Reviews for Getting Clean
luvtheheaven chapter 3 . 1/10/2013
Aw, this is SO sad and so well done. :P I wanted some reaction from Drew about perhaps his other family members' actions toward him in this scene, like the way Zeek seems to be comforting him with touch and understanding that this sucks for him too, or Haddie sitting next to him... or even just how Uncle Adam comforts his mom but not him and jealousy or something, idk.

I really don't think this is done. It felt like a cliffhanger lmao. So can you please write more? Write through the end of the Drew parts of the season 2 finale if possible! You're amazing and I need this story to continue. :P
luvtheheaven chapter 2 . 1/10/2013
Aw I was tearing up while reading this chapter. "Epic" I think is the only way to describe it. This fits in SO nicely with what the show did with this storyline but adds SO much to it, and those are always my favorite kinds of fics. :D
luvtheheaven chapter 1 . 1/10/2013
So I've always adored Drew & Amber's relationship too. His reaction to her being in the hospital in the season 2 finale is one of my favorite under-appreciated Drew things - he doesn't get many emotional storylines and that is one of them, same with right before when he knows Amber is out of control. :P

So thank you for writing this! Is it completed? I guess I'll find out when I get to the end of chapter 3. It's not marked as complete but there's always a chance you just forgot/didn't know to mark that when posting your final chapter. :P

Btw if you ever write more for Parenthood - or Gilmore Girls for that matter - and would like me to beta your fic, I'd be happy to help. I noticed as soon as I started this, in your author's note for chapter 1, you wrote "if" instead of "of" - and I can help you catch typos like that! :P

Also you can edit your fic now and fix it if you want. That is an option on this site. Not a huge deal if you don't want to though.


I'm not used to stories written in even first person - third person is the norm. So this second person writing thing where YOU (the reader) are Drew... it's surprising to me just how WELL you pull it off! It's so well done, and that's impressive, let me tell you.

Okay... now onto the actual chapter. I guess the thing I love most about this is how little actual action occurs, you aren't telling a lot of plot, but you have flashback little moments that flesh out the story, and tons of Drew's thoughts and little details about what exactly the siblings are doing as they are upstairs in the house that night in a way that simply works. I love your "whisper-plead" choice as a sort of "made up" but very fitting description of how Drew would be speaking to her. You write this whole thing so well. ;) It's fantastic.

"You contemplate what it means to do the right thing. You used to think it was avoiding confrontation at all costs."
Oh my gosh that is SO Drew. How you completely and totally understand his character astounds me and pleases me so much.

And then remembering Zeek... you wrote Zeek so in character too. Drew is SO shy and quiet, the complete opposite of both his mother and sister... I love that you wrote that through Zeek's voice... it's obvious but I love it being pointed out just the same. And "Braverman" being about courage and bravery... and Drew wanting to roll his eyes at the time but now it ringing too true... wow. That... just wow.

The way the chapter ends... the act of bravery on Drew's part that is so quiet and simple as tiptoeing out of Amber's room with her bag just to hide under his own bed... you somehow made this work so that I felt strong emotion like "go Drew!" kinda rooting him on as he did such a small little thing. I love it. ;)

I'm gonna read chapter 2 now. :D
RandomNews3 chapter 1 . 1/5/2012
Epically written!
MegalegU chapter 3 . 6/5/2011
Wow, okay! So this chapter was shorter, you're right, but I really loved it anyway! What I loved most of all is how Drew wonders of he is like Max, with his asperger's, and I don't remember if it was from another fanfiction (rare, since there are hardly ANY!) or the show itself, but Drew worrying about it is like...something I always imagined he did. Drew is such a underused, underappreciated character in the show and in your story you make him shine. He plays all the characters for you, and somehow, you feel like you can relate to him, or at least feel his pain. I love this. That's all I can say. If you make more chapters I will review every single one!
MegalegU chapter 2 . 5/28/2011
Okay, so let me say right now that was amazing! You write so well! You have Drew's emotions down perfectly and you can feel his desperation and his concern for Amber and Ioved it and your writing and I'm sorry I couldn't have given you a better review because it's just that good.
michalka chapter 2 . 5/5/2011
this is insanely good. far better than anything i've read on in a long time. you are a brilliant writer and in addition to the complete dearth of parenthood fic (what's up with that?), i'd also say that Drew is the most intriguing character of the bunch. his POV is pivotal and for such an underused and underappreciated character, you have his characterization completely nailed. completely.

i would love to see you have any follow up chapters in terms of hospital scenes, Drew/Sarah interaction and the pent up emotions he was dealing with after the accident? there was so much that could have been addressed, with Seth not even showing up.

again, bravo. you're kickass.
TheTBone chapter 1 . 4/23/2011
My only complaint is that you made me cry. This is absolutely beautiful. The writing is completely breath-takingly amazing. The way you lace the flashbacks, Drew's thoughts, and the metaphors is incredible. There were so many gorgeous lines, It was tough to pick a favorite, but I'd have to go with "By now, your smart, hip, cool older sister is bopping around to some song in her head and you wonder what it is that's in her heart." /3 It's just so awesome to see such talent like this. Well, I'm done gushing. Consider turning this into a story or making other one-shots. You're brilliant. )