Reviews for Paved with Good Intentions: Blue Eyes, Violet Eyes
dragonlady222 chapter 73 . 5/3
He got his revenge. I hope they all learned their lessons. Seto can do anything he can put his mind to even if it is doing nothing.
Queen Shadowclan chapter 73 . 5/2
This was very funny :D
Peach Wookiee chapter 73 . 5/2
It could've also been the Hamster Dance. But would it drive Noah and Mokuba insane is the question. Good job on the family fluff!
fantasyguardian chapter 72 . 4/12
It's sad really. I mean, I agree with Yugi. It's not pure love or passion, but in a way it's the only way Seto knows/understands how to love. And it's the only way Mokuba knows about being loved. The two boys are scarred, but they're moving on the only way they know they can. It's calculated, but it's good calculation, I think.

I love Seto Kaiba and respect his 'love' for Mokie. It's only a part of how he is and why we love him as fans.
dragonlady222 chapter 72 . 4/11
I think, Yuugi is wrong. Kaiba does love Mokuba as best he can. Maybe he doesn't love him as a brother but as a son. Mokuba in turn worships the ground Kaiba walks on. They may not understand the feelings but they have the feelings.
Peach Wookiee chapter 72 . 4/11
Excellent read of the Kaiba brothers here. And of how Yugi would explain it. Great work.
dragonlady222 chapter 71 . 3/17
Noa seems to have almost won Seto over. I am glad he is granting Noa's request Mokuba seems gobsmacked by Seto's reactions and actions toward Noa. Roland is very respectful toward Noa.
dragonlady222 chapter 70 . 3/17
The Blue eyes jet is certainly flashy. I hope the professor is suitably impressed. Sounds like a mutual interest.
dragonlady222 chapter 69 . 3/17
I love the picture of Seto standing by the food. All decked out in Assassin's clothes from the American Revolution. Hopefully, I can get caught up now.
Peach Wookiee chapter 71 . 3/2
Well, I like a little sentimentality. :) Good work as usual.
LightDragon chapter 71 . 3/2
While I love these little stories, I was wondering if you were ever going to update the original Paved with Good Intentions story. It hasn't been updated in over 8 months...
fantasyguardian chapter 69 . 2/24
Wow! Assassin Creed References and a little Seto cosplaying?! Can this get any cooler - and cuter?

I really love this AU of yours and am looking forward to more of your amazing (yet sometimes crazy) stories.
Queen Shadowclan chapter 69 . 2/23
Meh, it seems really strange to have Mokuba as the older brother. It seems wrong some how, and I personally am not a big fan of it. However, knowing you, your plots, and writing style, you will prove me wrong and show me how wonderful it actually is. So i look forward to that in the future :)

-TKB (Queen Shadowclan)
Luna Rosetta Ros chapter 68 . 2/7
Man! That was so nice of Seto! Making a whole building, just for Mokuba! Within reasons of course! I really liked this chapter, it was just... Very sweet! Update soon? Ya know, if you have time.
dragonlady222 chapter 68 . 2/5
I am glad he built that for Mokuba. They are both moving on.
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