Reviews for A Healthy Country –Immunization
LinaRiceball chapter 1 . 7/18/2014
wow... dark o.o
as per most normal episodes of the anime though, I suppose. very interesting. I found it quite fascinating. you kept true to the nature of the series and Kino and Hermes were very much like themselves, in my opinion. nice touch, by the way, having Kino remember that she didnt ask if the country had a mechanic. it made me laugh :)
if you dont mind me asking, what compelled you to write this? was it just a stray idea born from your interest in the series?
pf-joseph chapter 1 . 1/13/2012
A good short story. A bit too short; the country and its day-to-day activities could use more detail. The sparse amount of description may have been to add to the minimalist feel of the city Kino just passed through, but I still feel it too little.

There are very big blanks between events of interest. Perhaps more events and some factoids about the city could have been inserted.

A minor point - I do think a city with such hypochondriac tendencies would do much more to disinfect people entering the city (a la the Country of Illness), as with the disposal of the deceased diseased.

Unfavourable points aside, the story is good for its depiction of the 'just another land I'm passing through' feeling. Keep up the good work!
Te Rui chapter 1 . 6/21/2011
Pretty good story. I feel it fits with the overall themes in the show, without being unoriginal. I do feel a need to criticize Hermes line at the end, though. It seems slightly out of character for him. But, that's also at your discretion as an author. Congratulations on a well-written piece.