Reviews for The Last Days of the Long War
Jossi-kun chapter 8 . 11/7/2011
This is an awesome story, I really enjoyed reading it. :) The only thing that bugged me was that John was such an asshole, though I can understand why you wrote him like that. He did seem a bit of an asshole in 'Salvation'. :( Anyways, other than that I had a lot of fun reading this, thank you. :)
Xxwolfy-chanxX chapter 8 . 9/27/2011
Really like this it was great thought you also wrote john conner perfect you really did capture his dislike for marcus and the whole marcus/kyle was cute and am really glade that both ended up happy and for some reason thought that you killing of conner seemed right I mean that man always seems to come out of every battle alive while everyone else dies so thought that fit perfect. Also thought that machine detroit was a nice twist. Anyways just thought I would review and tell you that I like your story considering that you have no reviews for such a good piece of work so it deserves one and you made it long which is a bonus because now I don't have to scower the web searching for terminator salvations slash fanfic :) so thanks,