Reviews for Final Fantasy VIII: Love Can Ignite the Stars
Kidan Yoshilda chapter 11 . 5/25/2011
Like I said I'll b following this one. It good and getting better. I like the little joke at the end too. well until next time.

Kidan Out.


Hopefully I'm not the only one to follow this story.
Jorus C'baoth chapter 9 . 5/13/2011
Jesus did you use the whole 10000 characters for that review? Thanks for the critisim (I'm really a fan of it), and I'll address some of your concerns, specifically the pace. Though not published, I've written SEVERAL TG stories that involve the character having to deal with shitloads of problems. I wanted to try something different with this one (and it bothered me, too, as I was rereading it), and so that is the pace problem. IF I ever get around to rewriting it (to come after I finish it), then the pace issue will be resolved, though I'll still keep the general flow of the story the same (if that makes no sense, here: the sequences prior to, during, and after the Fire Cavern will be longer, involving Squall more coming to terms with her womanhood).

This should have probably gone in to a private message, but in case anyone else has a problem with the pacing: turn to this review/message for the answer.
Kidan Yoshilda chapter 9 . 5/12/2011
Well I guess I'll be the one to review this. First off I like the Idea that you have with this story. Saddly It was moving too fast. I have play and beaten the game several time (Still can't master it yet.) And I can say that it was good.

However your moving WAY too fast with the romance. As I was reading I image several rimes that Squall would have been different rather then her Conon counter-part. However Her being too girlly and have sex the same day as her turning into a girl was not one of them.

I also would have liked to have read a prologue dealing with Squall fight in that morning she found out that she was really a girl. Now her Original story was good. It give you something to look forward to.

And finally there was the grammar mistakes and spelling. Now while it was not as bad as mine though just a few mistakes here and there.

So over all:

Story: point wise I have to give it a six out of ten. While it is a good start it needed to have more of the game in it. Also Squall doesn't need to be cold like her conon counter-part she she be going though some problems about finding out that she is a girl.

Also I'm not saying that you should rewrite this but if you ever plan to DROP the early sex and fast romance. If this had happen in real life Squall would probably have gone though some problems.

You don't have to take my advise, hell you don't even have to listen to me. If you plan to update I'll be looking for this story. So I wish you luck.

Until next time.

Kidan Out.