts and actions of Jinkuro the structure of this chapter actually works, and though it is disconnected it doesn't feel that way as a result of how well the style of writing blends with the structure. Some lovely exploration of the Muramasa world and settings brought to life by some greatly improved descriptions.

The chapter is once again rather short, and as there were three scenes (although one was a part of the previous chapter) it felt like there was more you could have done with each scene (except the first, that was of good length and well utilised). I spotted one case of a missing letter and that is when 'new' is missing its w. Otherwise, great job on this chapter.

The previous chapter showed great improvement in the quality of detail but was of far too short a length to truly present it in all its glory. This chapter spans three different scenes and describes them truly well, presenting the amazing detail of the previous with the length that was missing from it. Amazing job, keep up the great work!
Souldin chapter 3 . 6/4/2011
You did say 'I shall try to add more descriptive things into my stories' but holy heck you've done it well. A short chapter this may be but it shows you take a reviewers opinion to heart.

First off, I was blown away. That first part, describing Rural Japan and then the forest, was astounding. This great description kept going on even when the main focus was not on describing, and you've managed to incorporate details of scenery and appearance really well into your own style of writing. Comments on the ninja's taking advantage of the forest make sense and the remarks about the monkeys were both true to the game and rather funny. Your style, once again, works brilliantly in this fanfic.

The first criticism you were of course expecting, this chapter is short. A wonderfully written chapter, but it doesn't go on very long and not much happens. A lot more could have been done with chapter, for instance the finding of the hairpiece, finding it could have been extended by say, Jinkuro noticing a few monkeys playing with something, going over to see what it is and finding out its Momohime's hairpiece. There's also the odd mistake or two where 'slight breeze' should have been 'slightest breeze' and 'where never far' should have been 'were never far' but these were the only two I spotted.

All in all this was a great chapter. Though short you managed to show great improvement with only a few words, and set the scene for the next chapter (Jinkuro’s thoughts and pace will be affected by the knowledge that he is on the right path). Amazing job, keep up the great work!
Souldin chapter 2 . 5/18/2011
Being a big fan of Muramasa it is always a delight to see a fanfic of the series, particularly on this site where I'm able to review said fanfic.

The most striking positive about this fanfic is style, a style I love. This style of writing is an oddity, influenced by the almost first person narrative, the whimsical thoughts and details, and the short sentences that make this fanfic appear to be more of a poem than it is a prose. Details are clear and build up atmosphere. Jinkuro's thoughts also help build up this atmosphere and though the plot is AU Jinkuro retains most of his character from the game. So far, though the fight scene was short, the fights were both entertaining and detailed.

Even for a fanfic of a beloved game there will always be negatives to identify. First off, there is a lack of description concerning scenery which in itself is a result of a hurried pacing, and a thought centred style of writing. Even when using this thought centred style of writing descriptions of location and scenery could and should still be used. Also while I'm okay with the short sentences (it's fitting for the style of writing) I find the fact that nearly every sentence is on a line of its own a turn off in terms of appearance. There is a distinct lack of paragraphs and nearly every single new sentence has a line of its own which makes the writing look messy.

All in all I've enjoyed this fanfic so far. The style of writing presents strong atmosphere and characterisation with an almost poetic charm, while already shown fights, and premise of future fights, make me want to keep on reading. Great job, keep up the good work!
Koven-Moonshadow chapter 1 . 4/22/2011
I like this :D

I support this pairing, acutually, I'd really love to read more~