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The Nerdy Mirror Maze Queen chapter 1 . 11/30/2011

Name: Jordan Simons

Gender: female

Age: 14

Personality: shy, werid, always has a funny sarcasim retort but may or may not say it


Physical Description: creamy tannish skin, big cow eyes, curly dark brown hair stopping at mid back, wears big rimmed black glasses(has spares same kind in hot pink) has braces on top teeth

Day to day clothing: Hello Kitty shirt, army jacket, flare jeans

Formal: never wears formal, something colorful(but not inaproperite) that you'd see at a party

Beach: blue bathing suit, grey water shoes

PJ's: muppets footie PJS!


Codename: Dusty

Uniform: help me on this

Power: turns into a silver dust that can fly, get into small spaces and make shapes, but can't carry anything over 10 pounds

Power History: no idea where powers came from

Strengths: getting in&out easliy, getting into locked rooms, & vents

Weaknesses: cracks under pressure, needing to get things over 10 pounds out in dust, vaccuims


Nationality: Italion, Swiss

Post Story Home: what?

Family History: dad has Hpertrichosis, mom paints for a career

Friendship History: no friends just pushed around


Sexuality: straight

Relationship History: never even had first crush

Sexually active?: no

What kind of girlfriend/boyfriend do they like?: IDK creative and imagintive

What kind of friend do they like?: smae as last question


The one thing that makes them the most happy: funny things

Goal: becoming a famous desingher and artist

What he/she is troubled because of: her long, long, long list of fears

Personal Secret: something embarassing to the max

Something he/she doesn't know about: the muppets are real people

Absolute Fear: robots, robotic animals, wax figures, those robot adinours made to look real, wet mops on a crosse town bus in July that crashed into a chesse shop that sells dirty socks, bleeding to death, mad cow diease, branding, her emo corner

Little fears: none little ones

FAVOURITES (optional)

Color: neon green

Music/Songs: Kerli & Lady Gaga songs lots of MCR too

Sport: dodge ball, she is a whole new person

Animal?: loves them all

Movie?: Rocky Horrors, how to train your dragon

TV show?: American Dad, Adventure Time, Glee, MAD

Drink: Sherrly Temples

Place?: San Fransico

Ice cream?: Vanilla


Do they crush on teachers?:no

Do they have a cell phone?:no

Do they wear their shoes in the house? no

Ever go on vacation?: yes

Facebook?: doesn't believe in FB



Can do whatever to them?: depends

Why I should pick your OC: No one ever uses my ideas, and in real life people dis my ideas and it really depresses me of how people treat my ides and so some one making my character would make me happy all I want is someone to use my OC and not call me a moron
Stormysongbird chapter 3 . 5/5/2011
Thank you so much for accepting Quinn, this is the first time she's ever been used and I'm looking forward to how she turns out!

AnnabethChase999 chapter 2 . 5/5/2011
thanks for excepting mine i'm seriously excited

could you take Zac out of the story,i was going to delete him and create a brotherblood for you instead but i didn't know how to delete him

and eventually,whenever you like in the story, could mine,Angela,be paired up with Seth Rogan?
A-Rog chapter 2 . 5/1/2011
Hey, I'm glad Alex made it in! It's going to be a few days before I get that program thing into you because I'm at the last week of school so I'm busy with final papers but I'll try to get you a picture of him by Wednesday! I apologize for the delay!
Elliot Johnson chapter 1 . 5/1/2011
Brotherhood or Institute?: Institute

Name: Jack Newman

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Personality: Kind, Eccentric, merciful, charismatic,


Physical Description: Built like a runner, 6"11, Blue eyes, dark brown hair, pale skin, handsome

Day to day clothing: blue jeans, white dress shirt, black tie, and brown overcoat

Formal: Black suit and Tie

Beach: Shorts

PJ's: Boxers


Codename: Albatross

Uniform: Full kevlar Body armour under overcoat

Power:inner electric field greatly accelerates his body's natural ability to repair damage by stimulating the muscle tissue and his immune system,create and manipulate electricity,making his body become electricity and teleport,creating electrokinetic copies of himself,transfer his thoughts and memories directly into the minds of other people by physically touching them by using their neuro-electric energy from their neurons' synapses

Power History: hes had them for 5 years and has been using them to be a hero

Strengths: cooking, Martial Arts, Computars, art, literature

Weaknesses: has to concentrate in extreme bodies of water like an ocean or lake or pool


Nationality: Irish, British

Post Story Home: lived in Austin Texas

Family History: has one mom and a brother

Friendship History: has noone


Sexuality: Straight

Relationship History: noone

Sexually active?: yes but controlls himself

What kind of girlfriend/boyfriend do they like?: goths,

What kind of friend do they like?: anyone thats a good person


The one thing that makes them the most happy: there friend and loved ones

Goal: to help the world and protect it

What he/she is troubled because of: he lost his freind becuase of a mistake he made when using his powers

Personal Secret:

Something he/she doesn't know about:

Absolute Fear: his loved ones deaths, and losing himself in his power

Little fears: none

Can do whatever to them? (This may include have them try something, or do something bad.): yes

4everablackrose chapter 2 . 5/1/2011
I can't find the winners. Also it says there are only 2 chapters when there are 5. what happened?
AlyCat3 chapter 6 . 5/1/2011

Brotherhood or Institute?: Brotherhood

Name: Brandon Farley

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Personality: he's mostly quite and the observer, trying to figure out the person and what the best way would be to mess with said person


Physical Description: he has flaming red hair with dark brown eyes and so many freckles he looks tan

Day to day clothing: red flannel shirt over a white beater, torn holy jeans and hickers boots

Formal: never had to

Beach: swimming trunks just plane black

PJ's: sleeps in boxers


Codename: Senser

Uniform: he stoll a black jumpsuite from the x-men and just took of all the extra stuff

Power:he can take away (or give extra) sensory deprivation. You could be blind deaf unable to feel or speak etc. or the smallest amount of light possible is to bright, dropping a pin will brake an ear drum etc.

Power History: when he was eight and at school some kids started picking on him, his powers went hay wire and everyone at the playground had one of the following :couldn't see, couldn't hear couldn't talk or went numb all over

Strengths: he's very good at reading people in general

Weaknesses: if the person is already blind/deaf he can't heal them


Nationality: American

Post Story Home: his parents were freaked out by what he had become and tried to send him to an aslyum, he stayed there for less tehn 36 housr before escaping

Family History: he has an older brother who is now in college, but before he tried to help his brother as much as he could, but when his parents sent him away they grew apart and haven't seen each other in years

Friendship History: after teh physasco at school he never really gained any frinds; his best frind is now Lance Alvers


Sexuality: Straight

Relationship History: never had a porper girlfrind

Sexually active?: no

What kind of girlfriend/boyfriend do they like?: he loves red haids.

What kind of friend do they like?: Since he's so quite and doesn't talk much, he prefers the kind of frind who does talk alot, it fills the silence


The one thing that makes them the most happy: feeling accepted in the bortherhood

Goal: to get back at the normal humans who shunned him and made his life hell

What he is troubled because of: his past and how unaccepted he feels

Personal Secret: he has a crush on Rogue

Something he doesn't know about: Rogue has a crush on him

Absolute Fear: going back to the aslyum

Little fears: his powrs going hay wire again

FAVOURITES (optional)

Color: red

Music/Songs: Three Doors down

Sport: basketball

Animal?: dog

Movie?: The Outsiders

TV show?: Numb3rs

Drink:? Dr. Pepper

Place?: The Brotherhood mansion

Ice cream?: Mint Choclate Chip


Do they crush on teachers?: no

Do they have a cell phone?: yes

Do they wear their shoes in the house? yes

Ever go on vacation?: nope

Facebook?: nope

Twitter?: no

Formspring?: no

Can do whatever to them? (This may include have them try something, or do something bad.): yes

Why I should pick your OC: I think he's pretty orignall, and you said you needed another member of the brotherhood, besides he'd be lots of fun in a huanted hosue
keeponrockin'inthefreeworld chapter 1 . 5/1/2011

Brotherhood or Institute?: either

Name: Jessica Novella

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Personality: Jessica is that girl who always has something to day. She's bright and full of life, and very caring and thoughtful. She has a temper that at certain times she has trouble keeping in check but her heart is definitely in the right place. Jessica is very noble and proud of who she is.


Physical Description: Not super skinny, but you couldn't call her anything more than a little chubby. Very curvy and 5'4 with freckles all over her body. Short carrot orange hair that falls in ringlets and crimps to her shoulders with fringe bangs. Her eyes are Aquamarine blue and are the only thing she cant change with her power.

Day to day clothing: A purple tank top and grey shorts/pants.

Formal: white halter dress with pink empire waistband.

Beach: black one piece.

PJ's: blue plaid bottoms and a white tank top.


Codename: Firefox

Uniform: An aquamarine/teal leotard.

Power: Shape-shifting.

Power History:

She can take on the form of any human she can imagine (unlike Mystique who first has to see the person) She can not change the color of her eyes and s very fond of taking the form of a blazing red fox fox.


Weaknesses: her eyes can give her away so she wears brown contacts in battle.


Nationality: American

Pre Story Home: Clay County, Arkansas (but she was born in Louisiana)

Family History: Her parents and little brother love her very much, and sent her to Xavier's in her best interest.

Friendship History: She has some friends, but no one special.


Sexuality: bisexual

Relationship History: she has a boyfriend for a week in junior high, but ended it because things were awkward.

Sexually active?: nope, and would like to wait until she's 18 at least.

What kind of girlfriend/boyfriend do they like?: Someone with a sense of humor, that can make her feel like she's special.

What kind of friend do they like?: she's gets along well with a lot of people.


The one thing that makes them the most happy: Being home with her family.

Goal: to be able to change her eye color at will.

What he/she is troubled because of: She misses home A LOT.

Personal Secret: She doesn't really like everyone, she just hates being mean.

Something he/she doesn't know about: Someone has a crush on her..?

Absolute Fear: Losing her family.

Little fears: huge spiders, heights (when shes not a bird)

FAVOURITES (optional)

Color: purple

Music/Songs: Home - Edward Sharpe & the magnetic zeros. (she loves country.)

Sport: She doesn't like sports but she'll watch football.

Animal?: fox.

Movie?: remember the titans.

TV show?: glee

Drink?: Pepsi

Place?: home.

Ice cream?: chocolate


Do they crush on teachers?: only if they're young.

Do they have a cell phone?: yes, Sony Ericsson xperia play.

Do they wear their shoes in the house? nope

Ever go on vacation?: not really.

Facebook?: yeah

Twitter?: no

Formspring?: yeah

Can do whatever to them? (This may include have them try something, or do something bad.): sure.

Why I should pick your OC: she's grounded, and would probably bring a lot of peace to your team(s)
The Lady Cloudy chapter 6 . 5/1/2011
Brotherhood or Institute?: Institute

Name: Liliana "Lily" Ramirez

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Personality: Lily is a goody two shoes who never seems to do anything wrong. She is a deligent worker who is well liked by all her teachers. She is kind of a teachers pet in every class. Lily is very nice to all her classmates and is that girl who is friends with everyone but no one. She gets along with pretty much everyone and doesn't mind hanging out with "losers." Lily is kind to everyone and she likes to talk with her teachers. She doesn't mind helping people and actuallly knows a bit about medicine because her mother is a nurse and her father is a surgeon.


Physical Description: Tanned skin, which is natural. Shoulder length very curly dark chocolate brown hair and dark brown. She has large butterfly wings on back that change to match her surrounding so she can camoflague. 5'0" and very fragile looking.

Day to day clothing: Light blue flare jeans, pink tank top with slits in the back for her wings, and black Mary-Janes.

Formal: A short sleeved knee length lilac colored dress

Beach: Blue tankini

PJ's: Pink night gown


Codename: Butterfly

Uniform: A open backed halter top black uniform with a violet colored sash/gloves/boots.

Power: Large color changing butterfly wings that adapt to match her surroundings and camoflague her

Power History: She's always had her wings

Strengths: Flying and camoflague

Weaknesses: Very fragile, delicate, terrible at offense and defense, and poor fighter.


Nationality: Mexican/Hispanic

Post Story Home:

Family History: Lived with her grandmother Maria, grandfather Jose, mother Francesca, father Nathan, sister Carmella and sister Isabella.

Friendship History: Is usually friends with everyone


Sexuality: Straight

Relationship History: Hasnt had any relationships

Sexually active?: No

What kind of girlfriend/boyfriend do they like?: Someone who is nice to her and has a sense of humor

What kind of friend do they like?: Anyone really


The one thing that makes them the most happy: Flying

Goal: To be a nurse

What he/she is troubled because of: Nothing really

Personal Secret: Nothing

Something he/she doesn't know about: Nothing

Absolute Fear: Water

Little fears: Dogs
fujoshifanGRL93 chapter 1 . 5/1/2011

Brotherhood or Institute:Brotherhood(but either is fine)

Name:Siria Hope Valintina-Ngawini

Nickname:Her Royal Shortness



Personality:Sarcastic and a little mean, Siria has trouble adapting to change and letting others in. Though she finds it hard making friends she is very protective of the ones she has. Growing up on a farm she enjoyd riding horses and dirt bikes and hated high heels. She has a love for all animals especialy her horse River back in NZ. Can be emotional when drunk.



Physical Discription:

Hair-Black, long wavy


Skin-sort of a light honey tone.

Build-Average, a little thicker in the hips


Day to day clothing:

Top-purple spaghetti strap tank top. Cropped leather jacket

Bottoms-Skinny Jeans


Formal:form fitting black dress cut mid thigh, paird with hoop earings and stilleto pumps.

Beach:fuschiq bikini

PJ:bra and briefs(though sometimes she sleeps in nothing at all)



Codename: Primal


Powers:Empathy, able to sense the emotions of other sentient beings(humanoid or animal) her power even allows her to connect with the earth and communicate with plants seeing nature as alive as us.

Enhanced senses and reflexes, her empathic connection with nature makes her more attune to her 'Primal' instincts making her more animalistic in nature.

Power History:at age 9 her powers activated, she became distraut at the overwhelmingness of others emotion her grandmother helped her see it as a gift, to intimately understand others in such a way as something preciouse.




Tapping into the Primal side of her powers causes her to become more animalistic.


Working with others



Nationality:Kiwi(New Zealander)

Post Story Home:Farm in NZ, High end Appartment in LA.

Family History:Born of Maori and Puerto Rican decent, Siria grew up on a farm in the small town of Tikitiki in the Ngati Porou region of NZ with her mother and grandparents. Mana Ngawini, Siria's granmother was very spiritual and well traveled woman who often told her legends and stories of her travels across the globe.

Siria's father an American businessman often kept in touch with her via email and Skype, and sent her extravigant gifts. Though not divorced her parents were seperated her mother wanting a husband who loved her not how good her blow jobs were(her words), her mother was a very proud woman who hated asking for her fathers help.

At age 10 she moved to America after a visit from her father rekindled the romance between her parents, she found it veri hard to adjust to such a different life and acted out.

The transitions from cows, horses and gumboots to tiny dogs in clothes and stilletos was fast and caused her to become extremely homesick. Siria began staying out late and drinking heavily, the only place she really found peace was when she was working on her car or out driving, nowhere in particular just the road and her.

Friendship History:

Maria-her bestfriend back home, known each other since birth their mothers delivering on the same day.

Alice-a flower, upon discovering her powers Siria and Alice hit it off, bonding over a mutual addiction to spanish soaps. Alice often annoys Siria, the two arguing over ridiculouse subjects like who needs rehab more Lindsay or Amy(whinhouse).



Sexuality:Bi, though tends to lean toward guys.

Relationship History:

Sexually Active:no (though people assume she is)

What Kind of boyfriend/girlfriend do they like:though she'll usualy go for looks over substance idealy her perfect mate is someone who can make her laugh and is a little dorky.

What kind of friend do they like:Someone who is loyal and will always be there no matter how much of a bitch you can be.



thing that makes them most happy: People falling over, laughing at people for no reason or working on her car/bike.

Goals:To punch Paris Hilton in the face, to drink Charlie Sheen under the table.

What she is troubled because of:

Personal secret:

something she doesnt know about:

Absolute fear:to be rejected, to lose control, to feel nothing

Little fear:homeless people, babys(innocent or evil?)




Music/Song:R&B,Pop,Dance/Valerie, Rehab(Amy Whinehouse), Bust Your Windows, Raise Your Glass.

Sport: Dodge Ball


Movie:Selena, DOA

Tv Shows:BTVS, Spanish soaps and secretly Glee

Drink:Tiquila, Vodka(basicaly anything with alcohol) or Pepsi

Place:her car

Ice Cream:Cookiedough



do they have a crush of teachers:

do they have a cell phone:yes

do they wear their shoes in the house:yes

ever go on vacation: regularly visited her father in LA, and has taken trips with him to Greece and Brazil

Facebook:updates frequently

Twitter:600 followers


Can do whatever to them:sure

Why I should pick your OC:who doesnt like a crying drunk, plus i have a rifle aimed outside your window and am ready to fire.
4everablackrose chapter 3 . 5/1/2011
and change her middle name to alexis. sorry
4everablackrose chapter 4 . 5/1/2011
in my application ignore the part that says she is a bit of a party girl because she trys to get rid of the guilt. She is a big party girl because she loves to party. ment to change that.
4everablackrose chapter 1 . 5/1/2011

Brotherhood or Institute?: Institute

Name:Casey Marie Day

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Personality: Casey is very independent and a bit of a party girl. She is very headstrong and stubborn which gets her into a lot of trouble. She is a party girl just to kind of hide her guilt from what she did to her sister. But past all that she is a very sweet caring girl. She also loves Drag races and getting drunk. She kinda sleeps around but always wears a condom and she is on birth control.


Physical Description: . ?langen&search_sourcesearch_form&versionllv1&anyorallall&safesearch1&searchtermteenagerwithblondehair&search_group&orient&search_cat&searchtermx&photographer_name&people_gender&people_age&people_ethnicity&people_number&commercial_ok&color&show_color_wheel1#id72983707

Day to day clothing: Even though she is a party girl, she never dress's very much like a slut and she keeps it fairly clean.

In general- plaid and denim

Warm weather- Shorts, Tank tops, and flip-flops

Cool weather- Jeans, converse, and big sweatshirts

Formal:Nice dress and flats

Eample- .

Beach: Bikini with girls board shorts


Summer- Short shorts and a cami

Winter- Sweat pants and a cami


Codename: Anguish

Uniform: Kitty's uniform(from xmen evo.) with bright blue replacing the yellow and hot pink replacing the purple.

Power: Psychic weapons but they often also hurt her but not as much as the person she is using it on. She also has Poison generation.

Power History: She was having a fight with her sister when she slapped her across the face and her sisters face seemed to have burned from the toxin that came from her hand and it killed her by accident(13 at the time). When she was 14 she also developed her Psychic weapons power.

Strengths: She is good in combat and quickly learns the opponents strengths and weaknesses. She has also learned to control the poisons she gives off, the amount and where it is given off.

Weaknesses:She is very hesitant to use her powers in case of killing some one again.


Nationality: American but from Irish decent

Post Story Home: She lived in Malibu with her parents and older sister. She lived in a mansion but her parents were hardly ever around because they are always on business trips

Family History: She and her sister always got along except for the one fight and she never got much of a chance to get to know them

Friendship History: She never had many friends because she was so stubborn all the time.


Sexuality: Strait but has experimented with girls(didn't like AT ALL)

Relationship History: She has never really had an actual relationship that lasted more than a month but would really like one.

Sexually active?: yup

What kind of girlfriend/boyfriend do they like?: One who won't judge her and loves music. She loves it to even though can't play any instruments or sing.

What kind of friend do they like?: Ones that is almost the exact opposite of her except that they are still nice.


The one thing that makes them the most happy: Feeling cared for.

Goal: To become a teacher at the institute

What he/she is troubled because of: She killed her sister by accident.

Personal Secret: she killed her sister by accident, Only Scott know this

Something he/she doesn't know about: Her sister was also a mutant but chose not to go to the Institute. she could breath underwater.

Absolute Fear: Hospitals and doctors and needles and that general idea. She will do absolutely anything to get out of dealing with them no matter how sick or injured

Little fears: bugs

FAVOURITES (optional)

Color: black and hot pink

Music/Songs: Kryptonite by 3 doors down

Sport: Surfing

Animal?: Dolphin


TV show?: greys anatomy

Drink: beer and pepsi


Ice cream?:


Do they crush on teachers?: No but she has always been really close with Scott and see's him as sort of a father figure she never had.

Do they have a cell phone?: yes

Do they wear their shoes in the house?: not usually but only because she likes being bare foot.

Ever go on vacation?: no

Facebook?: Sometimes

Twitter?: hardly ever but ya

Formspring?: depends on the guy

Can do whatever to them? (This may include have them try something, or do something bad.): Absolutely anything you want but I would prefer u not kill her.

Why I should pick your OC: Because I have no self confidence.
ForgotMyUmbrella chapter 6 . 4/30/2011
Brotherhood or Institute?: Institute

Name: Melanie 'Mel' Gwyn



Personality: She is very sweet and talkative. She literally flutters from person to person! She is very good natured and takes jokes very well, even pulls a few herself


Physical Description: She has pink hair( mutation), a rather petite frame, pale skin, pink on black eyes( mutation), dragonfly like wings

Day to day clothing: a pink tank top with a smiley face on it and Jean shorts

Formal: a short strapless peach colored dress

Beach: a purple and pink tankini

PJ's:a oversized yellow shirt and soffee shorts



Uniform: black uniform with yellow accents and a yellow skirt

Power: She can create hallucinagetic "pixie dust" that causes silly hallucinations, flight

Power History: She's always had her wings but she began to produce pixie dust at age 7

Strengths: imaginative things, flight(still wears a helmet in case of crashes) good driver

Weaknesses: robots, strength


Nationality: Caucasian

Post Story Home: moves in with a friend

Family History: She lived in a mining town in Virginia and got trapped in a mine with herbrother JJ and has bern terrified of them.

Friendship History: because of her mutation, her brother became her best friend


Sexuality: straight

Relationship History: none

Sexually active?: nope

What kind of girlfriend/boyfriend do they like?: Happy cheerful and very supportive. Someone who can make her laugh

What kind of friend do they like?: Happy people that love to laugh


The one thing that makes them the most happy: Being around friends

Goal: To be happy!

What he/she is troubled because of: Her wings

Personal Secret: She is very self consious about the way she looks

Something he/she doesn't know about: love

Absolute Fear: death

Little fears: crashing into things

FAVOURITES (optional)

Color: pink!

Music/Songs: Fireworks by Katy Perry

Sport: volleyball

Animal?: puppy

Movie?: Peter Pan

TV show?: Glee


Place?: Wales

Ice cream?: Rainbow sherbert


Do they crush on teachers?: yeas, Scott

Do they have a cell phone?: no

Do they wear their shoes in the house? No

Ever go on vacation?: yes to Wales

Facebook?: no

Twitter?: yes

Formspring?: yes

Can do whatever to them? (This may include have them try something, or do something bad.): yes

Why I should pick your OC: You said you needed an innocent girl! I had her created long before this and it's so weird you said butterfly wings cuz well she does!
SonOfHades96 chapter 6 . 4/30/2011
Thanks for picking my Oc. I am DYING for your first official ASAP!
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