Reviews for Thanks to a Snake
12345 chapter 1 . 9/23
Goblins cant use wands!1
Bassy's sight chapter 12 . 9/21
- Deathlessone
Bassy's sight chapter 12 . 9/21
I am the very same way, except they needed five people to hold me down until one knocked me out cold... Lol
rocbabe chapter 3 . 9/22
Hi. I am enjoying your story. I noticed that you switched Harry's formal name from Hardwin (1st two chapters) to Hadrian in the third chapter.
Silent Evanescence chapter 9 . 9/22
This is rather boring because you took a lot of the canon conflict out. If Harry is sorted in to Slytherin, I expect there to be some issues. I expect Snape to be conflicted over Harry being one of "his snakes" and the son of James Potter. I expect there to be initial tensions between Harry's posse and Malfoy's. I expect the majority of Slytherin to stay the same. Suddenly, the Slytherins play quidditch fair and it was the other team that cheated. Snape is all of a sudden a supporter of interhouse cooperation, when he normally hates Gryffindor's. Malfoy seemingly changes over night because the plot progresses so fast that a year went by in three chapters.

There is just too much changed for my taste. It all happened too fast and it was boring to me. I also didn't like the "romance" aspect. It, too, rather lacking.

While I really like many ideas you had, this story simply isn't for me.
ItsAlvin chapter 9 . 9/20
. . MB bin ml.
hawkswench chapter 55 . 9/17
Not sure if you are still cleaning this story up or not but it's been a great read.
Guest chapter 3 . 9/14
I have read just a few paragraphseconds but you wrote about Hadrian.
hawkswench chapter 37 . 9/15
A twenty four foot essay, a thirty foot, another twenty four foot and a five foot essay? Those poor kids hands will be falling off. I can't even imagine how thick those scrolls rolled up will be at those lengths.
KalKir chapter 3 . 9/14
I am liking the story so far. However it is a bit confusing since you called Harry Hardwin in the first two chapters and he is now Hadrian. still great job though!
Guest chapter 25 . 9/12
Awesome story so far, i noticed a star wars reference.
RoshRoxx chapter 3 . 9/14
first chapter Hardwin this chapter Hadrian?
dtplater chapter 9 . 9/13
Old guy chapter 33 . 9/10
I can envision the old girl doing exactly that, and swearing loudly
Old guy chapter 21 . 9/10
I can feel for you, and put up with the occasional spelling problem. If I like a story, I save it off and as I read it, i can correct. What I hate are missing words, even parts of sentences, or sometimes more. Even jumps in logic, or thoughts that are out of place in the plot at that point, or even based on facts that have not been made apparent to the reader or even the character. But, it's your story, you're running your plot, so go for it. Doesn't matter much,as this story is completed as I write this anyway. Much of the noted problems are probably editing as you go type things anyway, maybe a bit of continuity issue. Some may be due to assuming readers know things in canon as this is fan written. And that's not a criticism.
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