Reviews for Digimon Miracles: The Start of Miracles
Kiwami no Sengoku chapter 1 . 4/23/2011
This opening chapter is a little more descriptive than the original story's rewrite. Strange when you say it. This story is the original story's rewrite's rewrite. Quite a mouthful if I do say myself.

The only difference I detected was that Yuki asked for a coke instead of orange juice.

The feeling of disappointment is there but it's fine. This grants you a lot more time to plan for the Digital World arc. You pretty much have to just refer to your other story's opening arc and just add a few things.(Or cut them, since you claimed that the day which Hiroto meets Alexandria took too many chapters)

I once gave you a comment on how your portrayal of Seishirou's 'yin' half was a bit off. Hopefully, you can correct the mistake. Research Ulquoirra just to be safe.

Update soon.

~Tendou Souji~
Dowski chapter 1 . 4/23/2011
Seems a bit more descriptive than last time, though I could be wrong, haha. I can understand the re-write though, so no big on that part :P
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