Reviews for The Great Cake Stalemate
Lonewolf.007 chapter 1 . 9/2/2011
That was aboslutely HILARIOUS! AHAHA love ythe awkwardness when Aubrey's talking to Caroline about the dress XD

Hope you write again soon!
Tedd.E.Bare chapter 1 . 4/23/2011
remind me.. where IS that Pulitzer prize of yours?

"Aubrey Fitzwilliam knew that what some people called 'adventure' tended to resemble his idea of 'logistical nightmares'." BRILLIANT. mega brilliance.

was sitting on the edge of my seat for all of this story (that may have something to do with a giant blanket taking up most of the seat, but metaphorically, i WAS on the edge of my seat)

*snicker* i love how caroline's thought process jumps straight to the right just makes it all the more funnier that she even contemplates it.

"Ugliness being a prerequisite of most cakes." hahahaha, caroline hates flower shows and cake competitions then?

"I expect you're both familiar with the convention of a dancer jumping out of a cake?" *snicker*

DORA. now i have the mental image of Aubrey in a costume worthy of "Pricilla Queen of the Desert" type fame. *shudder*

""I've managed to, ah, to source a…a sort of feathery thing." that has got to be the most awkward thing to say to a girl...hahahahaha LOVE IT!

amazing job! perfect. brilliant. AWESOME. will there be more?