Reviews for Who's That Young Man?
Merci Monsieur chapter 1 . 5/14/2011
i really liked this poem a lot. itachi is definetly my favorite naruto character alongside sakura, hinata, annnnnnnd maybe tsunade annnd... hmmm... temari? gaara? one of those two:) anywho, in the end when it said "hed do it all again" was rather sudden and unbeknownst because you didnt give a basis as to why he would do it all again, but other than that, i found no holes in this whatsoever! it really very touching and made me even more sad about his death. you do a drabble of sasuke and itachi when they fight and itachi dies. itachis love and dedivation for his little brother is so sweet and practically raw due to their past. anywho, definite favorite:)