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gentletopainfulgaze chapter 4 . 2/18/2014
I was scolded for laughing too much and at the same time hiding my screaming like a crazy fangirl! I almost tripped when I was walking for school as well! Great story.

Are you going to update sooner? Oh. I'm not going to ask... UPDATE!
Enjie chapter 4 . 7/15/2011
wow...i almost fell of my chair reading this in the school university lab and people thought i had finally gone mad! great fic!
Mokutonton chapter 1 . 6/21/2011
Again, script fics are not allowed. Also, you are using a self-insert which is also not allowed. Please change the script format and and replace yoursel with another character.

~Lissie Lupin
Sakura Ichigo Morihiko chapter 4 . 6/14/2011
Could you please please plase please please please please please please please please please please please please please *goes on for who knows how long, gasps for breath* put my in the story as a guest? And I found this thanks to Chatrooms, you are welcome.

And as a little info, I'm sadistic, I wanna try Inui Juice-like, really badly!-and I am a HUGE Tezuka fangirl! And I'm pro at growing moonflowers, which blossom at night(or possibly in dark places)! So if you would, I would love to be a guest and say the disclaimer for you! I

always have my OCs say them for me, do it would even it out...

Although, it would be funnier of my OCs came and started screaming at me for saying someone else's disclaimers and not my own, so then I would be sent into the Depression Corner Condominiums, or whatever they are called. :) At least I know there is corner and condominiums in the name.

And on a side note, OMG Shiraishi is Mary Paupins! With pads/tampons and condoms/lube! I'm now a fangirl. :3 hoooooot... chapter 4 . 6/12/2011
hahahaha i love this fic 3

its hilarious!

poor saeki...

i still love you! 3

and bahahahahahaha oh shiraishi~

please update soon!
Lianna-snow chapter 4 . 5/31/2011
Hi Midori chan~~~

I'm BACKKK and I've given way to your pesterings... so I'm here once again to leave a review! Just kidding! U know I 333 your chaptersXD

Once again- domo arigato for adding me in to the chapter! Haha your script was funneh! aaaand I'm thinking you must want a long review right? *gives you an innocent smile*

"Princess Annelise and Julian belong together!"! Yes they do but I like Erica better hahaha

I liked the scientist talk thingie- it made me LOL.

Inui: I beg to differ, Renji. My data tells me that the authoress has a sadistic sense of humour.

Renji: My data states that both words mean practically the same thing in this context.

Inui: Well my data shows that both words DO NOT mean the same thing. And while both words contain the letters 't', 'I' and 's'-

Renji: Ahem but apparently my data is telling me that I am correct and you are just being stubborn and childish.

Inui: On the other hand, my data tells me that you are refusing to admit you are wrong because you hate bright green.

Midori-Emmi: *Sobs even harder in her corner because both her username and her school (colour) has just been insulted*. noooooo! They insulted my school too~~ oh wait. We ARE in the same school midori! *raises hand of a high five but instead gets beaten with my luggage by midori upon being welcomed back*

Haha- and no. Hopefully this review will be at least 50% of MY comments and not quotes like last time when I got fried~~

Do tell me what's been going on in school since I was away~~ I missed you lots~~

Haha I may even drop off some souvenirs for your characters soon! *Watches them dance around in glee at floating presents in their


And you can share with them! *gets knocked in the head again*

Okayokay! You do get some for yourself! You remember my FB message to you? Lol you better! Haha jK again.

Okay back to the story!

Dan: Ano…do sea urchins even have noses, desu?

All: …

Inui: AHA! You said something illogical! You lose! *Does a glorious victory pose with his notebook*

Renji: Rikutsu janai (Its illogical)!*Is slapped by Inui for plagiarising his trademark phrase before joining the authoress in planting ferns at the corner*

this scene is Da BEST.

Followed by this one- Entire of Rikkai: *Chases Niou into the same random sunset that Marui ran towards*

Sunset scenes FTW! Hahaha

This too was great!

Jackal: *Is so happy that he is finally being listened to. So happy, everyone suddenly got the imagery that he was wearing a formal suit in all his bald glory, grinning happily and receiving an Academy Award (I no own:D) trophy which had a life-sized golden tennis ball attached to the trophy's head…and it was also covered in sand…*

Sanada: *Goes around slapping everyone to free them of the disturbing imagery* Tarundoru…

Muahaha okay I have to stop quoting you!

Happy belated birthday! Again~~ I'm a million years late cos I was behind SG...

And btw I DID say happy birthday in school before I left and what more I-

*got distracted by the fact that my handphone is vibrating from your texts...*

Haiz nevermind! Hope the choir perf was okay! Shall tell you about my trip later!

This wasnt much of a review was it... Gomen! *bows profusely*

Catch you later~~

sotfreakazoid chapter 4 . 5/23/2011
OMG! It was your birthday?

Happy Beated Birthday! :D (Sorry for being late) this chappy :)

Inui and Yanaji were sooooo random...No link at all...


Renji: *Ignores the authoress* My data tells me that you refuse to give in because your glasses are too thick.

Inui: My data tells me that you don't want to admit you're wrong because you are too tall.

What's with that kind of reasoning? What kinda data masters are you guys? (Though I think that they WOULD be childish enough...) *thinks back to a certain youtube video*

Shiraishi...*Sweatdrops* Where did you buy that bag? I want it too! Reminds me of Hermione from Harry Potter :D

Wonder which category Tezuka and Sanada are in? The nosebleeding or laughing?

Write more soon, 'kay?
ChitoseSenri chapter 4 . 5/23/2011
Renji and Inui fighting was fun, it made me laugh a lot, kind of polar opposite of the paper plane fic that you did, this one made me laugh as much as the other one made me cry. :)

I really appreciate you adding more humour into this, especially the data arguments(my favorate part) and I like that you bring your friends into this, the more the merrier!

Can I request that you put in Jyousei Shounan in next chapter? I mean they are definitely left out, don't you feel sorry for them?

Looking forward to your next chapter, you are doing very well!
Magic Detective chapter 4 . 5/22/2011
Another mention? Cool! If you like me so much, why not just put me in and let me help torture the regulars? XD
demoncat13 chapter 4 . 5/22/2011
*thud* owww, I fell off my chair while I was laughing. if you get any funner you'll kill us readers. during Shiraishi's search I had a Mary Poppens flashback.
Fadey chapter 4 . 5/22/2011
-ROFLs till her family looks at her weird- athe Shirashi part really cracked me up! I really enjoyed this chapter, and it really made me burst out laughing at some parts. Great job, and a belated happy b'day to you

Sotfreakazoid chapter 3 . 5/16/2011
:( wouldn't let me login...I'll have to make do with this then...

Totally love this story...Nice to see the tennis regulars finally act their age for once (e.g. cat,rabbit x infinity XD)

I wouldn't want Echizen as my brother though...nor Akaya, Kintarou or the rest...No offence to them. The PE teachers would get on my case for slacking off during PE... And being "mada mada da ne"-ed every day is SO not fun (Though its fun seeing him say that to others :) hehe)

Totally LOVE this part:

Atobe: Ore-sama is disappointed that no one voted for him this round.

Mukahi: *Watches as Atobe enters some kind of weird, ego-boosting monologue which no one is even bothering to listen to*

Shishido: Oi Atobe, take a CLOSER look at the topic for this round's voting.

Oshitari: I can't seem to imagine or visualise THE Atobe Keigo actually getting a ranking anywhere near the top for this…

Atobe: *Does a double-take and gasps, before fainting gracefully onto the floor*

WTH? Atobe don't you look before complainng about something?

Hahas...Really like how you portrayed Atobe!
ChitoseSenri chapter 3 . 5/13/2011
Thanx for uploading this, and thanx for making this so interesting to read, I love the way you portrayed Rikkaidai. Looking forward to the next update.
Lianna-snow chapter 3 . 5/12/2011
hey midori chan!

YAY you updated *jumps up and down cheerleading style*

teehee your chapter was awesome as usual

LOL at this scene

*arrow down*

Akaya: AHA! Told you the authoress was planning something horrible! Now hand it over!

Hiyoshi: *Grumbles inaudibly as he hands over the money* I will gekokujou you one day…

Midori-Emmi: Right! So what have I missed so far?

All: Nothing too much…

Renji: There is a 5 percent chance that the authoress will let it rest, a 10 percent chance that she will give us time for speeches, and an 85 percent chance that she will repeat her question.

Midori-Emmi: I said…what have I missed so far?

Renji: *Smiles*

Akaya: *Smirks* Ha! How's that, Marui-senpai! I got a higher rank than you!

Marui: *Twitching* Yeah, so what? You still can't beat a certain rookie, can ya? Ouch…my body is still hurting from those thousand laps…

Akaya: *Sudden realization* Nooo! I still can't beat Echizen! Yukimura-buchou!

*Runs in slow motion with a shoujo bubbly and fluffy background, complete with sparkling tears towards Yukimura*

Yukimura: Aw Akaya…what is it this time…

Akaya: Buchou…Marui-senpai bullied me again!

Marui: *Chokes on his gum* What? What did I do?

Yukimura: *Pats Akaya's head soothingly* Something worthy of a : *Turns to Jackal for help*

Jackal: *Turns to Renji for help*

Renji: *Turns to Yagyuu*

Yagyuu: *Turns to Niou*

Niou: *Turns to Sanada* (A/N: Say…isn't he supposed to be running?)

Sanada: Tarundoru! Why is everyone looking at me!

Yukimura: Marui…are you trying to flirt with Genichirou? *Aura turns darker and more murderous by the second*

Marui: *Sweatdrops massively and cowers…whimpering pitifully…*

hahaha LOL i was laughing madly at that

actually i dont really know what to say... *ducks down at authoress' flying daggers*

i love the banters that you can make!

haha oh yeah the parts where all the different casts come in was FUNNY! gosh i still need training...

your crack is great so dont stop writing okay? LOL at the "i shall" parts too!

i wish my crack was as good.. well at least we have the beautiful sunset.. *sunset turns into a thunderstorm.* uhh nevermind...

okay what happened to destiny of lies? the link is kinda broken btw. i couldnt view it:(

so how was your week? *leans in curiously only to get squashed by Marui Yuuta and Jirou (oh my gosh did i spell that right...)*

anyways.. see you tomorrow! haiz new song~


Magic Detective chapter 3 . 5/6/2011
Thank you for mentioning me! I don't mind you copying that, miss.

Favorite part: Atobe fainting and Sanada with Marui.
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