Reviews for Chaos Cooking Wars
Axel yamamoto chapter 2 . 5/25/2011
Nice chapter! especially the lenght! but i want more Zionslith and Melvina! can you make them both a secret couple? (only Korin know since she cant leave Zionslith side.) please oh please with cherry on top? and good luck with the story and i hope you update soon!
Schauspielerinnen chapter 2 . 5/25/2011
I would love to live in Mika's fortress xD Though now tht Wruzel's destroyed it, maybe not so much.

Ahaha, I feel so sorry for Hyoma... He seems to get tortured by every girl around.
Kuroi Onee-san chapter 2 . 5/25/2011
Okaaaayyy... (heh, how I love that words XD Hiro, you're quite playful there, heheh) here I am!

It took long to read~ Not because of the 14k words but well, because I jaws-dropped when I saw HayateSluc moments...Well, I agree to this crack (nah, there's no official pairing, though) pair because if there's more HyomaSluc, he'll be getting all the girls over him...*laughs* it just my opinion.

So RB, Juji an Polytan looks like that huh? I never seen them on game because I was lazy to found them-will be any Polytan-Lubul pervert skit-ah, please forget it.

Awww, Koyuki-Little Snow-Hiro part is almost heart-warming~ I enjoy those but I feel sorry for the ignored Hyoma *grins* Forty-nine cups of sugary tea is TOO MUCH for diabetics, I hope you didn't get one, Hyoma *chuckles* Wow, wow? What'll happen next? Will it be a battle against Endia Gate Master and the Idol of Pagoras Island for taking over Kusaka Hyoma? Hahah, that would be great but don't really mind my imagination~

I'll wait for the tea party part and when Rin showed up! This'll be amazing! Nice work and nice chapter, superecho-san!
Schauspielerinnen chapter 1 . 4/30/2011
WAH! It's cute! Haha, I feel sorry for Hyoma, but I still want to see what happens anyway. Yay, Sound Horizon haha. Gosh I love this band. And I quite like Okita haha.

I think Wruzel chasing Hyoma is the best part of the chapter haha.
Spaghetti Soysauce chapter 1 . 4/28/2011
Sorry for the late review. The internet in our place is going haywire! Anyway... Wow, there's a lot of characters. It seems like Hyoma is certainly loved by his... uh... friends.

Not to mention his female self-appointed Tarzan wife. XD I like Monica's character. Shizuku's your typical happy-go lucky person. Wruzel's scary. She wiped out the ring with one skill...

When I read the introduction of the Grand Papillon guy, I thought, 'Hey, that's kinda like Flay...' Then it came to the butt part. Oookay... XD Yoichi is suspicious. Corin is amusing. Hmmm...

Wow, I couldn't help laughing at Shizuku's stupidity.

I can't believe those two swordsmen just left and had a peaceful walk, ignoring the fact that the poor guy was being chased by a girl who'd do well as a cheetah. Oh, poor, poor Hyoma... He shouldn't have played tag with Wruzel.

Wonder what happens to him? Good luck in the next act while I check the game out!
Kuroi Onee-san chapter 1 . 4/25/2011

axel-san, slain isn't a chara in chaos wars, I hope he was there, though ;_;

11k needs a long time to read :D you did a great job as always with a flawless grammar, the chara here's not OOC, nice going from how annoying that grand pappilon is XD

Is Chaos Wars really a low-budget RPG? Never notice it. Did you play it till the end? I didn't play it till the end, my memory card corrupted when I fought E.O.W

HOW I LOVE MONIKA TELLS ABOUT GW III /slaps I played it once.

aww hyoma/wruzel is kinda like heaven! (?) i prefer hyoma/sluc or hyoma/rin, though XD

shizuku's paper sword always amaze me /slaps

and, mue ever asks hyoma how to make a dish using chick bug XD

regarding to the act, I think there'll be stupid koyuki who argue with little snow, hiro and mue cooking tactics, triangle uru/alice/karen with that damn Nicole, dun forget grave/mika, zeonsilt/melvina, hayate/shizu or perhaps zard/ovia...umm, just kidding.

well, i'll be waitin' for next chapter! XD
Axel yamamoto chapter 1 . 4/25/2011
...You all my life i never seen such a funny crossover! i laugh my ass of as i watch Hyoma running around chase by the beast girl! By the way, can i take request of character in youre story? you put Monika in it, but not Slayn...he is my favorite plus he is Growlanser 3 main character! i played the game 8th time to get a perfect ending with a sick girl named Michele. If you can, add Naruto too! i just ask thought, you dont need to do it if you dont want it. I never play Chaos War, since i only found the Japanese version, but i will still read it! anyway good luck and update soon!