Reviews for Prélude
nakimina chapter 1 . 4/24/2011
I liked III, V, and VI best :)
Snowlia chapter 1 . 4/23/2011
ALRIGHT. I'M FLIPPING OUT. Caps are necessary. This is by far my favorite work by you, this is amazing and I am literally freaking out about this. This is such an amazing idea and OMG I want to write RIGHT NOW. Also I adore AU, it is my favorite. Brace yourself for this review because it will be filled with much ranting and fangirling and wandering tangents.

I. (Yes I'm doing it by numeral) The canon to start out with I suppose? Ah, so cute. I adore the idea of them as little kids, and I love little Cassidy, unsure why Rese hates him. And Terrance having to explain. I can picture it really going like this.

II. I am going to go ahead and be obnoxious and tell you for every number that you should elaborate on the story because I would read every single one. I love this, Rese has got a crush :D It is so cute and very in character. I love that their fight ended in a draw. It was the perfect way for that to end. She should spar with him more; do it Rese, do it!

III. I have somewhat had an idea like this, I always wondered what would it be like if one of them was some sort of night creature. It is odd that in my version of their lives Cassidy's father is half weirn? Why do I get so specific? ANYWAY I love the idea of one of them being a Night creature, it's so...romantic. I'm so sappy. And I like Teresa as Ronee's twin, they did look a lot alike. I would love to hear more about this, of course :D

IV. This one is so sweet and sad. I love their instant connection, even though she is dating Terrance. I like how powerful their connection is and how they just kissed without thinking about it, and Terrance's entrance was perfect. Beautifully done.

V. Oh, I like Cassidy in Anathea's clave. I love that he kind of upstaged Teresa, sounding more responsible and mature and she was embarrassed at her own brashness, at least that's how I saw it. Also how even though Rese is totally annoyed with Cassidy and getting all upset, Jay says "She likes him" It was PERFECT. I can't explain it but it was amazing. I am assuming he picked up on something very Teresa-ish there. God I would love more of this as well, ALL OF THEM actually.

VI. Ah, you are so talented Isa. Everyone of these is lovely and I have to be getting annoying by now and I apologize but I need to take the time to talk about each one.I love this idea as all the others. Her swooping in last second to save him, a reverse damsel in distress haha.

VII. AU HIGHSCHOOL. My absolute favorite of all AUs. This is so cute, they would be adorable in high school together. Cassidy is so adorable in every one of your stories, it is default for him. Teresa is really cute in this one as well, maybe not scarred by years of fighting?

VIII. AND NOW CASSIDY IS WEIRN. Yes. But how did she know his name? Very curious. I like the idea of him as one of the Sohrem. And as a weirn. Very creative.

IX. This is amazing. It's so true, there is noglory or happiness, no one to remember them. I always wonder if they ever stop to think about that, if it ever depresses them, especially the more intelligent ones. Cassidy's connection to Rese is so sweet and painful. And the image of them on the alters after death, that Cassidy will one day lay there too. Very heart breaking and beautiful.

X. Thank-you for dedicating this to me! I was so thrilled when I saw you had. I am so pleased with the TMI/NS crossover, it fits so perfectly! And it is so in character for Isabel to just drag home two cute boys she meets. And Rese's insecurities about her looks, but not really overly caring were perfect. But Cassidy looking at her like that at the end, awwwwww. It's such a normal girl-thing to feel insecure and then feel just a bit better just from a look by a cute boy. I am glad that Rese has these moments as well.

ALRIGHT you have got to be so annoyed by now, so I will stop. But in conclusion (if you didn't get it at first) I LOVED IT.