Reviews for Family Matters
Guest chapter 87 . 4/18
Didn't like it. Ash should have won
WyldClaw chapter 298 . 5h ago
that was soooo funny
Jemzyboz chapter 222 . 5h ago
NO WAY! Ash and Misty filmed a porn video of themselves! :O
Jemzyboz chapter 215 . 6h ago
Lol, loud sex :p I'm not usually aware of it at the time but when it's next door with my neighbours at uni, it's really annoying!
The Time Traveler chapter 298 . 7h ago
Happy Easter and nice job on this! :) Very cute! :)
KHLegacy chapter 298 . 15h ago
Heh heh the Easter Lopunny exists I was thinking that the Pokemon Easter Icon would Bunnelby but okay! great chapter!
EmeraldDragon1 chapter 298 . 15h ago
I hate black licorice, but my favorites are the blue ones; whether it be blueberry, blue raspberry, or cotton candy, they're all delicious, and my favorite color!
East Coast Captain chapter 298 . 16h ago
That was awesome.
EmeraldDragon1 chapter 297 . 16h ago
Well, I'm back from Spring Break, and I found this chapter to be a nice welcome upon my return! So, thanks for the chapter, happy writing, and good luck with your next inspiration!
magic135 chapter 297 . 23h ago
can Anabel appear again in a babysitting chapter?
The Time Traveler chapter 297 . 4/19
A very inspiring chapter! :) Good job.
KHLegacy chapter 297 . 4/19
Yeah she's an interesting character in the anime I've heard some complaints about the change from her Game Personality but she was fun to read here! good chapter!
PrincessOfDestiny18 chapter 297 . 4/19
I actually felt kinda bad for Anabel! But bless her, she was so nice despite feeling massively awkward :P You could really sense how she felt without you even explicitly saying, which shows what a great writer you are! And Ash was really cute protecting Misty from the Beedrill! I really do love your writing; I can hear them saying everything you write them saying in my head, they're so in character. Nearly on 300 one-shots, that's so insane! You must be massively proud of yourself, greatwritergirl ;)
Pie potterson chapter 252 . 4/15
Whoever rights this awesome these are awesome one shots.
Pie potterson chapter 215 . 4/15
Oooooooo that was a close one for ash and misty.
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