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Toaneo07 Ver2.0 chapter 19 . 11/3
Zanahoriabaila chapter 1 . 11/2
Holy Fuck! Like, WOW! This prologue alone is a freaking masterpiece and could stand perfectly on it's own very original feet. Damn.
TorsadesDeADHD chapter 1 . 10/22
OMG! I had started reading this when it first came out on another long lost account of mine and I had loved it then! I have been trying to refind this for more than a year but I couldn’t remember the name... I had finally given up on finding it and I stumbled across it... I love this story so much BTW... wonderful read
conjac chapter 6 . 9/26
love the realism, especially the Diablo ex Machina with ox mask.
Zela Night chapter 18 . 7/8
This is so stunning. The multiple angles, motivations and POP's are so well written and the powerstruggle is tangible in its back and forths.
I adore this masterpiece of a story. The character development and plot are both believable and thrilling, and the humor offsets the gore and violance perfectly withouy overshadowing anything.
UzuUzuUzu chapter 12 . 6/1
Whole team 7 are Gary and Mary sues
UzuUzuUzu chapter 12 . 6/1
And now Naruto just becomes Gary Sue. Injuring Jiraya twice in a fight just a few months after academy graduation, solving a planning problem for Shikamaru and now accidentally changing one of the most complicated sealsvfron within without any knowledge about seals,jusr through "natural talent"
UzuUzuUzu chapter 14 . 5/31
And it's like team 7 plots and looks underneath the underneath while Kabuto doesn't he just walks into everything naively and without a plan. Its a lazy way to make team 7 superior
UzuUzuUzu chapter 8 . 5/31
The Kabuto story wasn't a good one. First there was no reason to let Kabuto or any other spies roam freely as any connection or master could be discovered using Yamanakas mind jutsu. Which is also why Kabuto absolutely had to be captured alive. Hiruzen''s should have been outraged at the news of his death. At the same time Hiruzen would never allow that gang of spies to operate another day.

Kabuto was dumbed down to make team 7 look smart. . There's no reason for him to stalk the Uchiha compound or the training ground. Orochimaru only wants his body and its not like there are other Uchihas around so not even a need for selection. Even if Kabuto selected stalking these people every damn single day makes no sense whatsoever. Its not like a lot is gonna change. Who cares what Taijutsu stances Sasuke uses, what he eats, what he does in his free time. This is irrelevant information or at least not worth spying so lavishly and carelessly. He didn't even use his invisibility technique when spying out in the open. He threatened the cat girl without any purpose besides being cartoonishly villainous for the sake of it.

He blindly falls for team 7's ploy. The guy is a fucking spy 24/7 he shouldn't fall for a bunch of genin who more than a couple month into the ninja game. There is no way Kabuto doesn't get suspicious when there are so many cats in the area, there is no way he doesn'tget suspicious that Naruto suddenly becomes a drunkart, befriends him and meets him in the streets and offers him a drink and then even goading him with a meeting with his target. Kabuto alarm bells should have been shilling constantly. He's Kakashi level for fucks sake he doesn't get outsmarted at his own job by a bunch of fresh genin who aren't even full-time spies.

And three genin a few months out of academy beating somebody on Kakashi level is impossible unless they are Itachi Uchiha. Kabuto has been training and doing all they've done for far longer than them. They cannot play him like that.
hi again last chapter 19 . 3/30
I've just finished reading this fic in its entirety, (and I also finally got to take a nap earlier so my comment should be more legible) and I just wanted to say I absolutely loved this. Every single chapter made me go "wait, hold on, what the hell is happening?" in the good way, from Team 7 /actually treating the bell test seriously and managing to kill Kakashi/ to everything else after. I'm sorry to hear about Larry Huss' death. (Honestly I know how awkward this sounds but English is my 2nd language and I don't know how to unawkwardly say condolences.) This fic is now one of my favorite fics and I'll definitely reread this again in the future.
hi again again chapter 17 . 3/30 i still dont rlly like sarutobi, but hes semi made up for his shit.
hi its me again chapter 16 . 3/29
ah goddamnit sarutobi lives. :/ welp. story is still really good and i cant stop reading anyway
hi chapter 12 . 3/29
ive been too focused on finishing this fic bc i realy love it so i havent been commenting, but god, every time i read abt sarutobi in this chapter it reminds me of every foreign old men ive met and i keep thinking, WHEN is sarutobi finally gonna die! im so ready to see tsunade already! and this time its not even because i like tsunade, i just hate him that much as a hokage.
LadytehMa chapter 19 . 1/24
I discovered this story a little while ago and have been reading through, getting quite invested. This is compelling fiction, very well done. I was not prepared for this author's note and was struck by a pang of loss at the news of your father's death.

Thank you for leaving his stories up for me and others to find, they are gems and a legacy.
Guest chapter 6 . 12/10/2018
I have decided to skip this chapter. Neko's are too OOC for me.
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