Reviews for Theories of Bellativity
glo4twilight chapter 34 . 10/13
I'm so glad i tead this at home. NSFW definitely. Always love Epov!
glo4twilight chapter 33 . 10/13
Oh wow how cool that this is kinda based on you. Thankyou for sharing. Btw i loved charlie in this hahaha
glo4twilight chapter 32 . 10/13
Wow this was frickin awesome! The whole story was awesome and I'm so glad i got to read it all. Thankyou so much and i do hope you have something else in that very talented mind of yours .
glo4twilight chapter 31 . 10/13
Oh wow i totes never expected that! Thats awesome!
And of course i love his parents! Loved this chapter!
glo4twilight chapter 30 . 10/13
Dang I'm feeling so sad for them. Btw i did kinda like charlie in the movie too .lol. and emmett is awesome lol.
glo4twilight chapter 29 . 10/13
wow charlie is an asshole! renee is funny and i love that edward wasn't fazed or if he was he certainly didn't show it!
glo4twilight chapter 28 . 10/11
well it sucks that she's going to be leaving for awhile. but at least on this trip he'll be going with her. and i love the on call room sex haha! she finally got her fantasy and him too it would seem! love these two
glo4twilight chapter 27 . 10/11
yayyyyy! that was the solution i have been waiting for. and it's great that he offered. and now that they have both decalared their ILY's surely she will accept. carp diem you know lol awesome chapter
glo4twilight chapter 26 . 10/10
Wow she sure does think a lot lol. Glad shes gonna stay tho. And hope everything works out for her to be at least at angelas wedding
glo4twilight chapter 25 . 10/10
Well im glad he kinda said for her to stay but doesnt want to influence her too much. Omg he so thoughtful as well as fuckhot sexy haha
glo4twilight chapter 24 . 10/10
ohhhhhh daaaayummm girrrrlll! that was one hella or shall i say heavenly lemon! phew i'm so glad i wasn't at work or on the bus to work reading this. mmmm mm. what a hot sexy passionate man edward is. really had bella letting loose! love your work!
glo4twilight chapter 23 . 10/10
oh fuck! glad i can read on!
glo4twilight chapter 22 . 10/9
Ohhhh minxy bella lol. Finally its finished. their work that is
glo4twilight chapter 21 . 10/9
Ohhh i hope she goes with him. It would suck if she didn't . Awesome sexy chapter
Guest chapter 34 . 10/6
Absolutely loved the story!
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