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jared.christopherson.5 chapter 1 . 11/29/2014
Cool points man. Although I've heard that it was his belt, not his rear… To be honest, I do thhink Sora and Riku love each other, but as BROTHERS! That also works for the crying scene, because imagine if you hadn't seen your brother for who knows how long, I KNOW I'D CRY! And let me tell you that I'm 110% straight.

I looked at soe of the reviews, and they seemed to make fair arguments, athough I can't read that smies guy's thing with the device I'm using.

Prometheus: We give this a "Proving the SoKai pairin"/10
Sokai Forever chapter 1 . 1/6/2014
I agree on all the points mentioned here , I am big fan of Sokai , and sometimes do not understand the fans who support Soriku , it will never happen and not even have evidence for such a thing , in all the Kingdom Hearts games have evidence that the Sora loves Kairi and vice versa , as already mentioned , the Sora is always very sentimental when it comes to Kairi 's proof is somewhat indirect but demonstrates how it is attached will Kairi in Chain of Memories he even gets to be furious with Donald and Goofy because they doubt Namine ( what is the Nobody of Kairi ;) ) , is not a coincidence , the same Namine says that Kairi is the light of Sora and that however much she mess with it the memories of Sora never forget Kairi , will only make their connection becomes increasingly deeper than it already is , Roxas says when connected mentally with Kairi says she is the girl who likes sora , in the first game says Riku in the Castle in Hollow Bastion for him to give , Sora replied that he will not give up until you have Kairi back, he unhesitatingly stab himself with the Keyblade of People 's hearts to release the heart of Kairi and make it wakes up knowing he would lose his heart in the process and become a Heartless , Kairi and even after he supposedly disappeared she refuses to believe that he died , when he sees a Heartless near her , she soon saw that it was Sora , and to protect the Heartsless she hugs , this is not something you do for a friend :) , until after we have Kairi to give your lucky charm to Sora ( which curiously has Sora 's face drawn on it ;) ) , and she says " Do not Ever Forget ... However you go I'm allways with you" once again a phrase that does not say to a friend :) and Sora at the end of the first game promises the same thing, " Remember what you said before ... I'm allways with you too ... I'll come back to you i promise ! " probably one of the most romantic promises I've ever heard :) , and at the very end of the first game to see the drawing that Kairi Sora did he give in Paopu Fruit Kairi will cave , which makes Kairi cry of happiness she also draws her to take a Sora in KH2 there are times when the very sora daydream thinking about Kairi , when he sees Will and Elizabeth embrace - it turns red and Danold says he knows very well who he is thinking , and when he sees Jake Skellington and Sally to dance ( Jake and Sally are a couple ) he daydreams that is dancing with Kairi was a very sweet moment , not to mention that he did what many would do just to prove as not to mention he did what many would do just to prove how much a person can be important , Saix asks Sora if it is so important to him , and he responds " Yes more than anything ," Saix then doing another question " Show me how important " to prove how important she is to him, Sora stands on his knees and his head bowed in submission and even saying " Please ... " , this is something unthinkable to do in front of an enemy could kill you at any moment , says Axel Saix still be punished with the maximum penalty for what he did , but Sora does not care , just wants to take the next Kairi , the stronghold of the Organization XIII Saix says Kairi " betrayed " Sora with his friend the darkness still saying " She no longer need you " , and Sora does not believe a word of Saix , demonstrating an unshaken confidence in Kairi , who shortly after Sora appears and is shocked and so pleased that forgets that it is surrounded by Heartless that attack by surprise throwing him to the ground , and Kairi unhesitatingly throws himself from a high to help Sora , but without having a weapon or force to save, it just desmonstra great courage and strength that Kairi have to save the most important person to her , one of the great moments Sokai is the meeting between Sora and Kairi , Sora is surprised how much has changed Kairi ( In physical aspect of course, she was already beautiful , was even more beautiful :) ) then Kairi runs to hug him saying " This is real ... " implying that she had dreamed it, but it was just that, a dream, but now it was real, and Sora is shocked by the reaction of Kairi ( I also would have if the girl I like to go out to run hold me well :) ) , and gently hugs Kairi , then come the scene that leaves fans all Soriku frilled when Sora cries for reviewing the friend he had not seen will almost year and a half , and then we have the big end of the game where Sora and Riku return to the island and there is expected of them Kairi , which calls for them (they fall into the sea) on the island , sora goes running toward the very happy Kairi , it seemed that we were going to have another great time Sokai , but Donald and Goofy spoiled the whole scene lol , but we were in time to see the Sora to return Kairi 's lucky charm as he had promised, and the cutscene ends with them holding hands during the credits we see Sora to see the cave Kairi that she also designed to provide a Paopu Fruit him, he is very happy .

I'm a big fan of Sokai ( Sora and Kairi ) and I'm waiting for more great moments of this lovely couple : 3 3

P.S. "Sorry for my bad sorry if you do not realize and my English is that it is not my native language"
lmao chapter 1 . 12/19/2013
I don't ship SoRiku, but firstly a rant like this does not belong on a site for fanfiction, and secondly your article screams heteronormativity and a distaste for any pairings that isn't straight. I don't think Sora is gay in KH, but fact check there are people who are not straight in other forms of fiction and real life as well.
DreamLightMin chapter 1 . 8/1/2013
This is one of the most epic rantings on how you hate SoRiku...
Well done, dude...
xXxDeadEyesNekuxXx chapter 1 . 6/30/2013
I looked at all the other reviews and it annoys me how much hate people have for SoRiku. I only wanted to read this essay just to see a SoKai fan's take on SoRiku.

I would just like to say that both pairings are possible and so is yaoi. I don't hate SoKai but it revolts me when people just suddenly come to the conclusion that Sora HAS to be with Kairi. I love SoRiku and I'm not afraid to admit that there are no straight couples at all in KH that I like.

And another thing: What if Sora was made a girl in the series instead of a boy? What if he still acted the same but was a female?
Justice Tokidoki chapter 1 . 12/7/2012
I felt you had very good evidence to support this pairing. Good work, I enjoyed reading this (though I like both pairings).
Gohan Roxas chapter 1 . 11/3/2012
Justin Is TheSun chapter 1 . 10/5/2012
Hey! I'd just like to rationally point out that the reason Sora kept seeing Kairi was because her heart found refuge with his or something. Basically, turns out it wasn't because he was madly in love with her. She was just there.
thefinalhero7000 chapter 1 . 8/16/2012
To all the ass-grabber cardb
Nefor chapter 1 . 5/12/2012
Don't forget Halloween Town in 2. Sora sees Jack and Sally dancing and starts daydreaming about dancing with Kairi. I think that moment alone is almost as much proof as their hearts literally being in each others body.

358/2 Days spoilers:

Then we have 358/2 Days when another replica is created. The replica takes the form of Sora's strongest memories. The replica looks like Kairi.

I know I'm probably preaching to the choir, I just thought I'd add more supporting evidence.
ha chapter 1 . 3/3/2012
you're so wrong i can't even begin to tell you just how much. dude. get over it. you don't like the pairing. you aren't changing anyone's opinion with this.
Peach chapter 1 . 1/15/2012
Oh my god, thank you, thank you, thank you!

When I saw this is seriously made my day. In fact, I hate the fact that all you see is pretty much SoRiku!

I'm so thrilled about this essay, seriously.
Aquamarine Summers chapter 1 . 10/3/2011
Honestly, if you want a serious essay on the dynamics between the sora and Kairi relationship, that's about 15 times as long as yours, and fare more in depth, by all means, please read Smile's.

You can find it here, and it pretty much debunks all the supposedly evidence you have in support of sora and kairi as being canon.


And just to add my own two cents. The reunions, no matter how hard you try to reason with yourself, come off as Sora being far warmer to Riku than he was with Kairi.

And none of those excuses about not knowing if Riku was even alive or kairi being 'safe' the entire time. He had been tailing him for the entire game pretty much at this point, but a few steps behind, so he knew Riku was certainly alive (and since Riku is more than adequate as a fighter, definitely able to defend himself.)

Now take into account that Kairi gets thrown into the mess thanks to Axel pretty soon in the span of the entire game. Sora learns about this pretty soon as well if I remember correctly. Kairi can't defend herself. She's no longer safe. She's running around with a ton of people that will likely try to either hold her as a hostage or just kill her.

To see that she's ok after knowing all that, and after seeing how she couldn't even handle a small group of low level heartless without Riku having to haul her up by the arm... Yeah, I'd think he should be way more relieved that she's okay and not hurt. All we get is an awkward hug.

Both friends are missing. Riku was missing longer, sure, but he is far more adapt at defending himself than Kairi is. Sora cares deeply for both of them, but by logic Kairi should be far more at risk for injury or death because she has no defense skills practically. With all this, we still get Sora falling to his knees and sobbing to Riku, and the standoffish hug for Kairi.

Honestly, compare it to the hug we see when Kairi turns him back from being a heartless in KH1, or the ending of KH1, the way he interacts with her. It has a totally different tone. Not that he doesn't care about her. But you can't deny the fact that it's different.

And the ass grabbing thing. Yes, his hand is definilty going into south territory in the far away shots, not on his belt. Grabbing his belt would make a far better thing to grasp onto to keep someone upright (who's taller, bigger and weighs more than you do), than trying to grab onto their butt. But if you look closely, the far away shots show that Sora's hand is indeed far past belt territory. Why put it in? Since the next scene shows Sora dragging Riku by his belt again? Most likely to please fans.

There's no doubt Sora was infatuated with Kairi in the first game, to the point where he most likely had a crush on her. But, the tone completly changes in the second game. There's still sora and kairi moments, but often they're of Sora reminiscing on the past (and Kairi's KH version), where as when he finally sees Kairi.. he seems to act a lot colder than we would have expected.

With the first game, one of the major plot points is finding Kairi as well, the second game plays off of this, but instead of Kairi, it's now Riku. But, when Kairi ends up getting thrown into the mix it's now both of them.

And really, I was expecting a lot more exuberant reaction in the ending scene, where Sora's in the Secret Place. We get a small smile. That's it. Riku says something stupid in the CGI epilogue, and he gets a gigantic grin for it.

So what's that mean? There's Sora/Kairi hints or scenes, just like there's Riku/Sora scenes or hints. NEITHER pairing is canon, so NEITHER can be 'disproved' or 'proved'. The ONLY canon pairings in KH are Disney ones. Period.

In an interview, when asked directly if Aerieth was Cloud's 'Light' (EG: are they canon) Nomura even states that "Because players make strong conclusions by themselves, I want to leave room for everyone's line of thought." This is his way for nearly all of his games. He leaves room for fans to interpret scenes differently.

So in a nutshell, whine all you want about how some fans are interpreting Riku/Sora scenes in a romantic fashion. You can no more 'disprove' their views as being wrong than Riku/Sora fans can 'disprove' Riku/Sora scenes as being romantic. Both are right, because the creator of the game pretty much said as such. It's up to the fan to choose how they want to take it.
Lila chapter 1 . 7/4/2011
I don't agree with everything that's said on it but I think you should take a look at this website.

Good essay! _

AmishGazebo chapter 1 . 6/29/2011
Lmao! Oops. Thought I could do more than one. Sorry. Here's the rest.

The Riku/Sora reunion. I don’t even really know how to begin with this one. Oh yeah. Like I said before, if the creators show it, they’re doing it for a reason . But no matter what, I always think, ‘why the contrast?’. Between the two reunions, I mean? We have Sora and Kairi hug, which is sweet. Then we have Sora drop to his knees crying when he realizes it’s Riku. I completely agree that the emotion Sora is feeling is relief. And to be honest, at that point in the game it was great to see him break down like that. And though it’s used by every yaoi fan girl and their crazy aunt as proof of their love, you won’t see that from me. All I’m saying is that the contrast was there for a reason. Or at least that’s what I think. Not only that, but later on when there’s an explosion and everyone falls to the ground including Kairi as well as Riku, Sora literally only freaks out about the fact that Riku could be hurt. I’m sorry, but that kind of jumped out at me and smacked me in the face. Kairi was right there on the floor, possibly hurt and all Sora could think about was Riku. It might have been fan service. You know what, the whole thing probably was, but that’s the game makers fault for putting it in anyway. Not mine. And by the way, sure, someone might cry like that and get down on their knees after finally finding their best friend. I know I would. I would also give a lucky charm, go on a long journey and give my heart up to save any one of my closest friends. See? The friend thing can go both ways. Oh, and the final fight showed that they’re a great team. The whole butt grab thing is completely ludicrous to me. I don’t even think that’s what he’s actually grabbing, it looks kind of like he’s grabbing his belt or something. I find nothing weird about guys doing that though. Like, I’m not about to say whether someone is gay or not just because they grab another guy‘s ass, it‘s not like they‘re grabbing anything else. Though, gay shouldn’t be an insult and I’m not sure why guys are so sensitive to things like being called gay. Not accusing, just saying.

My final few points about this are that paopou fruits are specifically mentioned in a romantic light. However, the only thing that is really said about the whole idea behind them is that if you share one with someone, you’re destinies become intertwined and they’ll remain a part of your life always. That really doesn’t have to be considered romantic. Like for instance, if you do some silly ritual with a childhood best friend and it has meaning, it doesn’t have to be romantic (the cave drawings).

I don’t have much else to say except for this, I know much of my argument might not be all that compelling to you, but I did say I wasn’t here to convert.. All in all, Sora grows up a lot during the course of Kingdom Hearts 1. Though, to be quite honest, maybe not enough to realize his feelings for Riku. I know that might seem like a copout excuse to you as a reason for why Sora isn’t always thinking about Riku if he’s supposedly so in love with him, but it’s honestly how I interpret this. And I don’t even really think that’s when his feelings start to develop. In the end, it’s up to Sora. I think the decision was made in the second game and personally, for me, it points to Riku. Though, that might just be me. I don’t exactly like this pairing just to annoy the people that don’t (sorry if it seems that way…xD). It’s obvious that SoKai fans and SoRiku fans interpret certain things differently, sometimes it’s as simple as that.
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