Reviews for The Land of Memory
Mikayla chapter 2 . 6/23/2016
Wow, I'm so glad that SOMEBODY knows how to portray Dumbledore. Not as Saint Albus, nor as Evil, Rotten Dark Lord Dumbledore but as the very human man he is. He's human, flawed, lonely and struggling with himself but also a lot of the time can't help being a manipulative little shit even for himself. He's not bad, slippery and shady but not bad
llimbus chapter 2 . 10/21/2013
Thank you for writing this one as well!

Where should I start... I've only read this story with Albus by you but I wouldn't hesitate in saying that you are an expert in writing him. The characterisation was spot on. Absolutely marvelous. You managed showing us his every side.
I wouldn't hesitate in calling you an expert in writing Muriel, either. Oh my, I just love the way you wrote her. Her characterisation was wonderful, too.

The conversation between them (and the things they didn't say) was one of the greatest things I've read here on this site. It was both amusing and an eye-opener.

So, thanks!

(Favorite story and favorite author)
excessivelyperky chapter 2 . 4/14/2013
Very good. And Albus knows that with Snape gone, Minerva won't have any trouble with Slughorn; after all, dear old Sluggy knows that Gryffindor always rules, and doesn't complain when his Slytherins are sacrificed to the Greater Good.

Just as long as Muriel cooperates, anyway. Which of course she will. Few people can resist Albus when he's trying to be charming; perhaps that explains the loyalty of the Order no matter how many of them have died (and the Order has had quite a high casualty rate, even for a ragtag guerilla outfit).

But Muriel probably knows enough to stay well away from either side.
excessivelyperky chapter 1 . 4/12/2013
But at the same time, it's a trick. Your self-reproach, I mean. You use it as a defensive weapon: you reproach yourself, and that absolves you.

-Old habits die hard; Albus did that beyond the grave to Harry. And he gets over that self-reproach rather quickly, too.

If you really want friendship, you'll tell me about Ariana. If you're just your devious, diplomatic self, you'll choose the best possible public image.

-Guess which one he'll pick. But then, since he'll be worshiped forever in that white tomb of his, he obviously did the right thing.
JustFishy chapter 2 . 6/25/2012
Well well - this was very, very well written.

Now - normally I don't like fics that portray Albus to be a manipulative, self absorbed prick - even though, he has been self absorbed, and contiues to be manipulative - though for the reasons some venomous authors portray, I disagree - but here - I think you've written him (as well as Muriel) as manipulative, cunning and thoughtful, but also human, and with good reason to be.

Muriel isn't a character we hear much about, nor do we much like her - well I didn't - found her rather nasty in fact - but you've written her here almost like an elder Minerva - or perhaps, an elder Slytherin Minerva.

And while I really enjoyed this yarn - I still think you're bend on Albus is a touch too Slytherin for my mind - however, as you profess to be the "Real Snape" - perhaps you are truly Slytherin and you can't wrap your mind around a Gryffindor's motives. (Much like I can't wrap my mind around a Slytherin's motives when they aren't selfish, egotistical or self-centered - though I am sure (as one of my best buddies is truly Slytherin at heart) that these types of folks aren't truly nasty, but perhaps, have a more classical propensity to seem nasty.

Does any of that make sense?

Anyhoo - I did warn you that my reviews might often sound like criticism - however - I like to give good work my honest opinion - and your work, my dear, is truly remarkable.

I am thouroghly impressed.
Kelly Chambliss chapter 2 . 5/8/2011
"this Albus could bend and turn with every current"

Here's another fine example of your insight into Albus; you've captured the mature man perfectly. He's so manipulative, yet poignant, because as you show, part of him really does want a companion, someone who might be his equal, even though he has no idea how to relate to such a person. He's been performing so long now that the acting has become his reality.

And Muriel has her own reasons for not being swayed by him - part because she knows him well and also in part because she also needs to justify herself to herself. Yet, as someone once perceptively said, she's too sharp by half. Take this insight, for instance: "but I thought I meant more to you than I did to them. In the end, I was so much less – they, at least, truly appreciated my body. You didn't even do that."

"A feeling for colours doesn't equal poofter, no more than woman equals mindless."

Love your Muriel. And this story.
Swallow B chapter 2 . 5/7/2011
As you see, I needed some time to think over this one. You are trying different versions of Muriel, which is an interesting thing to do with a minor character, and JKR's old ladies are really worth it. This version gives a very plausible explanation of Muriel's antagonism towards Albus in DH. Very insightful portrait of Albus and his version of things. As Alcina points out, you gave a realistic description of how hard taking care of Ariana must have been for a studious and ambitious type such as Albus, despite the fact that he loved his sister.

His whole Proust thing was rather clumsy, but what do you expect?

I'll just add this: I don't know if you did, but don't assume when I don't review, it automatically means I don't like the story. Sometimes I need to think about it, and sometimes I just don't find adequate words (I am thinking of one of your stories in particular here).
Ysilme chapter 1 . 5/5/2011
Ah, deligthful, delightful, excellent story!

Not a pairing you see every day - or at all, but in the best of hands with you.

"It wasn't his habit to greet his guests in this manner; if one wanted to get co-operation of someone potentially unwilling to give it, it usually was far more useful to let them walk the full length of Hogwarts's corridors realising that they were about to meet the Greatest Wizard of This Age."

Oh my, Albus... *rofl*

"What I mean is, we seek each other out, we drive each other mad, and we vow we'll never speak again if we can avoid it." Well put!

"I personally consider impressing Griselda Marchbanks among my greatest achievements."

Yes! :o)

Your take on what caring for Ariana meant is very plausible, and very realistic, I think. It must have been something of the like...

"and you can put your palmiers you-know-where."


"but you moaning Gellert's name when you came was a bit of a give-away, too."

abacab chapter 2 . 5/1/2011
Interesting :)
Kelly Chambliss chapter 1 . 4/28/2011
This story captures so much of what I love about good HP fic in general and yours in particular: that sense of a full world and history people with rich, complex characters. Your Albus makes such sense: we see his charm and appeal and genuine humanity at the same time that we recognize his overhelming sense of male privilege and his self-absorption and his inability, after all this time, to stop performing, even for himself.

And Muriel - well, you know how I love your version of her. Willful and glorious, with her competing sharp insights and her personal blindnesses. Plus, one can cut oneself on wit this sharp. No wonder Albus thought she might be enough to help him switch teams.

I'm fascinated by this idea of Albus finally finding a contemporary and equal; it helps us see him in very different wats from his canon incarnation of wise old man.

"Albus took a deep breath which was mostly not play-acting."

This line is the essence of your Albus. And I love that Muriel mostly recognizes that he's performing.

I think you've made an excellent choice to alternate straight narrative with internal monologue; both these characters are consummate actors; we really need tnarrative help to get behind their masks. And even to themselves, of course, they can't get off stage. It's fascinating to try to unravel their realities.

Really a fine story, a fine character study, full of insight.