Reviews for Private Matters
fuck period chapter 1 . 6/2/2012
I rather fight guignols than have a period!

if only all women don't have it...i would be very happy right now!

i know what it feels having one of's like a war inside of you! wait it's hell for every women around the world!
Talvituhkat chapter 1 . 3/9/2012
Hello :)

How fantastic story ! ( I'm really sorry if I do some mistakes or if I use wrong words to express myself in English, because I'm french... But I'm very pleased to learn this incredible language )

Really, although I didn't understand every word without my dictionary, I love sooo much your writing style (...It is the good term ? Long live to my dictionary ! )

... I would like translate your fanfic in French... It's ok for you ? Obviously, I will indicate that "Private Matters " is redacted by you...

Once again, congratulations for your narrative, the concept with Gwindel (how charismatic character ! I am very surprised that there are no more stories about him... I enjoy about our dear violoncellist. ), and Eles is so cute in your hands !

Hoping a positive answer, I wish you good luck for the following !

Bye :)

Violanite, reincarnation of Gwindel's hedgehog
killeraccounting chapter 1 . 5/9/2011
OMG sooo sweet! *-*

This is really cute, and you wrote it down very good, you caught all the characters'feelings, it's great - and I say it again, they are so sweet *wannabe in place of Eles*
Kiseki no Tenshi chapter 1 . 5/2/2011
Great fic! I love the family-like atmosphere (I know I spelt that wrong -_-') Anywhoo glad to see people writing about Ningyou!
Maisunadokei1856 chapter 1 . 4/30/2011
Too cute! o

As one of the biggest fans of NKG, I really loved this fic ! The first idea wasn't really common, and I didn't know what to think of, but finally, that was cute ! The image I had of the feelings of Gwin was perfectly and clearly described ~

Anyway. I don't know if I expressed it well enough, but I like your way to write, I was really into it -'.

P.S : Excuse my awful english, I may have used some foreign expressions which have anything to do with english, I hope you understood what I tried to say .. Please keep writing on NKG ! o
RinsDarkMagician chapter 1 . 4/26/2011
I was gonna write a Gwindel and Eles story! I was seriously thinking about it all day at work today! I thought to myself "You know what would be cute...a Gwindel and Eles friendship story. I love them together so much so I should write something with them being intimate." AND YOU DID! *pokes* You totally stole my idea hahah!

I loved this soooo much! It was so cute! Shows that Eles is still a girl and that normal things still occur in their abnormal lives _ It was so cute! I was grinning the entire time! _ GWIN IS SUCH A GOOD DADDY! Hehehe I loved, loved, loved it! Gwindel was amazing. I mean...he just handled the situation so well. I loved it when he gave her the hedgehog making her drop her things. So clever, Gwin!

*takes a deep breath* I'll fangirl about it to you in person haha!