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Reader chapter 1 . 6/9
This is Wally good, will you continue it?
Risa150831 chapter 15 . 5/20/2016
Oh, N finally introduces himself! Wait...wait, if Touko and Touya are here, who's the Hero of which? I mean, Satoko meet Zekrom so she's the Hero of Ideals, isn't she? Or will she just encounter and help them? I thought that she would finally catch a Legendary Pokemon if that's the case...

And double battle, hmm...that actually isn't done much in the anime... And I even like that type of battle in the game, too! (Triple or Rotation or Inverse or whateve three way battle is just plain annoying.)

Also, Satoko falling on top of Dento is straight out from a shoujo manga and I love it! You should write this stuffs more XD

And finally, we have N doing Team...what team does N have again? I can't remember at all. Plasma? Yeah... I think it's Plasma.
Risa150831 chapter 14 . 5/20/2016
Dento is jealous and haha, Satoko is oblivious as always! I feel sorry for Dento, I really do. Anyway, he needs to up his game!

And I'm really curious how Sakaki will become friends with the two again. Hmm...I have a feeling that Satoko will help in this plus in the canon, Ash fought him in the BW series, didn't he? Maybe, you can add that or something... Plus there is the thing about Mewtwo who may still have a grudge.

Also, I actually want there to be Sakaki and Satoko bonding like Sakaki developing a soft spot for her and acting like an uncle or something. You know, maybe Hanako even made him Satoko's godfather or something. They are friends... It would be funny if Lance will be jealous if Sakaki and Satoko bonded before Lance revealed himself as her father XD

Also, Shigeru is in denial! And how cute, he really treasures Satoko's gift! I am so waiting for Whites Day!
Risa150831 chapter 13 . 5/20/2016
Haaa, Satoko, that's nice and all but Dento will seriously be jealous that you're making effort for Shigeru.

And yeah, why is it that Ghost types aren't blame when paranormal stuffs happen...Also, are ghosts real ghost or are they just ghost types? That really confused me at what's the difference.

Oh, Dento is lucky to be possessed because he gets to be close to Satoko XD

And N's here! Should I be expecting Touko x N then~? (Or N x Touya since I do love a good shounen-ai)
Risa150831 chapter 12 . 5/20/2016
Trubbish is like Muk. Of course, Satoko will join. Was there even doubt? Would have been funny if Muk was there!

Oh Sandile...hey, you think that it should be noted how Pikachu can use electric moves on ground types? Considering he can actually damage ground types despite being an electric type.

What about Riolu? Am I mixing things again? I thought Ash hatched him and rescued the guy from Hunter J...

And ohhh, a jealous Dento again! But hey, at least, it's Takeshi, not other guys. Dento doesn't need to worry about that guy! Though haha, they forgot about Iris! They already have their own world where no one matters. How sweet~!
Risa150831 chapter 11 . 5/20/2016
Pikachu is jealous! But Pikachu, you adorable mouse, are really overpowered for small bird types. Seriously, just consider the pain the bird types will suffer if they face you.

...hey, you think Swellow and that Pidove will get together? Haha, poor Swellow! It must be his first time with a female flying type XD

And Sceptile, how I miss this grass type! Also, you oblivious you Pokemon! I think Satoko's obliviousness is spreading to her Pokemon XD But haha, it seems like there's more romance for her Pokemon than her!

But I'm kind of hoping that you'll at least evolve Snivy fully. Considering she likes Sceptile, it's only fair that she becomes powerful as well. But then again, I'm actually just concerned about the height difference...

...Sceptile actually likes someone before if my memory is correct but it was one-sided.

And Shigure is so not going to like Lance when he introduces himself as Satoko's father. I can hardly wait for that! Hilarious drama is awesome and hilarious!
Risa150831 chapter 10 . 5/20/2016
Oh the bike! The magically bike! How I miss that! They should really have that back XD

And Dento and Satoko moments, yay! Plus another slightly jealous Dento! Nice one, Corn~!

Also, Pod...seriously, you're gonna fight that huge fire FULLY evolved monkey with with your little monkey? Did your head got dropped or something? But hey, that's hilariously cute and Satoko gets a badge, too so I will just laugh and not comment (which is kind of worse).

Oh and Iris is now having the 'This is childish' thing now XD

And Infernape, nooo! Don't go to the dark side! We don't need a second Charizard...wait, on second thought, go, go! Be the bada** overpowered fire type that you were meant to be!

Oh, Corn, I agree with you 100%! Haaa, Dento needs to up his game. Satoko has many suitors!

And aura, yes! Satoko needs to get notice about that thing. I mean, if she's gonna have a Riolu (I'm hoping that it'll be the Riolu that Ash saved in canon) then she has to be able to use her aura!

Shigure is here and very protective! Yes! I love it! (Just go with me as I pretend that this is my first time reading this) Aww, it's so sweet how he's protective of Satoko and it's kind of bad for Dento considering I may or may not want this to end with Shigeru getting Satoko. Haha, but then again, Shigure is better as the protective brother XD

(This is what happens when I get some sugar in me.)
Risa150831 chapter 9 . 5/20/2016
Lance being Satoko's father is a great idea! I actually want to write something like that, too but I like the idea tht Giovanni's also her father. I mean, just imagine the drama, especially in Mewtwo's story XD

Speaking of Mewtwo, are you going to add him? 'Cause I seriously love that Pokemon (and seriously hope that Ash would capture him). But I'm hoping that it's the same Mewtwo in the first movie, not the one in the latest movie. That Mewtwo doesn't remember Ash...

And ohhh, Sakaki as their childhood friend is just awesome! It makes one wonder what happened to the three of them!

Also, Lance really should introduce himself to Satoko already. They met few times by now! (Plus I can't wait to see how Satoko will react XD)

Oh yeah, the Elite Fours are hilarious! Haha, they will not let Lance get a break on this news!

And Satoko, you oblivious lovable girl. Don't change. Seriously, keep that hilariously oblivious self XD
Risa150831 chapter 8 . 5/20/2016
I thought that Ash has a fighting type...I mean, he did have a Primape, didn't he? As for psychic type, how about Noctowl or Butterfree? But then again, Satoko didn't include those with two types.

Oh, speaking of Tauros, are you gonna use them? I mean, you're rotating Satoko's Pokemon so I'm curious.

And Dento, sorry but pfft, haha! Him wanting to know Satoko's friend but gets interupted XD

Oh and Bell, how I adore you~! Seriously, I like that cute and energetic girl!

Also, Oshowatt and Larvitar are lucky to have such a great battle. Those cute baby Pokemon really but pfft, Oshowatt pulled a Pysduck! Because correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Misty's Pysduck gets out of his Pokeball at wrong times? XD Anyway, Gliscor is a good senpai for the little water type (same with Squirtle) and he comes a long way from the mischievious Gligar! (Actually nevermind, I may be mixing things again)

And of course for the final battle, we have Sceptile, Charizard and Pikachu! The first two are her fully evolved one and Pikachu is just powerful without evolving. (Haha, but I'm curious if Bulbasuar and Squirtle will do well, too since they're also her oddest Pokemon).

I'm actually sad that the competition ended already. I was hoping to see Satoko's other Pokemon battling like those Tauros, Squirtle, Bulbasuar, Tododile, Snivy, etc.

But that kiss made it all better! Haha, Pikachu just give up. Boys will always like girls. And Satoko's a pretty one, too XD
Risa150831 chapter 7 . 5/20/2016
Huh, that's the first time I actually thought that trainers will get hurt by Pokemon attacks in a battle but then again, that scene is pretty realistic. I wonder why I don't read those type of scenes often...

Pfft, Dento being jealous or protective is really just makes my day! And haha, he's really obvious with that developing crush XD

Hmm, you know that's the second time Dento went to Satoko at night and even though, they didn't talk this time, I wonder if that'll be a thing. It'll be hilarious if they have night moments together!

Muk and Snorlax are actually a nice team in a way. Their Defense and HP are nothing to laugh now, it's established how unique Satoko's Pokemon are!

(But I'm with Iris. How is it that Satoko doesn't get goo or something? Also, think she'll get herself a Goomy?)
Risa150831 chapter 6 . 5/20/2016
I love that you evolve Satoko's Pokemon. Not that I hate it when they don't evolve but it's just really cool to have fully evolved Pokemon! And I really like it that you're reusing Ash's old moves. It's a pity that I don't see them in the anime (especially that Counter Shield).
Risa150831 chapter 5 . 5/20/2016
Okay, I'm with Satoko here...are girls really that cruel when they have a crush or something? I'm a girl and this confused me when I read this...

You know, does Ash reveal that he already won more than eight badges and stuffs in the canon? It's weird how no one knows that or mention it. Like what you did here with Satoko...

Are you going to add the changes in Pokemon X/Y? I mean, technically, it would mean that Charizard is half dragon type. Plus there's the fairy type, too...

And haha, why don't you add more character to Satoko's Pokemon? I've read Ashes to the Past (I'm not quite sure if I got the name right) and I totally love the anime-obsessed Squirtle plus others XD

Oh yeah, did Satoko ever get back her Pidgeot in this fic? Or Butterfree or Primape or Lapras, etc? Also, I thought Charizard has a girlfriend...what happened to that?
Risa150831 chapter 4 . 5/20/2016
I'm curious, actually about one paragraph (or phrase?) that seems incomplete. When Team Rocket appeared, I read: 'It was one that'...well, is this incomplete or misplaced?

There were few mistakes of punctuation and also, capitalization but it's fine. No one really cares about that (I think).

Anyway, I love it when Dento dreams about Satoko. It's cute and I actually love to read a scene where Dento daydreams when he's alone with Satoko. Haha, I guess that I like teasing characters.
Risa150831 chapter 3 . 5/20/2016
I think I read Dawn when it's supposed to be Hikari...or are you going with English names? It's no big deal to me but it does get confusing...

Also, I think I read 'big' when it's supposed to be 'pig' or maybe I misread that? I also read 'ashe' and I think that's supposed to be 'as he'. They're minor mistakes and I'm just bored so I'm mentioning them. I hope that I'm not making you angry or something.

Oh and are you not going to capitalized (if that's even a word) 'pokemon', pokemon moves, pokemon items, etc? Then, again, it's okay if you don't. I'm just wondering.
Risa150831 chapter 1 . 5/19/2016
I'm actually rereading this for many times by now. Hehe, I wanted to review for once since I really love this fanfic!

Quick questions: Do people understand Pokemon here? Because sometimes, I really wonder about it... Also, how can Satoko carry Larvitar or something like that? I thought that he's really heavy despite his looks. Oh, yeah, I think I noticed that you use Brock instead of Takeshi the first time he was mentioned. Is that a mistake or something?
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