Reviews for Paved with Good Intentions: Blue Eyes, Violet Eyes
The Imaginatrix chapter 5 . 8/25

Now I need Sirius and Seto to become friends in my HP and the Swordsmen AU. He's allowed to be friends with both Joey and Seto, right? ... Why am I asking you? It's MY FIC.
Forsake Eternity chapter 78 . 8/15
So I just found your work and may I say I love your portrayal of seto, much more 3D then in other parts of fandom, and he just makes more sense. I adore this mini arc you have going right now, the differnce between older mokuba and older seto and what that meant for the whole gozaburo dynamic. I'm loving all these different aus from you and what they mean for the characterization. I also have a soft spot for your older mokuba younger seto and seto admitting mokuba would be right about having an ulcer by 30 and the chaos of mini seto Tony stark.
AceyAnaheim chapter 59 . 5/31
I just figured out where Selbin comes from omygosh!
Queen Shadowclan chapter 78 . 4/2
Season 4 was my favorite season of Yu-Gi-Oh! I'm really looking forward to the chapters to come _ And Kaiba giving a gun to Mokie, never thought I would see the day, but it makes sense :D Keep the chapters coming
ohmygodagiantrock chapter 78 . 4/2
I've been itching to see an update from you soon... and there you are! Thank you! I'm having a lot of fun seeing into the universe of the 'other Kaibas'.
Jack Inqu chapter 78 . 4/1
Oh yes, very interesting indeed. Needs must when the devil drives.

Take care, good luck, and I look forward to your next update.
AM83220 chapter 78 . 3/31
I understand that it may conclude more quickly than your readers would wish, but can you PLEASE give us some interaction between Little Seto, Mokie and Noa before this arc ends?
ohmygodagiantrock chapter 77 . 2/10
I find Seto's explanation of how he feels for and how he sympathizes with his synthetic brother surprising and yet perfect. Surprising, perhaps, because I figured his agreeing to let the former antagonist back into their lives was based solely on humoring Mokuba's desire to know Noa, but that he still harbored some level of the contention with him shown in the anime. Perfect, because it just is, and it shows a much deeper level of appreciation for Noa than I realized Seto had.

I think I re-read that section of dialogue four times over, it just rang so perfectly.

I hope you update again soon.
Jack Inqu chapter 77 . 2/9
Well, this should be interesting...

Take care, good luck, and I look forward to your next update.
Queen Shadowclan chapter 77 . 2/1
I absolutely love it! Oh how I missed my Kaiba brothers. Now time for the other PwGI stories to be updated ;)
TheEagerScribbler chapter 77 . 2/1
I've loved just about everything that comes from your keyboard since I've discovered your work, but this is probably my favorite arc yet- the concept is fascinating to me and I look forward to seeing what else you have to say about it. I hope that you decide to continue, but I understand that real life commitments and your own desire to focus on other things come first.

Watching the two big brothers together is interesting-I like the contrast between the Kaibas and Mokubas. It seems as though the Older Mokuba has Kaiba's ruthlessness from when he was younger. Kaiba has done a lot of growing up in the years between the end of the series and when you write him, so I suppose the Older Mokuba hasn't had that chance yet because his time line is a little behind ours. There's also the differences in their personal history to consider, so I suppose that could play a part in it too.

Also, this may be a dumb question, but are they really simulations or are they from an alternate universe? Are they from (or inspired by) the world that you wrote about in At Sixes and Sevens?
Kintatsujo chapter 77 . 1/31
Aaaaaa, aaaaaaand, AAAAAAAAA *fails hands*
nonnie chapter 64 . 12/8/2016
why do i have the strangest feeling that bakura's playing gambit and screwing over anyone he catches in-game shit-talking it? 'oh we were rolling greed on this rare mount and not need? so sorry' 'oh i'm sorry did i redirect the main tank's threat to the other healer and wipe the raid /again/? so sorry.' 'if you didn't want to be corpse-camped you shouldn't have rolled on a pvp server, transfer or get gud'.
ohmygodagiantrock chapter 76 . 5/29/2016
I have a hard time with the role-switch of the Kaiba's ages where it's crept into your other stories, but this one genuinely amuses me. Perhaps it's because our Kaiba brothers are present to engage with their counterparts-I'm not sure. But I really love this segment of Paved. Noa's inclusion is fun enough, but when paired with all of this, it's rather amusing (and yet still definitely dark).
Nachzes Black-Rider chapter 76 . 5/28/2016
You know, it makes perfect sense to me that (despite what those unfamiliar with the Kaiba brothers might think), Mokuba as the elder brother would be FAR more protective and vengeful than Seto. Not that our Seto isn't...but he's learned to let his Mokuba have some freedoms, and like you said, he tries NOT to have murder be a habit. It's interesting to read between the lines to not only the differences in upbringing (?), but also how the little differences in personality make for truly distinct characters, and a truly distinct storyline. So many people would treat this as an opportunity to just showcase a chibi!Seto, and I applaud you for taking it for what it really is - the chance to tell the story from an entirely new angle.
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