Reviews for Family Matters
Kishin chapter 341 . 11/8
HNGGGGGGGGGH this one made me tear up a little.
kishin chapter 215 . 11/6
this chapter had me busting a gut with laughter once i figured out what was going on. thank you so much!
Guest chapter 93 . 10/23
NijiBrush chapter 199 . 6/14
Awesome, I'm grinning so much! lol
RoseGirlXS chapter 478 . 6/7
I'd really like to see more chapters with Ismene-I'd like to see how she'd interact with Ash's mom, Delia.
Harryfan011 chapter 486 . 5/26
Can't wait to be part of Family Matters: Volume 2... Been part of this journey since the very first months of the start of this series (around chapter 25-30)... Can't believe that we have been acquainted with each other for 485 delightful chapters..

It is funny that while I have moved from Pokemon since my late teens but still can't get over this adorable family of five...

Thank you...

Till next time,
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 485 . 5/13
Mother/son fluff.
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 483 . 5/13
...never thought they'd get along.
Lillian Smith chapter 486 . 5/13
Wow! I never thought I'd see the day this thing'll be 'complete'. I enjoyed reading it!
RoseGirlXS chapter 114 . 5/13
Does mixing one part hair conditioner with ten parts water really work?
Tardispuff chapter 485 . 4/27
I've read the WHOLE of this.
I used to read this even when I didn't have an account, so many of the anon reviews- on many of your stories- were mine.

But now I can finally review it officially!

I love seeing Misty/Aiden relationship, but, hey, if I remember correctly, didn't Aiden consider a kiss equal to a slap?(I loved that part tbh)

But well, when he's worried of being the second option and all, it fits perfectly.
pokeshipping111 chapter 1 . 4/25
U surely know how to write fanfictions :)..m loving each n every one-shot..ash n misty with their children are just perfect to think about 3..both are such loving parents..n their little kids..aww adorable..please continue writing..m sure many people including me love your work..ur stories about pokeshipping just make my day :)
LoveGlutton chapter 486 . 4/25
fair enough... length was one of the problems i had... i look forward to this turn of event
sayantandas001 chapter 486 . 4/24 was a great journey. And I am sure that vol 2 will be no different. Keep going...
The Time Traveler chapter 486 . 4/24
Well you did great with all these one shots and I hope to see good work in the next collection. :)
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