Reviews for A Teacher's Glory
a fan of this chapter 2 . 10/27
I think that the fact that Naruto can only make 20 clones before he gets a headache is weakening him a lot... but hey, if you can make sense of the story, I'll have to put up with it.
a fan of this chapter 1 . 10/27
I didn't expect Kakashi to die... and I even less expected it in the first chapter... an interesting start
FriendlyFire59 chapter 19 . 10/1
I found this story from a TV Tropes page and really enjoyed it. I will be looking into the other posts by your father with expected eagerness and sadness that there will be no more posts.
Thank you for continuing to share with us.
Axel Fones chapter 4 . 9/7
Zabuza you poor bastard
Riven Ansen chapter 2 . 5/31
I just want you to know I really love this story so far. The twist in the first chapter is so new and fresh that I can't help but applaud. Thank you for writing this.
NathanielGranger chapter 19 . 4/24
I'm not sure if you still pay attention to the notifications of comments, but I thought this should be said anyway. I recently stumbled across this story and loved it. Reading your message, I know his work meant much to both of you. Thank you both for the great work on these stories.
khatre chapter 2 . 4/23
Wait! What?
Astramilitarum01 chapter 19 . 3/25
The idea is not bad but leaves Hughes logic Errors on all fronts, breaks the canon without changing much of the Baseline even tho it should and kinda made the characters all one dimensional.

It's not terrible if you want to kill a bit of time but overall it's a wasted idea
Jpx0999 chapter 2 . 3/21
soo,i tough you were joking when you made team 7 kill kakashi...

do you dislike him or smth? because i am pretty sure the amounts of consequences this would bring later on would be ginourmous(obito could only be defeated because of kakashis sharigan,otherwise he was invincible at the moment,hence you dooming the elemental nations because one teachers death

(i kinda dislike when people make BIG changes to the plot whitout thinking of the consequences first or at least a way to circuvence such consequences whitout being too crazy like for EX:naruto getting kakashis eye for no reason at all[which would make him as bad as danzo in the end for dessacration of corpses])
LordAtp the Flash Terror chapter 6 . 1/25
why exactly is shikamaru retiring with the money a bad thing and who is Asuma to decided he shouldn't. He earned the money fair and square and being a ninja is risky as hell. who says he'd live to see 15, much less 25.
Xelaki chapter 1 . 12/30/2022
Dawg wtf is this hell naw
VeryPeeved chapter 2 . 11/17/2022
hmm... yes. this is a very weird story. good job.
Ashera fanfics chapter 2 . 11/12/2022
12 seems a little young to see nude people of the opposite sex for a gender separated culture but in the shinobi world it should be canon stuff. 15 YO ninjas not knowing what the opposite sex looks like seems absurd and their shyness (looking at Hinata) is totally the opposite of what something like "Kunoichi classes" is supposed to suggest. Little girls were supposedly told how to seduce boys for their missions. Which brings the question of child soldiers and pedophilia in the Narutoverse and just suggests that it's even more disgusting than the protrayal we get from canon...and it justifies fanon sexualisation of underage characters.
Ashera fanfics chapter 1 . 11/12/2022
Wow, didn't expect that...three academy graduates kill Kakashi by poisoning him with a mixture of multiple poisons and venoms found in the training ground and they actually managed to hit him. Damn, Itachi is gonna be killed by a team of academy graduates too at that point XD!
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